How To Turn Off Likes on Instagram Post or News Feeds
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How To Turn Off Likes on Instagram Post or News Feeds

Instagram has introduced new features that help you get control over customizing your content visibility on your social platform. For example, if you are concerned about turning off likes on Instagram, you can take the liberty of deciding which posts your users can view. Then I’m sure this article will help you gather some beneficial information on how to do it tactfully.

How To Deactivate my Instagram Likes?

The underlying causes that induce you to hide your Instagram visibility seem like confidential content that demands some privacy concerns. You can get rid of the Instagram likes for specific posts on your profile. You can even turn off the likes you receive from your followers’ posts.

Turn Off “Likes” Before Sharing Your Instagram Posts

The following instructions on how you can turn off likes on Instagram will surely help you resolve this quickly. You can change your settings to disable post likes before sharing them with your followers.

  1. Navigate to ‘Advanced Settings’ before making your post visible to your Instagram. You can get it by scrolling down on the “Shared Screen.”
  2. As soon as you enter the Advanced Settings menu, you will find “Hide Like and View Counts on This Post.”
  3. Toggle it right and turn it on to hide your post if it counts. Then, as soon as you make changes, you can share your appealing content.

Disable Likes After Sharing Instagram Posts

After sharing your post, you can quickly turn off like counts if you intend to hide your Instagram post. Change your settings for some previous posts by using specific post options.

  • The “Three Dotted menu will then open up the setting options from the top-right of the post.
  • Tap on the “Hide Like Count” option to get the following settings.
  • The followers’ messages such as “Liked by [X] and others ” will appear beneath the post. You have to make changes to each post while editing it.

Deciding on whether you should opt to hide your Instagram PostLikes” concerns an individual’s personal choice that you want to make visible to others or not. Hiding likes stats from your followers can even help exhibit unimportant metrics. In other words, it’s one of the least essential things while sharing your posts.

Business always prefers to create an impactful brand image. Therefore, you can keep business posts visible for appealing content and influence their business consumers. As you want your return on investment, it paves out its objectives by concentrating on a significant brand image. How much ‘Likes’ each post generates your business visibility.

Is It Possible to Hide All of Your Instagram Posts Likings?

Is there any way to hide all your “like” posts while scrolling through Instagram content? So you can easily concentrate on leaving meaningful remarks on the exciting content compared to other renowned posts. Let’s learn how to do it on all Instagram posts.

  1. Go through your Instagram Profile, then choose the Settings menu in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Privacy > Posts > Toggle to ‘Hide Likes and View Counts’.
  3. Finally, you will get your Instagram feed scrolling without visibility on ‘Likes Count’ on your shared posts.

Reverse your Settings on Instagram posts

You can even reactivate your Instagram’ Post Likes’ as you can always amend your settings on your profile at any time.

  • The Settings menu with three dots will enable you to enter Privacy Settings.
  • Then, reverse your Instagram settings by navigating “PrivacySettings.
  • Next, toggle off “Hide Likes and View Counts.”

Whether you use it to hide your Instagram posts or not, it is pretty helpful to control your daily feeds and posts. While customizing, you can even disable your notifications as per your preferences.

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