How to Clean a PS4: 3 Methods to Keep Your Console Sparkling
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How to Clean a PS4: 3 Methods to Keep Your Console Sparkling

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is an amazing gaming console that offers hours of entertainment.  Prolonged use can accumulate dust, dirt, and grime on the console. It will impact performance and longevity.

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Regular cleaning is mandatory to maintain your PS4’s functionality and ensure an optimal gaming experience.

This comprehensive article will walk you through the step-by-step process of cleaning your PS4, covering everything from basic dusting to deep cleaning the internal components.

Let’s explore the process!

Method 1: Cleaning the Exterior

Cleaning the Exterior

  • You need to unplug the power cord from the console. Hence, no electricity is going through it during the cleaning of the exterior. Moreover, do unhook the controllers from the console. You can do the same thing with anything else and plug into it so that you can access all of the console’s ports.
  • Now, remove the console and put it on a clean surface. It will make your job much easier and will always keep your console clean during the cleaning process.
  • Read the instruction before blasting your expensive electronic device with compressed air, and remember that there is moisture inside the compressed can. Therefore, always carry the can in an upright direction as it lowers the chances of releasing that moisture. Additionally, make sure to hold the nozzle at least five or six inches (13 or 15 cm) away because the closer it is, the less effective it is. Note: read the instruction of a particular brand for any additional protection or warnings.
  • Blast away the dust and indentation that runs around the middle of your console. Afterward, go on to the ports on its front and back. In the end, blast away as much dust as possible from the remaining surfaces and all of the vents.
  • Use a clean, dry microfiber cloth and remove any lingering dust. But make sure not to use a wet cloth, which will harm your console. Wipe down properly to all sides of the exterior to finish up.
  • Put the console aside and dust the area where you keep it. Then fix your console back in place and enjoy Best Open World Games on PS4.

Method 2: Clean the PS4 Console’s Fan

Clean the PS4 Console's Fan

  • Since the fan is inside your console, you have to open it and clean it properly to prevent it from overheating. However, this will void the warranty. Though the warranty only lasts one year, it also affects its resale value when you sell it or trade your console later.
  • Unplug the console from its power source and remove cords and screws. Now set the four screws on the back of the console. Moreover, two of the screws have warranty stickers, so peel those off. Thus, remove all the screws with a T8 or T9 screwdriver and unplug the bottom half of the console carefully.
  • Now clean the fan and other components with compressed air. Remember not to spray in the disk drive. Otherwise, it will damage it.
  • Put the interior console outside for a half-hour and let it air-dry.
  • At last, reassemble the console back together and plug it back in to use it safely.

Method 3: Cleaning Controllers

Cleaning Controllers

  • First, you need to remove all cables from the controller.
  • As you have done with the console, start by cleaning dust with the help of compressed air over your controller. Clean the creases between the controller’s body, each button, pad, and analog stick, and any other gaps in the controller’s interior.
  • Wipe it properly with the help of a dry microfiber cloth.
  • If a dry cloth doesn’t work well, switch to a damp cloth to remove any stubborn grime. Make sure to avoid wiping near the charger port and headphone jack so moisture doesn’t leak inside. At last, let the controller dry entirely before plugging it back.


After following the mentioned process, you will clean your PS4 safely. However, for future maintenance, take a brush, compressed air, or a cotton swab to the outside edges of your system to clean the dust once in a while. It will prevent debris from forming inside, so you don’t have to go through this cleaning process as often.

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