How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions & History
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How To Clear Instagram Search Suggestions & History

It’s a fact that every one of us who use social media, search for other users, and Instagram application is not unalike. However, there is a good and bad part to it. The best part is it shows you the previous searches, and the next time you want to visit that profile, you can use the history as an alternative incisive again. The bad part is when you tap on the search bar, search history displays. Moreover, the search suggestions are displayed on the basis of your activity. If you don’t want that to happen, clear the search suggestions or history from the Instagram platform.

The untimely suggestions might madden you. Suppose you use the Instagram search with your friend or office colleague alongside you, then it is definitely a hazard to your privacy, and they would come to know whose users profile you are stalking. This post will let you recognize the methods to remove these unwanted recommendations on your phone devices.


  • When you remove a suggestion on an Instagram server, you can’t undo that.
  • The updated methods are comparable and successfully work for Android and iPhone devices.
  • The Instagram server automatically shows your search history every time you open the search bar.

Instagram Search Suggestions

Instagram has a function that offers usernames when you use the search box to look for something. The server will offer certain accounts that you previously worked with or looked for if you delete your search history. These are the people you have already looked for.

However, Instagram’s server may occasionally recommend previous usernames, even if the accounts have changed, or Instagram may submit new usernames. All of this implies that you must delete your Instagram search suggestions.

How Can I Clear the Suggestions Search on Instagram?

how to clear instagram search suggestions when typing
how to clear instagram search suggestions when typing


Instagram suggests usernames when searching for someone on the search bar based on your activity. If you want to get rid of recommendations from the search bar on your Instagram server, you can do it by using numerous ways.

Here are some ways that you can apply to remove or get rid of the search suggestions from your Instagram account.

  1. Clear suggestions manually
  2. Remove search history
  3. Reinstall the application
  4. Clear the cache and data

1st Method: Clear the Suggestions Manually to Remove Search Recommendations on Instagram

If you want to avoid seeing the search suggestions, you can do it manually because the Instagram server does not permit you to eliminate this feature completely.

Moreover, this is the most beneficial way if you want to remove the suggestions exclusively. It might be the case where you want to save a few suggestions but remove the others. In this condition, using this method is convenient and straightforward to eliminate them individually.

So, follow these simple steps to clear suggestions manually on your Instagram application.

  • First, log in to your Instagram account on your device.
  • Then tap on the search icon that you can see at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Now click on the search bar here you will see some suggestions.
  • You will see a cross (X) icon next to each username.
  • Tap on the (X) to eliminate that username from your search bar.

Now you are not able to see particular accounts in the search bar.

2nd Method: Remove Search History on Instagram to Clear Search Suggestions

To get rid of the search suggestion on Instagram, you can correspondingly do it by removing your search history. However, you can delete a specific profile or username from the search history if you don’t want to remove the complete search history from the Instagram server.

Below the guide, we tell you to remove the search history if you don’t want to see the recommendations.

  • Open your Instagram account on any device.
  • Now navigate to the profile icon that you see at the bottom of the page.
  • Here tap on three horizontal lines. After that, a menu will pop up on your screen.
  • Choose your activity. Here tap on the recent searches option.
  • After that, you will see a page with a list of recent searches.
  • Tap on the clear all if you want to delete all searches. Then click on the I’m sure to confirm.

Now all the previous searches you search on the search bar are precise on Instagram as soon as you apply this method, including hashtags, usernames, tags, places, and other searches.

3rd Method: Reinstall the Instagram App to Remove the Suggested Account

The Instagram application stores data and cache, which helps in processing. When you smear this method, it supports you to delete the whole cache and data. When these above methods are not working for you, you can try to uninstall the application and then install it again.

However, smear these steps to uninstall and install the application if you want to clear all the search suggestions on your Instagram account without clearing the search history and other methods.

  • If you are using your mobile device, open it.
  • Press on the Instagram application until the pop-up message does not appear.
  • Here tap on the uninstall the application option and then tap on the confirm.
  • Now the application is uninstalled, now reinstall it.
  • Open google play on the search bar and type Instagram.
  • Click on the install option to reinstall the Instagram application again.

Whenever the Instagram app is installed on your device, open it. Even though uninstalling the application, the device removes the login passes that are primarily stored. So if you lost the details, put the login details, open your Account, go to the search page, and tap on the search bar. Here you can check whether the Instagram server is not suggesting the usernames.

4th Method: How can I Clear the Search Suggestions of Instagram? – (Clear Cache and Data)

Apart from reinstalling the Account, another method you can try is removing the cache and data from your device. Smearing this method is more operative because it can clear the data straight from the device settings.

Do follow these simple steps to do that.

  • Open your device and navigate to the settings
  • In the settings menu, select the app
  • Here tap on the Instagram
  • Now you will see numerous options. Choose all the data from the menu precisely.

The Instagram application is now reset on your device. When you log in to your Account, you can check whether the username or profile is being suggested or not. Your login details are automatically removed from your device, so put the login details.


Instagram has a feature that suggests some accounts and hashtags on your activity. Also, the server recommends the users that you have previously searched for. Sometimes it might seem like a risk to your privacy, particularly when you are trying to search for someone and former usernames pop up along with the others.

However, you must follow the methods described in this post to clear search suggestions on your Instagram account. So let us know in the comment section which option helps you remove the recommendations on Instagram.

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