How to Open Tesla Door from Inside & Outside
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How to Open Tesla Door from Inside & Outside

Tesla company has one of the most unique cars with many surprising innovations, including the doors. If you’re considering buying a Tesla, you must learn how to open its door. This page mentioned how to open Tesla doors in all four models from the inside and outside.

Each model has a little different method to unlock the doors. It doesn’t matter which method you choose for opening your vehicle doors. Make sure that all security measures have been taken before.

So, let’s jump to the guide to know how you can unlock the doors of a Tesla car from in and outside.

Open the Door of Tesla Model 3, S, X & Y

If you’re going to buy a Tesla or already have one, you should learn how to open its doors. It may look simple, but Tesla cars differ from most other cars. And you have to follow different instructions to open them.

Tesla cars have four models, including Model S, Model 3, and Model X model Y. Each model has a slightly different way of unlocking the doors. The doors of these models are one of the most exclusive with unexpected innovations. Feeling frightened is common, but it becomes easy once you know what to do.

Here, we have mentioned how to open Tesla doors in all four models from inside and outside.

How to Unlock Tesla Model 3

Unlock Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 has a less advanced and mechanical version of Tesla with fewer intuitive features. It means if you want to open the door of a Tesla car is a bit more complex, but the method is similar to the Model S.

Open Doors from Outside: When you move toward your vehicle from the exterior, you must have your phone key or key fob. With the use of these items, the vehicle will notice your presence and unlock it automatically for you without pressing any button. After that, touch the door handle, which will become visible and allow you to open the vehicle door.

Unlock Tesla Model 3 Door from the Inside: Inside the car, you can see a small button on the front driver and passenger side doors. Press the button to unlock the doors electronically. But instincts tell us to look for a handle, not a button.

Thus, this is not the most preferred option by many others. If you get stuck inside the vehicle and your battery dies, here is an emergency release lever you can use it.

How to Open Tesla Door Model S

Open Tesla Door Model S

With the invention of the Tesla Model S, many things have changed, including unlocking the vehicle. Follow this method to unlock your Tesla Model S doors.

Unlock the Tesla S Door Outside: You won’t see a normal door handle in Tesla Model S. It provides a smooth surface for all users. Press down the handle, and it will mechanically extend. Put your hand on the door handle and open it like a normal car door.

Utilize the touch screen to set the door handles to extend automatically when you approach with the phone key or key fob. 

The door handle retracts if you don’t unlock the door within 1 minute. Just press on the handle again to extend it.

Unlock the Doors of Tesla S from Inside: You wouldn’t be surprised inside the car. Push the button, which is situated at the top of the interior door handle, to unlock the door electronically. Then, just open the door and exit from the vehicle as you normally do.

How to Open Tesla Door Model X

Open Tesla Door Model X

The Model X entire doors are mechanical. It has a different design than the Model S and 3, where all handle instead of the door is mechanical. It makes it very easy to open the door in these vehicles.

Unlock Tesla X from the Outside: When you move toward your vehicle from the outside, simply press the door handle, and the door will unlock automatically. This feature is available in the premium packages but is the most advanced design compared to all Tesla doors.

If you don’t have this premium package, the door handle will instead pop out and allow you to open the vehicle manually. It is the straightest way to enter a Tesla, and the handles fit well with a smooth look on the exterior.

Unlock the Doors from Inside: Inside the vehicle, the front doors can unlock by using a manual lever, similar to the Tesla Model S design. This lever will manually unlock the front doors inside on both the driver and passenger sides.

But the doors at the back are a bit more advanced. These are Falcon wing doors with a button that must be pressed to unlock the doors. These buttons are available on each door for the passenger on the back of the vehicle.

How to Open Tesla Door Model Y

Open Tesla Door Model Y

The doors of Tesla Model Y are powered electrically and don’t use the physical pedal design that is used in the Model X. However, using these Models is simple because they come with a button on the interior.

Unlock Tesla from Outside: On the outside of the vehicle, you can push down the door handle, which pops out in an angled way to grab and pull the door unlock. This door handle is done manually, and when you press down the thinner part of the door handle, it becomes available for you to pull. The doors automatically unlock and lock when you walk within your key or fob range.

Open the Door of the Tesla Model Y from Outside: It takes only one click to unlock the door from the inside, which works nicely when the vehicle has power. Manual levers can be used as a backup plan if your battery dies or is in an emergency. It is an excellent feature that ensures you never forget to lock your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re going to buy a Tesla, so you should have to learn how to unlock its door. It’s common to feel a bit frightened, but Opening Tesla doors are an easy process that can be completed in just a few steps.

This page describes how to open the Tesla door in all four models from the inside and outside.

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