How to Save TikTok Video to Your Camera Roll
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How to Save TikTok Video to Your Camera Roll

Have you seen any recent viral Tiktok videos that you want to see later on? So that’s not a problem for people because you can save Tiktok videos to the camera roll to watch later, or if you want to share with someone, then you may also share with anyone. In addition, when you save the video on your gallery, you can edit it easily using your own gallery features or another 3rd party app.

This article will guide how to save the Tiktok video to the gallery and other material about it. So, move on to another section of the article that will guide you more.

How to Save Tiktok to Camera Roll by Using Different Methods 

How to Save Tiktok to Camera Roll

Here are the following methods that will guide you on how to save Tiktok videos to a mobile gallery. Let’s learn how you can accomplish it.

  1. Use the Tiktok App Saving Feature

The following bullet points will explain how to save the features of the Tiktok app to your mobile gallery.

  • Update the Tiktok

You must have your smartphone’s latest version of the official Tiktok app. If you have not already done it, update the Tiktok app through Google PlayStore or AppStore before going on to the next app.

  • Find the Choosy Video to Save

If you would like to save one of your favorites, go to your profile and scroll down until you find it. And if you want to download a video that another tiktoker has already posted, you can find it by using the search bar option. As you know, finding a flagged video is impossible by heading to your profile and hitting the flag icon.

  • Save the Tiktok Video into the Camera Roll

Now you have opened the video and pressed down on the screen until the menu options appear. You will see the same video or download symbol there. Now you can hit the share icon at the screen’s bottom right corner and choose the download icon there.

  • Now Find the Tiktok video

Go to your camera roll or gallery to find out the video you saved under the Tiktok album.

  1. Save a Video As a GIF

Some tiktoker have put restrictions on all the downloaded videos, and that’s why the icon disappeared from the options menu. Moreover, there are a couple of workarounds, like saving the video as a GIF. This method will guide you on how to save a video as a GIF. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Find and open the save Tiktok video.
  • Click on the share icon, which has shaped like an arrow icon.
  • Now, select the share as GIF option and wait for Tiktok to convert the video into a GIF and save it to your phone.
  • The GIF will be available in the Tiktok album in your camera roll or gallery.
  1. Use Insta App to Download the Tiktok Video & Save into the Camera Roll

This is another method to save the Tiktok video, but this method works when the creator has blocked you from downloading the Tiktok video. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Play your favorite Tiktok video and hit the share icon.
  • Select the Instagram story option to share the video, then wait for Tiktok to save the video to Instagram.
  • Click the download icon at the top of the story page on Instagram to save the Tiktok video to your camera roll or gallery.
  1. Use 3rd party Apps to Download a Video

how to save a tiktok draft to camera roll

If all the above methods are not working, use this method to download the video from Tiktok. This method is useful for people who want to save the video to their computers and don’t have space on their mobile phones.

For this purpose, you can use any website or 3rd party apps like MusicallyDown, SnapTik, Kapwing, and many more. But before using any 3rd party apps, you need to obtain the link to the video. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Tiktok app on your device or open your browser on your desktop. Then, open the official website and sign in to your account.
  • Find the video you want to download and tap the share button.
  • Now, click on the copy link from the showing menu. And in the browser, copy the URL of the video.

Use the Third-Party Apps

Now, you have the following 3rd party apps or tools that are useful for downloading your tiktok video, and you can also save it into your mobile camera roll.

  • MusicallyDown – This free website allows you to download the Tiktok video on your phone or computer. You just need to paste the link to download the video.
  • SnapTik – This is another website you need to download the video. You just need to open the official website, paste the video link into the box and press the download button.
  • Kapwing is another method or tool to download the video, but it has more features than the above two apps. You need to go to the web, click on the start editing button, and paste the video link in the URL bar to start this app. Then wait for the video to be uploaded to the studio, where you can edit it by adding text, changing the music, cropping the video, etc. Once you have done your editing video, press the red export video button and wait for the studio to process the video. Now tap on the download button to download the video and long press on the video to save it into your camera roll if you are using this app on your mobile.

Winding Up

Downloading the Tiktok video is a simple method to make sure that you can watch the Tiktok video later on easily by using the saving option for your gallery.

The article described the different methods and alternative methods to save one of your favorite Tiktok. In the comment section, let us know if you ever save any Tiktok into your gallery, and let me know which tiktoker is your favorite one in your like list.

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