How to Find Drafts on Instagram on iPhone & Android
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How to Find Drafts on Instagram on iPhone & Android

Are you searching for drafts on Instagram? If so, you’ve come to the right place. So, read the complete guide to understand where you can find drafts for posting and removing on Instagram. You can also check How to Clear Instagram Search History. We will let you know everything you need to know.

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app in 2011 and is now used by 1 billion people. It is such a fantastic tool in these times. One of the features of Instagram is “Draft,” which means you can save videos, reels, or photos for posting afterward.

So you can save the Post as a draft and come back to it when you have time to edit the Instagram Post with filters and write the caption.

Thus, the Instagram draft feature is best for making content, planning your posts in advance, and sharing them when you wish. You can easily use the feature once you understand the steps.

So let’s delve into the topic.

How to Make & Save Instagram Drafts

how to find your drafts on Instagram
how to find your drafts on Instagram

Most influencers use the draft feature on Instagram to make their reels top-notch before posting. So they always try to make them attractive by adding different effects, music, and filters.

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Let’s move to see how we can create and save the posts as a draft.

  • First, open the “Instagram” on your smartphone.

  • Second, click on the “+” icon from the below part of the screen.

  • Third, get a “new photo” or upload any photo from your Library.
  • Then, tap on “Next.”
  • Next, select effects such as “Brightness” or “Contrast. “Click on “Next.”

  • After that, tap on the “<“ back arrowhead on the apex left of the screen to back to filters.
  • Next, tap on the “<“ back arrowhead again. Then, you will receive a message asking if you wish to save the Draft. So click on “Save Draft.”

Note: The process is quite the same as when you are getting ready to post. But despite posting, you click the option to go back instead of clicking “Post.” Then, the Post will be saved as a draft until you are ready to post it.

Keep in mind that it’s only possible to keep the Draft if you add insta filters to the Post, tag friends, Edit, or write a caption. If you only upload the Post without the items and then return it, Instagram will not prompt you to save it as a draft.

Simplest Steps to Find Instagram Drafts Post

Use the feature if you are not aware of the term draft and are new. So you may be confused about where you can find the drafts.

So let’s move to the steps to locate the draft posts.

  • First, you have to view the Instagram app and choose the “+” icon to add a post.

  • Second, click on Post.

  • Then, you will see Drafts in the menu. So click on it.

  • Next, choose the Draft you have generated & choose Next.

  • After that, finish your Post in the standard way & tap “Share” when you are ready to post.

To the observer, the Post will look the same as a standard. In fact, as per Instagram, it is like a regular post, just one you created earlier. So the steps are very easy to set up once you know where to find them.

How to Find Reel Drafts on Instagram

Here are the steps:

  • Open the Instagram app.

  • Click the profile icon at the bottom.
  • Select the Reels icon on your profile screen.

  • Click on Drafts to open the Reels drafts screen.

  • Now, you can see the reels that you saved as a draft.


How to Find Draft Stories on Instagram

  • Tap Your Story at the top left corner.

  • Click + next to Your story same as you are recording a new story. A screen will be displayed as shown below image.

  • Now, you can see all draft stories.
  • You can open any draft to post it.

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Edit Your Drafts Posts on Instagram

how to find reel drafts on Instagram
how to find reel drafts on Instagram

You can easily find & edit drafts on Instagram once you load the picture. To edit them, you must apply the same steps as if you were uploading for the first time. Once you view the image from Drafts, click on “Next.” Let’s move to the steps.

  • Click on “Edit” below the image & now turn o blue.
  • Next, the “Filters” page returns.
  • Then, publish your draft post.

Remember that you cannot create any changes to the Draft after clicking “Post.” So, make all of your edits before deciding on the process; otherwise, you will have to remove the entire Post and re-upload it.

Share a Post from a Draft

You can publish a post from a draft by following the steps.

  • Click the plus button that emerges on the screen. On iOS-powered devices, It will view as Library, and on android powered devices, it will be mentioned as Library.
  • Open the drafts section and click on the Post you wish to share.
  • After that, tap on the Next button; once again, the option to add either a caption or a location is present.
  • When you do all the above steps, tap on the share button & your Post will be shared.

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How to Remove an Instagram Draft

Sometimes, we create a draft, and later we do not find it meaningful to post on Instagram.

Further, it is unnecessary to delete the Draft, but removing them can free up space. So, delete your draft post by applying the given steps. First, view Instagram and choose the “+” icon to add a post.

  • Second, choose Drafts and tap on Manage.
  • Next, choose Edit from the top right of the screen.
  • Then, choose the Draft you wish to delete and tap on Done.
  • After that, choose Discard.

Instagram will remove the Draft from the Library. Moreover, android does not have a trashcan like Windows or Mac. When you press the delete in Android, it will go for good. So ensure you select the accurate Draft before removing it.

Further, if you wish to remove all your insta app caches, move to your device’s settings and click on Apps.

Next, click on Instagram and clean the cache. Then Instagram drafts are stored in storage rather than saved in the app. When you clean the cache, all your draft posts will also be clean.

How Instagram Drafts Used in Marketing

If you are marketing your business using Instagram, drafts can play a vital role. If you do not wish to use a social media marketing platform or do not wish to waste money, organizing drafts in advance and saving them as drafts is the best way to go.

Moreover, if you have some free time during the day, you can make some drafts, post them, save them, and post them whenever you want. Hence, the drafts are especially helpful for events, project launches, and other occasions.


Q1: Can I make a story draft?

Ans: You need to follow the steps mentioned above under the heading “Simplest Steps to Find Instagram Drafts.” But make sure to tap on Story as compared to Post. Now, you can design your Story and recover it later on.

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Q2: Will I recover a deleted draft?

Ans: No, if a draft is removed for any reason, you cannot recover it. Hence, your drafts won’t go to the Recently Deleted folder in your account’s settings.

Q3: Why did my drafts disappear?

Ans: Unfortunately, your Instagram drafts will not stay longer if you take certain actions. For example, if you log out of the Instagram app, it will delete your drafts. Further, it will also disappear when you delete the app.

Q4: Can I schedule Instagram drafts to post?

Ans: Yes, but only those who have professional accounts can be scheduled for posts. Create a post as you normally would and click the advanced settings option. Then, click on Schedule and set the timer for Instagram to post your draft automatically.

Q5: How do I delete reel drafts on Instagram?

Ans: Open the Instagram app, click on the profile icon at the bottom, and select the reels icon on your profile screen.

Now, click on Drafts while opening the Reels Drafts screen, and you’ll see the saved reels as a draft. You may tap on a draft and select “Share” to share this draft reel.

However, to delete a reel draft, tap Select on the Reel draft page, choose a draft, and tap Discard.

Final Words

The draft feature on Instagram is very helpful because many of us lead busy lives. So in this way, you have come across nice photos, so you can draft them and then post them with the right location and tags when you get free.

Moreover, drafts allow you to edit and save a post, so it would not take time to share it once in a while.

But keep in mind that you can only save drafts when you wish to edit your posts or apply any filters. Further, if you want to have features like automatically posting the Draft, you can use software like Ai Schedule to manage your profile.

So, for your convenience, we have already mentioned the methods to find, save, and edit draft posts on Instagram in this blog; however, if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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