Hey Siri not working? Fix it quickly with our 6 ways
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Hey Siri not working? Fix it quickly with our 6 ways

Is Siri unable to respond to your voice command? Then try it once again, resolving “Hey Siri” not working? As you are well acquainted with Siri’s diverse compatibility with the iOS system, it lets you connect to Apple software without any intricacies. You can invoke Siri on voice command without pressing any physical button. Even the device microphone is sufficient to launch any order that you want Siri to obey at your disposal with the ‘Hey Siri’ Voice.

Now that you face the issue of Hey Siri not working, as you want it surely needs some resolution. Let’s learn to resolve it to help you get back to your well-connected life. Thanks to Siri, you can quite smoothly and conveniently collaborate with all your Apple devices. In the subsequent guide, I intend to go through each detail section with a few concerns in mind to help you figure out your problem quickly.

Precautions before troubleshooting Hey Siri not working malfunctions

Let’s say the repetitive voice command on Hey Siri gets unresponsive and unable to connect with your iOS software or iPhone. In that case, you need to check for precautionary things that always support your better functionality and long-term connectivity.

  1. Search for connectivity options available on your iPhone device. If your device has the enabled choice to respond to Hey Siri, like “Listen to Hey Siri.” then it is the default setting, you can keep it. On the contrary, if you have your Siri command turned off for your voice command obligation, enable it using quick navigation on Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for Hey Siri.
  2. Secondly, not all Apple devices untether the Hey Siri feature. For that reason, your AC adapter or USB comes into play that plugs in directly to the Power Source. Consequently, it results in smooth activation of the ‘Hey Siri’ Voice command.

For further clarification, the iPhone 6s and onwards and the iPad Pro support the wireless AC adapter to connect to the Power Source. Because running in the background consumes more battery power on the iPhone 6, 6Plus, 5s, and 5, power connection support is always required. Consequently, the latest versions under the head of Apple always integrate the efficient battery performance feature that can quickly run in the background without any significant battery drainage.

my hey siri is not working
my hey siri is not working

Check for Internet Connection

Constant internet connection is another important consideration, for Siri always works in connection with the Apple server. You can use WiFi or any other cellular network connection for uninterrupted Siri virtual assistance. As long as you have a stable connection to run the Siri request server on the Apple platform, Siri can indeed respond to voice commands. In any case, if you have disconnected from the internet, then an error message will notify you of Siri’s unavailability. Make sure you have a smooth and uninterrupted internet connection. Try rebooting your router and reconnecting to wireless devices or cellular connections if it gets disrupted. In short, it undeniably requires an internet connection.

Turn off Low Power Mode

“Hey, Siri” is, of course, a battery-consuming feature that is always mandatory in connection with the battery backup. Either of the conditions can halt its operation. You have enabled the low power mode, which invokes the battery-saving functionality that prevents Hey Siri from operating. You can eventually turn off the low power mode on your iOS device if you want to run your Hey Siri feature. Another way is to fully charge your devices to run any battery-consuming features on them efficiently.

hey siri not working on airpods
hey siri not working on airpods

Restart to refresh Device Settings to fix your Hey Siri instruction

Glitches in iOS software sometimes result in “Hey Siri” halting an operation that always requires a reboot of your iOS software. It can fix the issues with struck-up services that fail to work. To reboot your iOS software, just press and hold the power button until the power off slider moves to the right. Then the iOS system gets ready to boot until the Apple logo displays on your iPhone screen. Now, wait for the reboot. Attempt to restart your Hey Siri as soon as your iOS boot-up is complete.

why is hey siri not working
why is hey siri not working

Synchronize Hey Siri to resolve not working glitch

Setting up Siri for the first time will require you to initiate the calibration process. It takes a little effort to ask, “Hey Siri,” Sometimes it does not understand your voice command, so it is pretty helpful to initiate the calibration process again. Navigate through your app Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for Hey Siri. Disable the feature, then re-enable the Siri activation settings. Once you’ve done it, the interface will appear where you can tab the “Set Up Now” button to continue. Afterward, command your virtual assistant “Hey Siri” in your voice after going through the calibration process. Your iPhone will then record your voice for command in the future.

As for those with a heavy accent or mumbling sound, such tips are pretty helpful. Siri uses it for clear voice instructions that need a loud and clear voice command to work for you efficiently.

Clean your Microphone to check its sound

Checking microphones sometimes helps in resolving the Hey Siri functionality. As it may be affected by water or debris, the microphone may damage its performance or restrict its work entirely. Sometimes the microphone setting goes against the device settings that prevent command or dictate Siri. For that reason, if you don’t get any movement in the voice, you must have been struck with muffled or bad headphones. Try to change the thicker and bulkier cases that cover the microphone. Removing dust or dirt affecting microphone sound can also be somewhat helpful to resolve your issue.

The only left out two options that you can adopt if you fail to resolve from other given options are to restore your iOS system software or contact your apple technical support center.

Restore your last device Settings to fix Hey Siri not working issue

Sometimes, even rebooting fails to fix your system’s problems. Then it is imperative to restore your system software. Software corruption might hinder system performance. For that reason, you can restore your iOS device’s last settings. Given the severity of the problem, even a reboot is sometimes ineffective in resolving it. Soon after that, check if it resolves your issue. Jailbroken devices using their tweak can even affect the Siri functionality.

Get your Technical Support as a last resort

If nothing works amongst the other options, then contact the Apple Support Team. Misbehaving devices may be covered by such repair and maintenance services if they have a limited warranty. You can get free assistance to resolve the issue of Hey Siri not working. Without a warranty, you will have to pay for the replacement of its genuine alternative.

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