How To Remove Airpod Pro Tips
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How To Remove Airpod Pro Tips

Airpods Pro has become popular among wireless earbuds lovers offering remarkable sound quality and progressive features. One of the key components of the Airpods Pro is the detachable ear tips which play a vital role in providing a comfortable and secure fit. However, there are numerous instances where you may find it necessary to remove the Airpod Pro tips for cleaning or replacement purposes.

That flexibility allows you to ensure optimal hygiene and explore different size options for a comfortable and personalized fit, enhancing your overall listening experience.

But removing the ear tips might appear challenging if you are new to Airpods Pro or similarly unfamiliar. Don’t worry. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step procedure of detaching the Airpods tips straightforwardly.

So, let us hover over to discover the simple yet effective steps for removing the Airpods Pro tip.

Key Points

  • Each set of Airpods comes with 3 sets of ear tips of different sizes.
  • If you find trouble confiscating the tip, pull gently to flip-flop it.

How to Remove Airpod Pro Ear Tips?

The typical ear tips are simply enfolded around the tip of the earbuds. Therefore, it is logical to be unaccustomed to how the mechanism works, particularly if this is your first time trying to swap the tip.

However, the virtuous closure and appropriate fitting with your ear tips will warrant that your music sounds as good as probable. And you can wear your Earbuds with discomfort over longer periods.

But the Apple Airpods Pro ear tip has a clipping mechanism to convulsion the earbuds around the driver, where it will slot into the spot firmly in click-in. Every pair of Apple Airpods comes with 3 different sets of rubber ear tips, each in size.

It means you can adjust them to fit your individual ear shape better. Hence, to remove the airpod pro tips for cleaning or replacement is an effortless process that requires minimal effort.

Here we have shared the steps you can follow to remove the tip of your Apple earbuds for whatever reason.

·                   Step No 1: Grip the Tip

Grip the Tip

First of all, grasp one of the Airpod Pros in one hand and grasp the tip with your other hand’s fingers.

·                   Step No 2: Pop out Rubber of Airpod Pro Tips to Remove

Pop out Rubber of Airpod Pro Tips to Remove

Then gently flip out the earbud tip of your Airpod before trying to remove them. It will make certain that you dodge unintentionally splitting the subtle end of the Airpod ear tip.

·                   Step No 3: Pull Off the Earbud Tip from the Base

Pull Off the Earbud Tip from the Base

Remember not to tear it by pulling it from the termination part. Ensure you gently but firmly pull the tip from the earbud close to where it joins. It will take some vigor but don’t worry about pulling it out. It would not break them.

Why my Airpods Pro Tips are not Detached?

The factory-established earbud tips are firmly connected because it is probably planned to avoid them from unintentionally falling off.

Additionally, for individuals with brand new Airpods Pro, it is important to note that the smooth silicone surface of the ear tips can initially make them a bit slippery to hold. While some users may encounter challenges initially, it is crucial to exercise patience and caution to prevent any accidental tearing or damage to the earbud tips.

That’s why it is clear that you will have trouble removing the Airpods tips for the first time. Some people have also torn their Apple Airpod Pro earbud tips while trying to remove them.

Solution: Wrap a thick textured paper towel around the silicon earbud tip if you have a new, slippery surface issue.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

We know some individuals may initially find removing the Apple Airpods Pro tips challenging. It can be easily accomplished by following instructions and maintaining a positive attitude.

So, if you want to change your Apple Airpods tips, removing the tips already attached to your Airpods is important.

In this post, you have learned how you can do it. In the comment section, let us know if you ever experience any mishaps when you remove the tips of Airpod Pro.

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