How to Beat 2048 Game: 100% Guaranteed Working Strategy
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How to Beat 2048 Game: 100% Guaranteed Working Strategy

Unlock the Secrets to Beat the Popular 2048 Online Game

Are you curious to embark on a thrilling journey to conquer the addictive puzzle game 2048? Don’t hassle here and there. This blog post will explore expert strategies, tips, and tricks to help you beat 2048 like a pro.

Whether you are a beginner learning to improve your skills or an experienced player achieving the highest score, this article has covered everything. So, let’s get started and dive into the captivating world of 2048!

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Basic Instructions and Tips To Beat 2048 Game

Instructions and Tips To Beat 2048 Game

Tip 1: Must be Aware Of the Rules

Here are some basics you need to know about how 2048 works. Keep in mind that this is how the official game works. However, there are also many parodies, imitations, and even predecessors, many of which have different mechanics.

Must be Aware Of the Rules
  • Swipe the screen up, down, left, or right to move all number titles in that direction. Each tile walks in that direction unless it strikes the wall or another tile. (Note: utilize your arrow keys in the computer version).
  • Make a move every time; a new 2 or 4 tile displays in an empty spot in a row or column that was moved last move.

Tip 2: Try to Make a Value of 2048

Try to Make a Value of 2048

When two identically numbered tiles collide, they can combine to form a single tile with a value equal to the total of the two tiles. For example, if two 2 tiles join into a 4. The aim is to make a tile whose value should be 2048.

Tip 3: Pause and Look Onwards

Pause and Look Onwards

It is easy to get into the game and swipe tiles as quickly as possible. If you desire a better shot to win or to beat 2048, make a move only when you’re ready. Look onwards and try to imagine how the board can look after your next move, or at least know what will happen to a few important tiles.

Tip 4: Focus on a Corner

Focus on a Corner

 The most common strategy is to build up a high number in one corner. It doesn’t bother which corner you choose, but the main thing is to stick with your pick.

  • Once the corner is a part of a row you consistently fill, this will function well. This will allow you to swipe tiles left to right without being dislodged your high-value tile.

Tip 5: Take Opportunities to Combine Multiple Tiles

It is good to combine them all when you see a long row of similar tiles and get more room on the board.

Tip 6: Try Alternate Tapping Up and Right

Alternate Tapping Up and Right

Last, but not least, it is a basic approach to alternate clicking up and right until no squares move. Click left when this happens, then return to alternating up and right. However, there are other guaranteed ways to win. But you can get a high score by using this trick and tip. Also, you can beat your previous record quickly.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Beat 2048

Step-by-step Guide on How to Beat 2048

Step 1: Swipe Left and Right

Swipe left and right rapidly while starting a new game. Continue this process until you have plenty of rows of 2s, 4s, and 8s. It is optional to win through this process.

Swipe Left and Right

However, you get a good position and the first larger tiles in no time.

Step 2: Make a Higher Tile in a Corner

Combine all the early tiles into a 16 or 32 and put it in a corner. It is to maintain the tile in place as long as possible and gradually make it higher and higher.

Build a higher tile in a corner

Moreover, this strategy has been used for the world speed record of 2048, which approached the final tile in 1 minute and 34 seconds.

Step 3: Keep the Row with the High Tile Filled

Fill up the entire top row with tiles if your high-value corner is in the top right. Substituting the two directions toward the corner, such as “up” and “right,” is the best way to get this. You can swipe left and right as much as you want after the high-value tile has been filled without it moving from its corner.

Keep the Row with the High Tile Filled

Furthermore, make sure to keep an eye on this row and refill gaps that display without shifting the corner tile.

Step 4: Focus on Combining Small Tiles

Focus on Combining Small Tiles

It is essential to make 8s, 16s, and 32s rather than make a single larger number in most of the game. Preferably, this mid-range will combine your chosen corner tile.

Step 5: Trapped Tiles and Plan Multiple Moves

Things will not be in your favor sometime, and you will end up with a 2 or 4 trapped between a 256 and a 64 or a similarly inconvenient position. Follow these given tactics to beat 2048:

Select a tile next to the trapped tile, and decide how to join it. Suppose it is a large tile; you must plan multiple moves.

Trapped Tiles

Swipe it such that the tile you intend to join is the one that moves after it is set up with an equal tile next to it.

Step 6: Move your Corner Tile & then Return it

Sometimes there is a condition where you are forced to move your corner tile out of position.

Move your Corner Tile & then Return it

Now look forward to seeing which available moves benefit you the most. Let’s swipe in that direction and then swipe quickly back to return the high-value tile to the corner.

Step 7: Keep Trying Until You Success

Keep Trying Until You Success

You could win if you remove five or six empty tiles or if your top tiles are 64 or 128 points. However, if it is done later in the game than that, there is no hope of trying to get out of it.

2048 Beat Game Strategy

  • Access only two directions in the game with no essential risk.
  • Mustn’t move your tiles up.
  • Maintain your tiles tidy.
  • Focus on your goal or aim.
  • Aggressively combine downward and horizontally as required. Then, tidy your tiles back up.

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