How To Turn Off iPhone 14 Series
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How To Turn Off iPhone 14 Series

If you are an iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max user, you can leave your phone without switching it off. But if you felt it necessary to turn your iPhone off anytime to save up your battery or to fix some internal or external issues.

But if you are new to this series, confound how to do that. So don’t worry; this article can help simplify your job, so let us jump to it.

How to Turn off iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14, Pro Max

If you just bought an iPhone14, plus, pro, or Pro-Max, you are newfangled with it. Probably you have a lack of awareness of switching it off. Here we have shared three different ways you can follow to switch it off.

Remember that all of the models of iPhone14 have the same procedure. Therefore, you can also use the same method as other newer iPhone and iPad devices.

Method 1: Switch off Using Settings App

Settings App

In this method, open your setting app and click on the General option that you will see at the start. Then, scroll down to the bottom to find and tap on the power off option. This method can help when your physical button is not working or can be used when you prefer the on-screen option.

Method 2: How to Turn Off iPhone 14 Without Screen

Turn Off iPhone 14 Without Screen

In this method, simultaneously press the volume up and down button and the side button on your iPhone. After that, when you see a slider for power off, drag it using your finger to power it off. This method is simpler and quicker as compared to other methods.

Method 3: Turning off iPhone Via Siri

Turning off iPhone Via Siri

For this method, users just have to launch Siri by either saying Hey Siri with their voice commands or long pressing the side button of their phone. Then you can command Siri by saying turn down my phone. Doing this, iPhone 14 can easily or automatically switch off.

This shortcut action indirectly lets you turn off your iPhone without using your screen as long as it is unlocked. It also lets you turn off your phone without using the power-off slider. It comes in handy for those whose screen is broken, and the side button is not functioning.

What to do if iPhone 14 does not Turn Off

If your iOS device no longer uses the above three methods and just got a frozen iPhone, you can follow the below-mentioned fixes to solve your issue.

The first one is to restart your iPhone. Here are the steps to restart your phone

  • Go to settings and then to assistive touch.
  • Tap on assistive touch at the tap and then turn on the toggle.
  • The assistive touch virtual button will appear on your screen.
  • Tap on the button and go to the device, then click the 3 dots option.
  • Tap on Restart and select Restart to confirm.
  • You can also customize the assistive touch button and move the restart button to the main menu for better access.

If your iPhone is unresponsive to touch or not responding to anything, this normal Restart won’t work. You have to reboot your iPhone. Press and release the volume up button to force boot up the iPhone 14.

Then again, press and release the volume down button quickly. Now press and hold the side button and release when the Apple logo appears on the screen. Let your phone boot up.

These above-described method has made your job easier and quicker when your iPhone is not turning on. However, if it is out of commission even after restarting or rebooting your iPhone, you should seek Apple Company’s assistance to sort out your issue.


Ques: How to turn off iPhone 14 with buttons?

Ans: Press and clasp your iPhone’s power button and side button. Then drag the on and off slider to the right.

Ques: How to turn off the iPhone14 flashlight?

Ans: Swipe down to launch the control center on iPhone, then just hit the flashlight button.

Ques: How to turn off auto brightness iPhone 14?

Ans: Launch the Settings app > Accessibility option > Display & Text size > turn the toggle off for the auto brightness option.

Ques: How to turn off iPhone14 Do not disturb or DND?

Ans: Navigate to the settings app > Focus option > Do not disturb > switch off the toggle for Do not disturb.

Ques: How to turn off iPhone14 auto enhance?

Ans: Launch the Settings app > Photos option > switch off the view full HDR toggle. Check the result to see if it works or not.

Ques: How to turn off keyboard sound iPhone 14?

Ans: Go to the settings app > Sound and haptics option > Keyboard feedback option > Turn off the sound toggle.

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