How to See Drafts on Instagram in Five Easy Steps

how to see drafts on Instagram
how to see drafts on Instagram

Figuring out how to see drafts on Instagram?

Are you an avid user of Instagram like me? Surely, the answer will be YES! Like you and me, we are included in the daily 500 million users of Instagram. HUGE!

And why millions will not? Instagram has all the right features to hook you in its world of slick Pictures, appealing Reels, and life-saving Drafts.

Why life-saving?

Because the Draft option of Instagram can rescue in so many ways.

Certainly, this will pique your interest to more about the Drafts in Instagram and how will it able to help you?

Keep reading this article to know all about it—along with how to see drafts on Instagram.

How Drafts of Instagram Are Useful to You?

The feature was introduced by Instagram in 2016. Since its introduction, the feature was one of the most used by the users on the platform.

The option of Drafts in Instagram helps you from the ‘Instagram instant upload.’ One thing Instagram is known for is: quick posts upload

In this ‘quick upload’, sometimes, you upload something which you regret instantly the next moment. It could be slight edit or image resetting.

But with the Drafts feature of Instagram, you have the ultimate time to check, edit and then upload.

Apart from that, Drafts helps you to save time.


You can edit multiple posts of yours and put them into the draft. And when at the right moment upload each picture or all together at the time. This approach is extremely useful when using Instagram as marketing.

How to Create Drafts in the First Place?

how to see your drafts on instagram
how to see your drafts on instagram

Before going into the how-to see the drafts on Instagram—you first know how to create them. To create Drafts on Instagram is a piece of cake.

Follow these steps how:

  1. Open the app of Instagram on your app
  2. Look at the bottom of the newsfeed page and press this ‘+
  3. Choose any picture from your gallery
  4. Tap ‘Next’
  5. Edit the photo in whatever way you want to edit
  6. Click on ‘Next’
  7. Time for caption, put those words there
  8. Now tap on the icon arrow on the upper-left side
  9. A pop-up will appear with the Discard or Save Draft option on it
  10. You know what to choose, don’t you?

How to See Drafts on Instagram?

Now time for you to know how to see Drafts on Instagram. But before going into the steps of finding Drafts on Instagram. It can be said there are a bit tricky to find at first.

But it won’t be now. So, follow these steps to see your draft posts on Instagram:

  1. Open your Instagram
  2. Go to the ‘+’ at the bottom of the Instagram newsfeed
  3. Now go to the Post
  4. The Drafts will be now visible
  5. Choose the draft
  6. Tap ‘next’
  7. Now postit

You Can Edit in Drafts Too

Instagram lets you edit, even, in the Drafts before you upload the post. If you think your post needs a bit of tweak, you can edit it in your drafts.

How so?

  1. Go to your drafts
  2. Choose the photo you want to edit
  3. Press Edit coming right under the image
  4. Edit as you like
  5. Now Post

How to See Drafts on Instagram: You Can Delete Them Too

There are times when you create a post and put it on the Drafts section to upload atanother time. But later you decide the post wasn’t up to the mark. So how to delete that post from your drafts

Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Open the app of Instagram
  2. ‘+’ press it
  3. Go to add a post
  4. Choose the option of drafts
  5. Press Manage
  6. On the top-right click on the Edit
  7. Choose the post you want to delete from the Drafts
  8. Select Done and Discard


The drafts are one of many useful features of Instagram. It makes it easy to edit the post and upload it later. Using Instagram is always fun and with the drafts, it becomes cooler. Plus, now you know too, how to see drafts on Instagram.

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