How to Get Shiny Charm Violet: The Pokemon SV Guide
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How to Get Shiny Charm Violet: The Pokemon SV Guide

The shiny charm is one of the most advantageous important objects in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. A shiny stalker player must know how to get their hands on the shiny charm in Pokemon SV.

Let’s dive into the post to know how a player can obtain the shiny charm in Pokemon SV.

About Shiny Charm in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Shiny Pokemon occurred in the Pokemon games since Pokemon Fold & Sliver and made a comeback in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These Pokemon look shiny in the overworld but have a few twists. These Pokemon are extraordinarily rare, but when the Generation 2 players had a roughly 1 percent chance to encounter them in the wild.

However, in the battle, everyone is in awe of the untouchable brilliance emanating from the shiny Pokemon rendering it impervious to any attacks. The violet Pokemon game also endures having a special method for increased odds when breeding.

It means if you breed 2 Pokemon of different language origins together, players will have an augmented chance of them being shiny. Players who complete the Pokédex will receive the Shiny charm, which gives an added roll at getting a shiny Pokemon.

How to Get Shiny Charm in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

For the hardest of dedicated Pokemon enthusiasts stalking Shiny Charm is the true endgame. Modern Pokemon games have made shiny hunting much easier, and Generation 9 is no exception.

While the shiny charm will take time and effort to obtain, if you are serious about hunting shiny Pokemon, it is worth the time endeavor.

Keep in mind that as per the Pokemon game Biology, Shiny Pokemon are 1 in 4000. While in other games, they have been in 4069, this is probably a simplification. But either way, it is probable to go through the entire game without seeing any.

Fortunately, Shiny Pokemon are visible in their overworld sprites, so the first method is to keep your eyes open to get the shiny charm in Pokemon SV.

Below we have shared methods to get shiny charm in the Pokemon violet.

Complete the Pokédex to Obtain the Shiny Charm

Obtain the Shiny Charm

Initially, a player must complete the Paldean Pokédex in order to obtain the shiny charm. Players must trade some Pokemon, including legendary and Paradox Pokemon from the contrary version, into their game to ample the Pokédex.

However, when you have completed your Pokédex, you will get a call request to visit the Naranja or Uva Academy and the Biology classroom. Where professor Jacq will estimate your accomplishment.

When a player catches them all, Jacq will award you the Shiny Charm and plenty of other rewards if you have never checked in with the professor.

Get Shiny Charm Using the Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Violet

Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Violet

With the newer entries in the Pokemon series, Scarlet and Violet allows the players to appear in Mass Outbreaks in Paldea Daily at 12 am. Shiny chances improve when a player knocks out a certain number of Pokemon in an outbreak. It will be loaded with sparkling power and also shiny charm.

 However, a mass outbreak with a shiny charm and sparkling power will intensify the odds of finding a shiny Pokemon by 1 in 585/512. But depending on the amount of Pokemon in the outbreak, 30 plus Pokemon will make 1 in 585, although 60 plus will make 1 in 512.

Moreover, mass outbreaks on the map let the player go and encounter when a large amount of Pokemon of the same species gather in precise areas. Mass outbreaks are shown by a Pokemon icon with a faded red aura everywhere on the map.

Suppose a player has not yet seen the Pokemon. Then there will be a query mark as an alternative. Players will discover outbreaks for certain Pokemon species that will appear on the map at random. That lets players come across many of the same Pokemon species to get the shiny charm in Pokemon Violet.

Getting Shiny Pokemon with the Masuda Method

Shiny Pokemon with the Masuda Method

The Masuda method has returned in Pokemon SV, growing the odds of crossing over a shiny Pokemon when breeding. The breeding is actually an upbringing of a Pokemon to another Pokemon of a compatible Egg Group. But the parent Pokemon should have come from games set to changed languages.

The best approach to the Masuda method is to acquire a foreign Ditto via trading and then pair that Ditto with the Pokemon you need to strain. The eggs of these Pokemon generate a higher chance of being Shiny, but it also drops the shiny rate to a 1 in 512.

Furthermore, it can get by trading with other Violet players online or transferring them from one Violet save the file in a different language to get a shiny charm. However, if you don’t have a friend playing in a changed language, the wonder trade will link you with a random player globally.

It is the best method for collecting quite a few global Pokemon. But remember that you can’t select which species you will get. The Pokemon platform has made a specific link code so players looking for certain trades can discover one another.

At the same time, the code for a ditto trade is 4448-4448, enabling the Ditto to breed with anything. Using this code to find someone with a foreign language ditto is a good way to make higher chances of getting the Shiny charm.

Get Shiny in Pokemon SV Via Sandwiches

A player can craft sparkling power sandwiches after beating the game using the Herba Mystica. There is a method to craft sandwiches that enhancement the shiny charm rate in pokemon scarlet and Violet to get more probabilities to obtain shiny charms. At the same time, players need to beat all the Gyms first.

When players make it in the pokemon scarlet and Violet, they can cooperate in 5-star tera attack battles. After beating the competition, they will reveal the 6-star tera invasions.

Whether 5-star tera raids have a small chance of giving Herba Mysticas as rewards, the reward output can be improved by having the Raid Power Meal effect active.

But if at least two Herba Mystica are in a sandwich, it will generate a Meal Effect called Sparkling Power. The type of Pokemon produced from Sparkle Power will depend on the ingredients and condiments.

Herba Mystica can be added in creative mode during picnics, and with two Herba Mystical, the sparkling power should be level 3. However, the odds of getting a shiny with the sparkling power meal effect bring it down to 1 in 1024. But the shiny charm decreases the odds of discovering a shiny one by 1 in 683 in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game.

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