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Honest Review Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia Movie


Honest Review Of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia Movie


There is a movie that is called The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia Movie that is currently made available online is a documentary that looks at this condition. It was designed by a filmmaker by the name of James Redford. It takes a look at how dyslexia has affected families, specifically kids that have this condition, and goes into the work of two doctors by the name of Salley and Shaywitz. Although there have been other movies that have addressed this topic, they are not as comprehensive.

It has been presented at the Sundance Film Festival and is considered to be a prime example of how to do educational documentary filmmaking. Here is a quick review of this movie and why it can help families that are currently trying to help their children that may have this condition.

What Does The Film Discuss?

The premise of the movie begins with a student that suffers from dyslexia. The focus is this student trying to get into a leading college. This student was not able to read until the fourth grade, and it documents his experience over the years. There are also other accounts related to those that have dyslexia from the perspective of iconic leaders, experts and other children that currently have this condition.

The goal of the movie is to help people understand what dyslexia is, why it occurs, and what treatments are available. It is from his difficulty of learning how to read that he can pursue his dreams of attending college, and realizes that dyslexia was a gift in disguise. Also, you can learn about sleeping tips Pearland tx and those who need help.

Critical Reception Of The Movie

According to those that have seen the movie, it was very helpful in understanding the condition. Reviews were coming from people that do have dyslexia, and it helped many of them understand what was happening to them. Those that left reviews consistently stated that many people do not understand what dyslexia is, or more specifically, how it affects the person in their daily life. The film presents different ways of addressing this problem, and through certain strategies, people that have dyslexia can improve quite rapidly. It goes into the Orton-Gillingham method which has been very successful in helping kids with dyslexia learn to read.

The Wilson method it is also discussed, and it details why the whole language method is not going to help people with this condition. It was considered to be inspiring by most, especially because it presented current information on how to address the problem.

Why Most People Watch The Movie

Many people that watched the movie were looking for some sort of validation. There are many teachers and education professionals that do not understand that this problem is real. It is something that has been presented in many popular movies, but unless you have it, you cannot fully understand what it does these people. When you are not able to read words properly, it prevents an individual from having continuity in the information that they are trying to process.

When letters are reversed, the words suddenly have no meaning, and therefore the information cannot be stored or assessed properly. Those that watched this movie felt validated because it revealed that it is an actual problem. Furthermore, it presented modern techniques that are helping people that have this condition, allowing many viewers to do more research and get additional help.

Dyslexia is a real condition, and by watching The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia Movie, you will also understand that kids do suffer from this problem. It does not simply end when they get out of school. This could cause them problems in their adult life as they are applying for jobs, or simply trying to read the local news. By using the methods that are described in the movie, people that have dyslexia can finally begin to address this condition positively. Based upon the diligent research of those that develop these methods, and also those that created the movie, dyslexia became a much more valid topic in the eyes of those that have never have this condition.