Curtain Bangs (16 Trendy Haircut Ideas to Look Glamorous)
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Curtain Bangs (16 Trendy Haircut Ideas to Look Glamorous)

No matter how undoubtful time may be, there is one common thing you can always count on beauty and fashion. Everything that gets old is coming back as a new version, like shoulder tops and lip gloss tie-dye, but the more considerable rebirth has curtain bangs or Bardot bangs. Do you want to style them? As they are more trending this year. But it totally depends on your goal and, most importantly, the face feature. If it is cut with the right pattern, they are very good at showing cheekbones, perfectly hiding big foreheads, enhancing eyes, and always drawing attention to your best features. They are suitable for all face shapes; moreover, you just need to follow the skilled hairstylist and choose the bangs that suit you.

Several options are available here, depending on the hair type and face shape to style Bardot bangs. Move to the next section to see the top hairstyles according to your desire, additionally describing different methods of styling hair.

What are Curtain Bangs?

Unlike regular bangs, curtain bangs are 70’s inspired by fringe. It is the type of bang which frame the face on both sides. Such bangs become gradually longer outside and cut shorter on the inside. Most often, a curtain fringe is a center-parted. Its length falls down the cheekbones and jawline, bringing attention to these features. There don’t need to be highly protected and versatile.

Various Curtain Bangs Styling Ideas

Various Curtain Bangs Styling Ideas
Various Curtain Bangs Styling Ideas

Following are the trendy ideas to give you a more glamorous look according to your hair type and face shape. Choose accordingly to your desire and create an attractive look.

1.      For Wavy Hair

You don’t need an ideal hairstyle to look gorgeous with wavy hair. With flowing bangs, complete your waves and also add blonde accents to promote beach style.

2.      Long Hair

When you are styled with big waves, the long shiny hair looks more stunning than a soft mess, promoting a casual look. The main drawback is that you always have a dull look. To emphasize the effortless beauty of long hair that frames your face, give more volume and style with flimsy bangs with curled edges.

3.      The 70’s Style Bangs

The 70's Style Bangs
The 70’s Style Bangs

To achieve the 70’s style of fringe bangs, make your hair wavy, also add more volume to the roots, curl the bangs a bit, and flip up the ends. Mostly, this style suits every woman; rarely it gets wrong on the appearance.

4.      Long Feathered

Undoubtedly, bangs are the most in-style bangs now a day. With soft layers which mix into the hair, such face-framing gives you a stunning look. Also, you can fashion it with any hairstyle and length.

5.      Curtain Bangs: Long Bob

You can refresh your long bob at once just by adding some waves even if you have thin hair and get a significant volume for an entirely different look. Keep your hair color natural, or you may choose the color ideas to make a head-turning look for short hair.

6.      Remarkably Long Bang

Remarkably Long Bang
Remarkably Long Bang

Do you think about changing your long hairstyle by cutting them it short? So avoid it. Radiant long hair and bangs give you a fantastic look with various styling options. Even if you opt for simple styling, you will immediately grab the attention whether you try to make a ponytail or messy bun.

7.      Hot Messy

Curl your hair a little and shake it to get the stylish, attractive look. These creative, messy bangs are a fifty-fifty option if you don’t have much time to give style to your hair.

8.      Curtain Bangs: Short

To make a fascinating mature look on your face, short bangs help you. Similarly, for business occasions, clear lines work much more; no wonder to get this hairstyle in straight hair.

9.      For Long Straight Hair

For Long Straight Hair
For Long Straight Hair

To explore the alluring style of straight hair, bangs are a great choice. Just use the flat iron to style your bangs, whether full size or mini version and stay fashionable. Furthermore, you may ask your stylist to draw attention to the appealing aspects of your face shape, like check bones or chin lines for the right face length.

10. Feathered Highlighted

It is best to cut bangs to show high cheekbones and beautiful eyes. These types of flimsy bangs will be an eye-catching look and love at first sight for you.

  1. Nice Thin Bangs

Thin bangs also give you a stylish look. A few hairstylists use fringe king of bangs to make thin hair look thicker. You can style them in shape – y across the forehead, which introduces weightlessness, bounces to the hairdo, and also curls the longest pieces a little bit.

12. Curtain Bangs: Lovely Blonde

Curtain Bangs Lovely Blonde
Curtain Bangs Lovely Blonde

Blow-dry your hair with a round brush to attain attractive volume with nice smooth bangs. Likewise, blonde hair gains a visualization of a princess look.

13. Round Face

You can easily change the shape of your face through curtain bangs by using any straight or curly variation to frame the face differently and get your desired result. For a round face, add color to your strands for a head-turning image, and you can also use the multicolor effect for streaks style to look creative.

14. Center Part Bangs

Nowadays, center part hairstyles are all fumes, but curtain bangs balance them perfectly. While face-framing bangs set well with all, face shapes. It is an ideal way to create volume on top and conceal your high forehead.

15. Loose Waves

Loose Waves
Loose Waves

The bangs are glossy to bring more volume and lightness, apart from big waves. It is a great casual style to reveal your hair’s natural beauty.

16. Hiding Protruding Cheekbones

Feathered bangs with a curtain haircut do not look only feminine but also help you to get better aspects of emergence like protruding cheekbones. In addition, you can also combine melted roots with elegant pastel pink.

Several Tools to do Curtain Bangs Styling

There are ways to style bangs by using a blow dryer, hair straightener, flat iron, and curling iron. Go through the methods in the below section.

1.      Blow Dryer

Mostly, women prefer a hairdryer to style a curtain bang. It seems pretty effortless, and the result is quite good. Take a round brush and a powerful hairdryer to attain the look. The diameter of your brush must be around one inch if you want bouncy bangs.

2.      Curtain Bangs through Flat Iron

Another well-liked option to style your bangs is a flat iron. The main advantage of using it is that it gives you fuller hair and more ampler. Firstly, you need to lock wisp hair in the flat iron, indent from the roots about one inch. Pull the iron down in the opposite direction of the face. Repeat this step to boost the effect.

3.      Curling Iron

Another option is a curling iron to make bangs. First, you need the barrel of diameter between 1 and 1 ¼ inches if you have a curling wand. The using technique is likewise to flat iron. It will allow you to get blow waves in a blink of an eye, and do not forget to do hair spray at the end for a secure result.

To Sum Up

It is necessary to give a new style, whether to your dress code or your hairdo, to change your appearance. But here we are discussed about the haircut of short, medium or long size. I hope you will enjoy the article about knowing the hairstyle for your occasions and mood. As well as that style that suits your face and makes your look more charming.

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