Delete Stitch Fix Account& Cancel Monthly Subscription
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Delete Stitch Fix Account& Cancel Monthly Subscription

how to delete stitch fix account? Are you insecure about your dressing style and want an expert advisor to do styling for you? So don’t stress anymore because the thing is about to set for you guys. We are talking about a stitch fix. Stitch fix is a service provider that provides styling services and generates awesome ideas about which type of clothing and other styling gadgets suits you and delivers them to your door. Stitch fix is a subscription-based platform that charges you on your monthly subscription package and gives suggestions for styling in your mail.

If you are a subscriber of stitch fix and you’re done with your subscription or even want to delete your account of stitch fix. However, deleting your Stitch account will cause less shipping incidence on the delivery side. But if you still want to cancel the stitch fix account, there are other things we’ll explain too, so don’t stress it trip it. Because in this article, you’ll learn the way how you can delete your stitch account.

Why Should I Delete My Stich Fix Account?

Reasons vary on your mood because deleting a stitch account can be multiple situations. Maybe you don’t like its ideas or facing issues on the shipping side, or maybe you’ve fed up with the paid subscription reasons could be multiple. Perhaps these possibilities push you to delete your account on behalf of this. However, nobody knows why you take such a decision to delete your account.

How Can I Delete My Stitch Fix Account Permanently?

If you want to deactivate your account from these types of social media suggestion platform websites because email spamming troubles you too much. The only thing that helps you permanently delete your account is to contact the customer team support of the Stitch fix and ask them to cancel your account. There are two methods to contact the team either email them or call them, but email is the best option to contact.

Cancel Stitch Fix Automatic Deliveries Via Web & App

Stitch Fix Automatic Deliveries Via Web & App
Stitch Fix Automatic Deliveries Via Web & App

Don’t get into the fear that canceling your automatic stitch deliveries will never let you back in again though it is renewable. If ever your mind changes and you want to get back in again, you can resume your automatic deliveries easily. Instead, it’s a subscription base company so take mature steps to cancel its subscription. We’ll explain how you can cancel it on your web browser or mobile application.

1.     Cancel Automatic Deliveries on the Web

Are you fed up with receiving automatic delivery and don’t know where to cancel it from? Then all you need is to grab your laptop and head toward canceling a delivery subscription through a web interface. It’s a 2-step process

  1. Login to your stitch fix account. After login, you’ll see an option of “manage automatic fixes.” And under that option, two more option shows. Choose “I want to stop receiving automatic fixes.”
  2. After this, a new window pops up. Check mark “stop receiving fixes automatically.” Then hit a tap on submit.

Suppose you want to cancel your monthly subscription. In that case, next to the stop receiving fixes automatically, there is another option of “yes, please cancel my (month/day) fix.” Checkmark it to cancel your monthly subscription.

2.     Cancel Deliveries Subscription on a Mobile app

To do the same procedure with your app, download the stitch fix application from the play store and log in to your account. Follow these 2 simple steps afterward.

  1. Go to your stitch fix account and select the account
  2. There is a checkmark on “save me time by sending fixes on a schedule.” Uncheck it and confirm it.

We’ll explain here the method of both web & app. Now it’s up to you on what interface you want to cancel your subscription.

Change Fix Frequency of Your Stitch Fix Subscription

The fix frequency feature is very useful because you can set your shipment deliveries at which adjustment you want to receive them. This cool feature will limit your shipment according to your choice like you want to receive the shipment every 2-3 weeks a month or 2 months or three. Select according to your preferences and go ahead.

To change the frequency, follow the method.

  1. Sign in to your stitch account. Then click on “manage automatic fixes.”After then, select “I want to change my fix frequency.” It is the first option on the screen.
  2. On the new window, you’ll come to see 4 options. Those are your selective shipment dates. Choose any and then submit.

Who Can Access Stitch Fix Account: What ages & Sizes can you style?

The stitch fix algorithm was designed to enhance your styling and suggests trendy designs so you can go with the flow. And the vast Wardrop of stitch fix they provide you best of the design.However, your age should be 18 or above to be eligible for the fixed delivery. When we come to the sizes that what sizes stitch provides us, the current figure of sizes is as follows.

  • For Women: 24W, XS-3X
  • For Men: XS-3XL
  • For Kids: 2T-14

stitch fix is currently working on expanding the sizes option, so I hope we’ll see more in the future.

How Much does it Cost when Buy Clothes from Stitch Fix?

Stitch fix works according to your budget and tries to give you the best style design which suits your pocket. The company creates your product by keeping your budget in mind. For men and women, the range starts from $25 to $500 – for the kid’s department, it’s $10 each. When you finish your styling, tell stitch fix about your budget for each item, and the stylist will provide their best according to your budget. You can get 20% off if you set fix delivery on every product.

Can I Own Two Stitch Fix Accounts at The Same Time?

Yes, you can, but the situation is a little bit different. You can create a family account where there is permission to add up to 1 adult and 4 teenagers. However, you can make your family account with another email address.


If you are picky and stuck in the selection of your clothes and it’s your daily life problem. And you aren’t good at styling yourself. Stitch Fix platform helps you in this scenario by giving suggestions on current global trends which you wear without hassle. But in this article, we discussed how to delete a stitch fix account and cover up the options that help you cancel your subscription ad so on. I hope this article will be helpful for you. Comment down below for further queries related to the topic.

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