How to Style a Bandana (9 unique ways to Look Cool)

how to style a bandana
how to style a bandana

I used to think that bandanas were only for high school and that we could not wear them anymore, but they are back in style. And we can wear them in a variety of ways that look cool and stylish. Moreover, when I styled a bandana to tie my hair, I saw it looked cute, and from that day, I bought different bandanas and tried different styles with them. So here in this guide, we will talk about how to style a bandana.

However, they are perhaps the most underrated and most reliable. There is no need to worry about what you are wearing. For a chic fashion statement, you can style bandanas with every type of dress, such as jumpsuits, T-shirt jeans, and eastern styles. We can also use a bandana around the neck or wrap around the bag’s handle in so many ways.

How to Chic a Bandana to Look Cool (Different Styles)

how to fold a bandana gangster style
how to fold a bandana gangster style

You can style your hair and tie it with bandanas to create a new look during the summer. Bandanas are flexible enough to be put together into any outfit, no matter what you are styling. Because it is easy to put in the hair and does not require any accessories to hold them. Now, look how little fabric that comes in surplus of patterns and materials has become a part of our outfits. So here, we will show you how to style these essentials and ideas to make yourself smarter.

1)     Use Bandana As a classic Hairband

how to style a bandana in your hair
how to style a bandana in your hair

You can also chic a bandana in your hair like a headband when you have a bad hair day and do not want to style the front hair. So you can use the Band-ana as a headband to give a look. Make sure to use the contrasting Bandana with your outfit. It will provide a fashionable look to your personality. It will not give you the headache that most other headbands give and will sweep your hair away from your face. You can wear this look wherever you want, like hanging with friends, studying, or while jogging.

2)     Use Bandana In a Messy Bun

It is difficult to make a hair duo, so you can style bandanas in a messy bun without a fuss if you do not want to open your hair. Moreover, you can flair a bandana headband by folding it in half and folding it until it becomes a thin line. Then tie it at the ends of the places and pull the ties to the back of your hair.

3)     Style Your Bandana In a Pony Tail

Bind your hair with your favorite Bandana around your pony. A ponytail is always a trendy hairstyle in all seasons, and if you put a bandana in a classy way on a pony, it will give a more elegant look. The perfect hairdo to go for dinners, events, or date nights.

4)     Use a Bandana Around Your Neck

how to tie a bandana pirate style
how to tie a bandana pirate style

You can style a band-ana around your neck in many ways, which gives you the most elegant look with your outfit. When your outfit does not show your necklace, use the Bandana over your neck instead of your neck. You can do this by folding a bandana around your neck and making a knot around it. You can also tighten it like a choker or leave it loose like a long necklace according to your outfit style. It will give you a Parisian vibe.

Moreover, style the Bandanas as a neck scarf to add glamour to your look. And when you allow the ends to hang down freely in front, it will give you a sailor vibe. Another way to flair a bandana is with a cowboy look. To get this look, fold it into a triangle shape and bind the end to the back of the neck.

5)     Style Bandana In A Handbag

If you do not want to wear a bandana on your head or neck, you can use it with your handbag. It will give a classy look to your bag and suit your stylish outfit. However, adding a bandana to your bag strap will provide a new look using the old bag. If you wear a nude dress, you have to put a bright-colored bandana on your bag to give fashion chic. Try different knots with a bandana on your bag.

how to style a bandana for guys
how to style a bandana for guys

6)     Use Bandana Around Your Wrist

Another way to style a band-ana is to wrap it around your wrist. It will give a delicate look of attitude to any of your outfits. It will give you a perfect look for the casuals and provide you with a rockstar vibe for boys and a styling vibe for girls. Furthermore, when you wear a bandana on your wrist, wear a messy outfit. To wear it, fold it half down the diagonal to make a triangle shape, then bind the top corner triangle to touch its base. Then wrap it around your hand and create a knot to secure it.

7)     Wrap bandana to Style It Like a Belt

If you do not have a belt, then do not worry. You can chic a bandana by wrapping it around your waist in denim. It will give the same support that the belt gave but more stylishly. For this, you have to get the large Bandana that will cover your waist and give you a look into a bet and use it with your preferred jeans. If you wear a bandana around your waist, it will be more comfortable than a belt. All you have to do is tuck it in.

8)     Use Bandana to wrap Around Head

Get your Band-ana to style it on your head by choosing the best color to wear it. The look will help you gain a statement style. If you want to look like a rock, you have to tie the Bandana on your head as a musician does. When you choose Bandana, make it flat, bind it multiple times in a long rectangle, tuck it into any corners, and wrap it around your head. Pair the Bandana with a fabulous streetwear outfit to make the whole look.

9)     Style Bandana As a Head Scarf

how to style your hair with a bandana
how to style your hair with a bandana

If you have a bad hair day and you have to go somewhere, do not worry. A bandana will help make your chic in a way. So style the Bandanas to cover your head by folding them and placing them on a straight line just below your hairline on the forehead. Then tie the edges together so hold the back of the band-ana triangle. It will give you the look of a headscarf, but you will be free from the hairdo. It will also manage your overall look by providing a classy look.


Nowadays, bandanas have become fashion chic as more celebrities wear them differently. However, you can style it anywhere, anytime, as a top, headband, hair tie, waist, accessory, and much more. The best way is that it can be used apart from the genre, so here in this guide, we have mentioned the 9 different ways to style Bandanas and style yourself with fresh bandana styles.

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