9 Tips for Hair Extensions to Make Them Long-Lasting
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9 Tips for Hair Extensions to Make Them Long-Lasting

Did you just get a new hair look to your short hair by adding extensions? But you are new to it, that is why you don’t know how to keep it looking great for long-lasting. So, you don’t end up with dull strands, tangled hair, or worse, irrevocable damage to your hair. That is here is the setup for tips for hair extensions guide.

In this guide, we have shared nine hair care extension tips that help you to look more stylish and long-lasting.

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1. Wash your Hair Carefully

Wash Hair Carefully

Hair extension technicians always recommend that you don’t wash hair more than two times a week and washing hair in the shower. Because when you wash your hair in the shower, the water will flow down your hair. Moreover, ensure to focus your shampoo on the tips and roots to remove excess oil when washing your hair with extensions.

However, apply conditioner on the ends to keep them nourished when washing your hair. If you place conditioner anywhere near your roots, it may cause the extensions to start slipping down your hair and make them last far less long. Furthermore, try to use lukewarm water instead of scorching because this will strip the natural oils from both your hair and scalp.

2. Use Professional Products

Hair technicians always recommend using professional products when it comes to the products that you use to wash your hair. Every hair extension category has different necessities to make sure that the bonds are kept safe.

Moreover, professional hair products include the right ingredients to keep your extensions in good condition. But also let your natural hair continue growing healthy. It means avoiding products that have ingredients like sulfate and alcohol that are known for denudating your hair of its natural oils and, sequentially, making your extensions more expected to get tangled.

3. Minimize Heat Damage

Minimize Heat Damage

Hair extensions are more prone to dry out, and styling with heat can add more dryness to your hair extensions. So, if you really want to keep your extensions looking healthy and polished, you should style your hair without heat every so often. At the same time, it is not always realistic to sidestep heat gears completely. 

Here, we have shared some tips you can use to minimize heat damage.

  • Try to use the natural styling ways for hair.
  • Air dry your hair as often as you can; sidestep blow drying to decrease the heat use.
  • Always use the heat protectant before using any heat instruments for making the hairstyle. 
  • Use the heat tools at the lowest temperature.

4. Brush your Hair Frequently

Brush your Hair Frequently

It is really important to pay additional consideration to how frequently you have to brush your hair when you are wearing extensions. With extension hair, you must brush several times a day, separating sections and brushing in between to evade matting or knotting.

However, to prevent tangling and damage to your extensions, get a high-quality extension-friendly brush. Try to brush your extensions with these below-mentioned steps.

  • Make sections of your hair.
  • Then select a section and place one hand on the tips of your hair extensions; hold tightly to avoid tugging or pulling to the base of your extensions and scalp.
  • After that, brush the ends of your hair.
  • Then, gradually work your way up the mid-strands in the direction of the roots.

These steps will put the least strain on your extensions, hair, and scalp. That helps you to keep your hair extension in good condition for a long time.

5. Avoid Chlorine and Saltwater

Avoid Chlorine and Saltwater

Another important tip for hair extension is avoiding chlorine and saltwater. Both have the same negative effects on your natural and extension hair. Chlorine and salt water can cause hair dryness and immediately lose moisture from your hair and scalp. That leads to expansion and reducing your extension’s life span.

NOTE: If you are a swimmer, you must wear a swimming cap to make your extensions last longer.

6. Don’t Sleep with Open and Wet Hair

When you are sleeping, you are moving your head around, which probably leads to tangling. So, to reduce the amount of tangling, you have to keep your hair from being completely loose or open. It is recommended to make your hair in a loose ponytail, loose top knot, or loose braids before going to sleep.

Moreover, your hair is at its weakest when wet, so keep in mind not to sleep with wet hair to make your hair less frizzy and less splintering.

7. Nourish and Hydrate your Hair and Scalp

Another crucial tip you must have to consider is nourish and moisten your hair. Because of the chemical procedures that your extension hair suffers. Also, the mended extensions get moisture from human hair.

Therefore, you have to oil your clip-in extensions, but if you don’t, they can become dry as they don’t have some exposure. Furthermore, it is also suggested to use leave-in conditioner once in a while. Apply the oil and leave in conditioner to your hair extensions from the mid to the tips of your hair.

NOTE: Don’t use too much oil and leave in conditioner, as this can make your extensions look greasier than your natural mane.

8. Detoxing

It is so important to use the detox shampoo at the tips of your hair extension just several times a month. Using the detox shampoo and conditioner will help break down any residue that builds up along that weft line. However, keep in mind that do not use the product on your whole head; just focus on the base and scrub well to release product remains.

9. Visit your Stylist

Your hair stylist will recommend to you how often you should come again for refitting and styling. It is wise to follow up on your stylist’s advice because top-quality extensions also require care and maintenance appointments. So, to make your hair extensions last longer must visit your hair artist as they commend you.


Q: Which is better, k-tip, I-tip, or u-tip hair extensions?

K-tip extensions have an extensive lifespan as compared to I-tip and U-tip extensions.

Q: Does Hair need a break from extensions?

Professional hair stylist always recommends giving a break from your hair extensions to maintain your hair healthy. Wear it for 2- or 3-months max, then give a pause to your hair by swapping hair without the extensions.

Q: How can I make my hair grow after extensions?

Use professional hair regrowth products to heal the bald patches, revitalize the follicles, and get your thick hair back again.

Q: What shampoo to avoid with hair extensions?

You should avoid all the hair products that contain sulfate and alcohol and products like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, SLS, Alcohol denat, SD alcohol 40, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Ethanol, Propanol, propyl, Isopropyl when having hair extensions.

Q: Which method of hair extension lasts the longest?

The long-lasting hair extension method is sewing in. These extensions are sewn into the natural hair via a braiding technique that makes a sturdy base for the extensions to be attached to

Q: What not to do before getting extensions?

Avoid washing your hair for 24 hours, and also avoid using any oils and styling products on your hair before the appointment for your new extensions.

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