How to watch Prison Break for Free Online
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How to watch Prison Break for Free Online

Do you want to catch up on a thrilling show Prison Break for free? This guide will walk you through various ways to watch Prison Break online for free.

Prison Break is an amazing series and has captivated viewers’ attention since its 1st season. The show is filled with action and adventure. Although, some people reported that Prison Break is not available on Netflix to watch. Prison Break started airing in 2005 with an exciting start and continued to air till 2017, lasting 5 seasons. Initially, it was available on Netflix; the series was removed from many Netflix regions in January 2023, as the Fox agreement ended with Netflix.

But we can make sure and guarantee you that after reading the article, you can watch all seasons of Prison Break on Netflix from anywhere.

How to watch Prison Break for free on Hulu

You can watch Prison Break on Hulu’s streaming service, which contains all five prison break seasons. The platform offers a free monthly trial and gives customers full access to its content, like popular movies and shows.

However, you can cancel it in a few taps once the free trial expires, but if you would like to carry on with the subscription, it only costs $6/month. Other than that, if you would like to keep up with the subscription and watch shows like Prison Break without ad interruptions, the monthly subscription will cost you $12 instead. Whether you buy a membership or not, Hulu is the best in offering the prison break.

But if you are outside the United States and have a Hulu account, you must use a VPN, set a US IP address, and access Hulu. Also, you need to purchase a subscription with a US payment method, but if you don’t have one, you can buy a Hulu gift card, redeem your gift card, and sign up for Hulu.

Watch Prison Break online on Amazon Prime

Watch Prison Break online

Amazon prime also offers all five seasons of Prison Break. Although, the episodes are not available under the streaming service’s $9 monthly subscription fee.

Alternatively, you can opt for a pay-per-view model, where you pay for each episode separately at a cost of $3 per episode or purchase the whole season for $20 each. For users looking to watch a few episodes or seasons of the show, Amazon prime prices are still feasible to you.

Moreover, iTunes also gives the same prices as Prime per episode and season and features a package that bundles all five seasons together for only $60. This is considering a great deal as it would save you $40 if you decide to buy all five seasons.

Watch Prison Break on Disney Plus

Outside the United States, you can stream all prison break seasons on Disney Plus. It’s available in Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and other countries where Disney+ is accessible. By connecting to one of those countries with a VPN, you can binge-watch the prison break on Disney Plus.

How to Watch Prison Break on Netflix

However, Prison Break was earlier streamed on Netflix in different countries, including US and UK, but at the beginning of 2022. The series was entirely removed from Netflix & moved to Disney Plus. But in Canada, the prison break is available on Netflix.

Though Netflix has various libraries, each library has different movies and web series that are state exclusive. But here, we will let you know how to overcome this by using a VPN.

If you are in the US, UK, or other regions and want to stream Prison Break on Netflix, then apply the steps below.

  • Install any trusted VPN on your device.
  • Choose the preferred country IP in the VPN app.
  • Search Prison Break on Netflix and enjoy your show.

Use Vudu to Watch Prison Break

You can use Vudu to stream the first three seasons of the show. It’s not a popular platform like others. But it offers the same pricing as iTunes, each episode for $1.99 and full seasons for $34.99.

Remember that Vudu episodes are digital copies that let offline use and are not streamable. If you don’t want to stream the digital copies, don’t fret; you have other options.


Q. Is Prison Break still being airing?

Prison Break ended in 2009 after four seasons. However, a spin-off series, Resurrection: Prison Break, was released between April & May 2017.

There are rumors spreading regarding season six being planned, but the sad news for fans is Wentworth Miller, and Dominic Purcell pulled out before they could start filming.

Q. Why are people still mad about a prison break?

Prison Break captures a massive audience after the first season. It is a thoroughly written plot that captures complex family loyalty and dynamics.

Q. Why is Prison Break not available on Netflix?

Netflix contains all five seasons of Prison Break, but the only thing that makes these seasons not appear on your account is due to the restriction in the country you live in. The series is available in so many countries.


However, the final season 5 of Prison Break was a revival released on Fox in 2017, eight years after the fourth season’s finale. Regardless of teasing fans in early 2018 that a sixth season was in the works, Fox announced in 2019 that they have no plans to revive Prison Break.

However, the news was quite upsetting for fans, don’t worry; still, there are lots of ways of online services that give them a chance to rewatch the hit show. We have mentioned the ways to watch The Prison Break for free on different streaming services.

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