How to Get Gallade Pokemon Violet [2 Ways]
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How to Get Gallade Pokemon Violet [2 Ways]

Gallade proves to be the most challenging and enigmatic Pokemon to get in the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If you have tried so many times to find this Pokemon and, in the end, you still have not found it and eventually give up.

So, don’t worry. This guide is just for you to tell two easy ways to find the Gallade in Pokemon SV.

Easiest Way to Get Gallade in Pokemon Violet?

Get Gallade in Pokemon Violet

The edge Pokemon Gallade is a new stage dual psychic and fighting nature in Pokemon SV. It is initially confusing if a player wants to know how to get the Gallade in violet and scarlet Pokédex. Eventually, you will get it, but players must keep in mind some things we mentioned below when they try to catch it.

Here we have shared two straightforward methods a player can follow to get the Gallade Pokédex in Pokemon SV.

  1. Evolve the Kirlia in Pokemon to get the Gallade
  2. Locations to catch the Gallade in the Pokemon SV game

·                   1st Method: Get Gallade in Pokemon Violet Via Evolve the Kirlia

Get Gallade in Pokemon Violet Via Evolve the Kirlia

The first way to get the Gallade Pokédex in Pokemon SV is to evolve the Pokemon Kirlia. To evolve the Kirlia, players must remember that this Pokédex has 2 sorts of evolutions, Gallade and Gardevoir.

Furthermore, in order to evolve Kirlia, players will ensure they possess the right gender of this Pokemon. The male Kirlia can evolve into a Gallade; meanwhile, the female Kirlia will evolve into a Gardevoir

You will need to ensure you have a male Kirlia before you try to start leveling. After you get a male Kirlia, you will need to give the male Kirlia a Dawn Stone to evolve him.

Get the Dawn Stone to Evolve Kirlia

So, players will think about where to get the Dawn Stone; below, we have mentioned how to get it.

The Dawn Stone will evolve the Kirlia into Gallade to its final from Psychic/Fairy to Psychic/Fighting, and the character statistics will intensify in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game. In terms of getting the Dawn Stone, you will find it in numerous locations.

However, you must eventually select one up in your travels across the game. Below we have collected the locations where you will discover the dawn stone to evolve Karlia.

  • Players will discover a dawn stone near some wrecks in northwest Medali as a glowing Poke Ball.
  • You will also get them occasionally in the Auction House at Porto Marinada.
  • Another way to get the dawn stone is in the quarry based in the North of Levincia.

TIP: Players will also get the dawn stone through the Pokédex reward. A player will have at least 270 Pokemon by pressing the X Tab for the rewards section in the Pokédex then Dawn Stone will unlock robotically.

·                   2nd Method: Locations to Catch It

Locations to Catch It

Gallade exists in mountainous regions in Paldea and is probably rare than Gardevoir. Moreover, this Pokemon (Gallade) offspring through numerous ranges of Paldea in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game is rare in all locations. That is why players might not have seen it.

Here we have the habitats where players will find the Gallade Pokemon.

  • Area no 3 West Province
  • Area no 6 South Province
  • Area no 1 North Province
  • Dalizapa Passage
  • Glaseado Mountain
  • Alfornada Cavern

However, due to the large number of Psychic types of Pokemon in the Paldea region, players must prepare a sandwich that will give them encounter power to increase their chances of playing. The best choice for this is the great ham sandwich made with Pickle, ham, and prosciutto with Mayonnaise and mustard flavor.

More About Gallade in Pokemon Violet

Gallade is a part of the Pokemon SV game, which is a physical attacker. The speed of stats of this Pokemon is of the utmost importance, and its attack is truly awe-inspiring, making it a formidable contender. Therefore, Jolly Nature is recommended to improve its speed for special attacks.

For Gallade Pokédex, a physical fighting style is highly advantageous, although relying on special attacks proves less beneficial. While if a player had rather boost Gallade power picking, the Adamant nature will progress its attacking abilities by swapping special attack power for this boost.

Getting the best nature for Gallade makes it an impressive ally. However, for this Pokemon to reach its full potential in battle, having high speed and attack is crucial. Therefore, it can be concluded that both Quiet and Modest natures are not ideal choices.

Final Thought

Gallade Pokédex in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet game has a fighting and psychic nature. Suppose you encountered issues getting the Gallade in the Pokemon SV game, so read this informative post for helpful tips and guidance. Here we have made 2 methods to get it straightforwardly and unconfusing for you.

Let us know in the comment box if you know any other way to get the Gallade in Pokemon VS.

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