How to Turn off Airpod Max
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How to Turn off Airpod Max

Are you looking for how to turn off the Airpod Max? Here you can find it. Many people think it’s not easy because Apple doesn’t design a dedicated power button. As an alternative, Apple has constructed an “ultralow power state” into the Airpods that automatically activate under certain situations.

This post describes how you can deactivate your Airpods using three methods.

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How to Turn Off Airpod Max?

If you recently purchased Airpods Max, you may know that these headphones have a limited battery life of up to 20 hours. But you probably notice the headphones’ controls and think about how to turn them off to save battery when they are not in use.

However, the truth is that the invention of these headphones is a little bit complicated because Apple has not added the on/off button function by design.

Below we have mentioned three methods; you can use them to switch off your Airpods.

Method 1: Switch Off Airpod Max Using the Slim Smart Case

Switch Off Airpod Max Using the Slim Smart Case

The slim smart case comes with your Airpods Max and provides two functions to its users. Including.

  • Protects your headphones from scratches and small dents.
  • Set your Airpods max in a low-power mode.

The Airpods Max case includes an integrated magnet. Consequently, when the headphones detect it, it automatically puts them in their “ultralow power state.” Apple has designed this feature in the headphones, which helps to save charging when they’re not in use.

  • Before placing the Airpod Max in the smart case, take them off your ears.
  • To switch off the Airpod, simply place them into a smart case. Make sure that they are set up with their charging connectors inside the case
  • Once you put the Airpods Max in the smart case, ensure the indicator’s light on one side of the box is changed to orange. The orange light means that the Airpods Max is now turned off and disconnected from the device they were connected to before.

When you place the Airpods Max idle for a maximum of 5-6 minutes peacefully during the time, it will go robotically into the Low Power Mode. It will quickly turn on back whenever you wear the headphones.

Method 2: Turn Off the Airpod Max with Bluetooth

Airpod Max with Bluetooth

Here is another method to switch off your Airpods Max through the Bluetooth setting on your connected device. If you want to turn off your Airpods Max without having to take them off, this method will help you.

  • In your Apple device, go to settings, then hover over the Bluetooth.
  • Search your Airpods Max in the list on your Bluetooth and hit the “i” icon next to them.
  • Hit the “forget this device” option to disable it from your device.
  • If your AirPods Max is disconnected, they will automatically turn off.

Switching off your AirPods Max is an easy method that can be done in a few steps. Even if you use your device’s power button or Bluetooth settings, you can turn off your Airpods Max whenever possible.

While doing this, you can protect the battery life of your Airpods Max and ensure they are ready to turn on whenever you want to use them.

Method 3: Switch Off the Airpod by Using Siri

Airpod by Using Siri

You can also switch off the Airpod Max by using Siri; Siri is an Apple voice assistant. Here we describe how to turn off your Airpod via Siri.

  • Turn on Siri on your phone. Then press and grasp the home button on your iPhone to turn on Siri. Then press the “Hey Siri” option on your device, or just say “Hey Sir” if you have this feature.
  • Once Siri is active, you have the authority to disable the Airpod.
  • It might show you something like “Hey Siri, power off my Airpods” or “Hey Siri, turn off my Airpods.”
  • After giving the order to power off the Airpod, check them to ensure they are off.
  • You can check them by looking into the indicator light of the LEDs on the lower part of the headphone cups or by putting them in the smart case to see if the indicator light of the LED on the top of the case becomes orange.

Summing Up

If you have Airpod Max headphones but don’t know how to turn them off, this post can help you to know how to turn them off. So you can protect the battery life of your Airpod, and whenever you want to use them, they will be ready to turn on.

Switching off Airpods is tricky because Apple has not added the on/off button function by design. Follow the mentioned methods to turn off the Airpods headphone.

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