How to Unlock Characters in Mario Party
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How to Unlock Characters in Mario Party

Super Mario Party is a Nintendo Switch game which is one of the best multiplayer party games. When a player starts this game, it will load with 84 minigames, 20 playable characters, numerous game modes, and 4 unique boards. However, the journey to unlock extra characters in the Super Mario Party adds excitement and mystery, keeping players engaged and motivated to explore the game fully.

So don’t worry; this guide will describe how a Mario party lover can release all the secret characters.

How to Unlock All Secret Characters in Super Mario Party Game?

When players start the super mario party game, they have access to almost the entire list immediately. A player doesn’t need to do anything special to obtain them.

While players are delighted to find that obtaining them requires no special effort. Upon starting the game, players are thrilled to learn that there are 20 exciting minigames and 4 charming characters. And a captivating board, except that 5 gems are initially unavailable.

  • Diddy Kong
  • Donkey Kong
  • Dry Bones
  • Pom Pom

Below we have stated how a player can unlock these four characters in the Super Mario Party game.

1.     Release Diddy Kong in Super Mario Party

Release Diddy Kong in Super Mario Party

Diddy Kong is a donkey king’s nephew, which is a 50/50 character with a high-hazard mechanism. Diddy Kong has tiring 3 0’s on his dice block but also rewarding 3 7’s. A lucky player blazes through the board.

An unlucky player might stay in place for numerous turns straight; there is no mid-ground with Diddy Knog. However, if players want to unlock this character, they must unlock the challenging road, an unbolted game mode, after they have unlocked all minigames.

When a player unlocks the challenge road, then play through to the end of World 2 and beat it. After that, Diddy Kong will be staying back at the plaza for you to unbolt him.

2.     How to Unlock Donkey Kong Characters in Super Mario Party

Unlock Donkey Kong Characters in Super Mario Party

The Donkey Kong character is from the Donkey Kong game, a frequent character in the super mario series. This character is so giant and goes home-based sort of chap.

The dice blowout of Donkey Kong is 3 0’s, 2 10’s, and a +5 coinage. A player has a 2/6 chance of moving long distances on the board, a 3/6 chance of not moving, and the remaining 1/6 chance gives you further coins.

Furthermore, analogous to his nephew Donkey Kong when it comes to this character, the player can experience the thrill of victory or the challenge of defeat, making an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.

A Player will have to play the game mode 3 different times, making sure to land-dwelling at a different departure every turn. When a player finishes the third game, donkey kong should be cheering you. After that, the player has to head back to the plaza to finish the round, and he will be there waiting to unlock the characters in the Super Mario party.

3.     Unbolt Dry Bones in Mario Party

Unbolt Dry Bones in Mario Party

The Dry Bones characters are skeleton Koopas, which are hard to downfall due to their redeveloping skill. At the same time, it is not like that in Super Mario Party.

This character is simple and the firmest at the same time to unlock in super mario party because Dry Bones looks in Party Plaza at random after every game. It’s revenue that a player can get Dry Bones instantly after the initial Mario Party game or not get him all, even after 100 games or more.

The 50/50 chance of getting a low or high roll is attired. So, check the party plaza daily for a delightful surprise. The remaining three characters may be waiting to unlock, adding excitement and joy to your gameplay experience.

4.     How to Unlock Pom Pom Characters in Super Mario Party?

Unlock Pom Pom Characters in Super Mario Party

The Pom Pom character is a unique Boom Boom Koopa of the female kind. Pom Pom has a dice block analogous to Princess Peach and is extremely animated and amusing to play with.

Scorn the probability of rolling a 0, which can be challenging if obtained at an inopportune moment. Players find the mid-roll mechanics in the game to add an element of suspense and strategic thinking.

Moreover, players eagerly embrace the challenge of unlocking the Pom Pom character. The journey to reach this milestone entails playing through captivating World 5. And conquering its exhilarating Challenge Road providing players with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. When you finish this world, Pom Pom will seem in the Plaza, letting you unlock her to play in the game.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how to unlock all Super Mario Party’s undisclosed characters. Releasing the unbolted characters lets players enjoy the game with more variation.

Excitement builds as players discover that unlocking the 4 characters is an engaging and dynamic process, with each other character presenting a unique mission and set of requirements. The developers of this game have thoughtfully designed a diverse range of challenges and objectives.

Ensuring that players are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment as they successfully meet the specific conditions to unlock all super mario party game characters.

Let us know in the comment box if you ever play the super mario party game and try to unblock its secret characters.

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