A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Braids
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A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Braids

Women are continuously looking for different types of braids because they have worn braids for thousands of years all over the world. Fashion is one of the most versatile, running from amazingly complex patterns to easy plaits. Braids are also excellent for almost all occasions. Whether you are at a wedding, at school, in the gym, or even in the office, there’s a braided hairstyle that’s perfect for you. Even great, depending on your hair nature, braids can preserve your strands from harm and help you grow your hair longer. Keep going down to find all the various braided hairstyles for women.

Different Types Of Braids Styles For Black Hair
Different Types Of Braids Styles For Black Hair

The Different Types of Braids 

Normal 3 Strand Braid 

This one is excellent for amateurs and simple enough for even younger children to complete. It is done by sectioning the aspired amount of hair into 3 sections. Then you rotate one division over the other until you have touched the end of the hair. As with almost all braids, you tie it off at the point.

Box Braids

Classic box braids are one of the most iconic fashions for Afro-textured hair. All your hair will be parted into squares and operated into different folds. You can use your hair or have additions weaved in, which will proffer you head-turning long, full bars. They have recognized a shielding style and can be any height or width. Though, if you have typically thin or fine hair, select for smaller box braids, so there’s less strain on your scalp. While box hairstyles need a little bit more time to put in, once completed they last for a week and are very cheap-maintenance.

French/Dutch Braids

These both accept the basic three-strand alternating braiding method applied in Normal braid besides that you start at the scalp instead of at the bottom of the head. You have to section hair into 3 segments, though, with these braiding methods, you attach hair to each segment as you start to braid down/across the head. This forms the braid onto your head rather than letting it hang. French braids shift the layered shores over one another while the Dutch braid method alternates them below each other.

Crown Braid

The crown braid has become wider famous as a hairstyle for specific occasions such as weddings and proms. That’s because crown braids carry out your secret princess! The style requires hair with a bit of gravel and texture, so it’s also excellent if you have not washed yours and require to conceal a bad hair day. The easiest way to make a crown braid is to braid your hair into a dual Dutch or French braid, then elevate each one and pin it to the reverse side to form the crown. You will be seeing and sensing like royalty in minutes.

Braided Ponytail

If you are searching for a new way to tie your braids, the easiest alternative is a high ponytail. The technique is famous because it brings the eye up, making your face seem longer. It is also handy, affecting equally well for the school, office, gym, or a date night. To get your braided ponytail to look well-polished, tighten it with a clear snag-free springy and cover some of your braids around to hide it. Lastly, put hair accessories for any extra personality.

Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids were made popular by Beyoncé, who used them on the cover of her great hit album Lemonade. The style includes generating neat, even, and close cornrows that run from left to right, preferably straight back. Lemonade braids are a handy appearance as they can be any measurement or thickness, and you can also link them with a different cornrow style such as zig-zag, or add accessories like bracelets and gems.

Fishtail Braid

It starts with the aspired amount of hair separated into 2 sections. A very little part is taken from underneath one of the two parts and is dragged across the center to the opposing part. Then you pull strong and copy. All of the small sections can be hard to keep track of, but the passionate end result is worth the wait.

Waterfall Braids

It is a mutated form of the French braid. The variation is that rather than pulling in parts to work all of your hair into the plait, you will simply braid across the top section of your hair, giving the rest free. The braid forms a cascading impact, which implies it seems perfectly paired with a smooth wave hairstyle. The soft, romantic vibe proffers waterfall braids as a modern bridal and bridesmaid choice. 

Lattice Braid

This is a more advanced style and may even need some support because of its several parts and ways. Not being capable to view the backside of your head to assure the shores or small braids you are applying for the lattice are orderly or safe makes this a challenging solo braiding method for everyone.


Q: Which braids last the longest?

A: When it comes to the time duration of which braids will last long, box braids are reasonably number one on the list, and also last the longest of every braid techniques. This guarding style will have very low maintenance and can be used for a longer duration.

Q: What hair is used for Goddess Braids?

A: If you are thinking to design Goddess Braids with weave hair we suggest using Kanekalon braiding hair simply because of the appearance and stability of this type of hair texture.

Q: Why did slaves wear braids?

A: Several slaves were compelled to shave their hair by slave traders though braiding their real hair was a way to keep it and be viewed clean and tidy.


Braids are amazingly distinct. There are a lot of complex braiding methods to pick from. Most examples of braids can be casual or formal. The obvious effect your hairstyle has will depend on distinct areas of your style. Your hair is only a portion of your style. The essential thing is to familiarize yourself with several ways to style whatever braiding method you need to use so that it suits whatever occasion you are going to.

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