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I’ve always been a fan of film reviews. I used to love watching Siskel and Ebert dissect the films that they saw at the theater. However, I was frequently disappointed by the films that critiques chose to review. Most movie critics seemed to focus on things like blockbusters or art house films. They ignored the movies I was fascinated by.


I created The Big Picture Movie because I wanted to start reviewing the movies that other critics ignore. I take the time to review things like health movies. I try to review every film that covers a subject like dyslexia. These films have an important message, and they deserve to get more attention.


As a film buff, I’ve also gained a lot of insight into movie marketing. I’ve paid close attention to the marketing campaigns for many big movies. I understand what a movie needs to do to go viral.


If you’re trying to shine a bigger spotlight on your movie, I can give you some useful advice. It’s okay if your movie isn’t filled with superheroes or explosions. There is still an audience for your film, and I’ll help you to connect with that audience. If you get in touch with me, I may even be able to review your film.


The Big Picture movie isn’t like all the other movie reviews sites out there. I try to review different kinds of movies. If you have a passion for health movies or are looking for a documentary that is genuinely informative, I might be able to point you in the right direction.


I love movies, and that love isn’t limited to the movies that gross hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. If you share my love for film and health, spend some time reading The Big Picture Movie. You’re going to like what you read.