4 Easy Steps to Play the Ocarina
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4 Easy Steps to Play the Ocarina

The ocarina is an easy wind instrument that comes in plenty of shapes and sizes. Despite how different they look, the ocarina and the recorder make quite familiar sounds. You might be familiar with the Ocarina as an instrument through a fandom of Nintendo’s Zelda games. Hence, the ocarina is a fun and easy way to play around with a melody.

Remember to select the best one that suits your skill level while shopping for the ocarina. For instance, it’s simplest to explore and start with a four-hole or six-hole ocarina rather than a 12-hole ocarina.

Additionally, the ocarina, which is made of porcelain or ceramic, is the best one of all. However, Peruvian-made ones are untuned; on the other hand, plastic ocarinas sound too airy.

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Step 1: Hold an Ocarina Properly

Hold an Ocarina Properly
  • Your left hand should be facing you as you carry the ocarina, with your right hand pointing outward.
  • Put your right index finger on the hole which is closest to the mouthpiece.
  • Now put the left index finger over the hole near the leftmost edge.
  • Settle all of your fingers down and thumbs on the button holes.
  • Cover all the holes with your fingers and seal them gently.

Step 2: Bring it to Your Mouth and Blow into it

Good posture is necessary while breathing in and out. Now practice breathing and keep blowing into it until the sound clears.

Step 3: Time to Make Noise to Play Ocarina

Time to Make Noise to Play Ocarina

If you have to expect to say “tu,” then you are good to go. You can get help with sheet music. Look at the fingerings’ note picture. And begin with C, work your way up, and take breaths quickly when required.

Keep in mind to say “tu” while starting each note because it levels up the scale and raises breath pressure. If it sounds flat, blow harder; if it sounds sharp, blow softer. You can even use a tuner to get it right. Everything totally depends on breath control.

Step 4: Follow the Playing Techniques

Follow the Playing Techniques

You may notice that sometimes an ocarina becomes unstable, so you need to fix it. To fix it, make sure when lifting the thumb holes. You don’t lift them; rather, you roll them off, as seen in the given picture.

When you pick the right pinkie, place it on the ocarina’s outer edge for the right balance. If you have a bigger ocarina, wrap your pinkie and ring finger around the end.

Furthermore, listen well and correct your intonations. Additionally, make use of articulations and generate a good understanding of music.

To Play Several Ocarina Notes

Keep trying your hands at playing several notes. But begin with the basic scale: the C major scale.

Play Several Ocarina Notes

All you need to do is move up and down your scale smoothly. You must memorize your finger patterns and sounds to achieve this.

Then, you must focus on your speed. Keep practicing and increase the pace gradually. Here is the detailed C major scale on a four-holed ocarina below:

Middle C: 1 2 3 4

D: 1 X 3 4

E: 1 2 3 X

F: 1 X 3 X

G: X X 3 4

A: X X 3 X

B: X 2 X X


The “X” illustrates the hole that must be opened at any specific time.

Fingerings are according to the number of holes each ocarina has. For example, the four-hole ocarina and the six-hole ocarina access the same basic system.

Furthermore, ocarinas are mostly in manuals; consult yours to see the correct fingering. You will also buy books or sign up for Ocarina’s lesson if you have any confusion.

Ready for a Song!

Now it’s time to play your first song.

You can find plenty of Ocarina tabs on the internet. Just hit in “4-hole Ocarina tab” ( or choose any number) with the song’s name.

Start with the simple ones first, such as “Mary Had a little lamb” or “Aulde lang Syne.” it will motivate you and help you get more confidence and a good base.

Moreover, keep practicing slowly and gradually, and don’t give up, as it takes time.

Summing Up

Therefore, you will fall in love with the sound and melodies produced by the ocarina. Hopefully, with this step-by-step guide, you will know how to start or how to play the ocarina. You will be a master at it soon.

Have fun with the Ocarina at the weekends!

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