Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians Of The Globe?

Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians Of The Globe?
Why Did Omni Man Kill the Guardians Of The Globe?

Every fan of Invincible is curious to know why Omni Man kills the Guardians. It may shock you to know that the answers to these questions have an unexpected relationship with each other. So in this blog, I will describe Omni-Man incentive to kill the Guardians so and how Mark responds to his father’s wicked alter ego.

Moreover, Omni-man belongs to a species called Viltrumite from the Viltrum planet, who came down to Earth to help its people and has long been confident that Mark will find his own powers.

However, when his son roused his powers, Omni-man quickly allured the entire world’s guardians and murdered them in cold blood. But nobody comprehends who killed the Guardians. So let’s find out the answers to why he did this. Does Mark understand what his father has done?

Who is Mark Grayson?

Mark was the son of Dobbie and Nolan. Marks’s father was given the title of the most powerful hero on Earth, Omni-Man. He is not a human, but he comes from the race of Viltrumite, which belongs to the planet Viltrum.

Hence, the Omni-man went to the Earth to increase the planet’s society. However, they were all confident that Mark would rouse his powers one day.

After that, when Mark’s powers rise, his father starts to train him. Like the other superheroes, he also obtains his suit. When Mark sets off the powers, Omni begins to allure the Guardians of the Globe to murder them in cold blood while losing consciousness. Although there is major confusion about who slaughtered the guardians. All this happens against a backdrop.

Mark trains like a superhero. However, everyone believes that maybe Omni-Man has to do something by murdering the Guardians.

The Shady Past of Omni-Man

why did omni man kill the guardians reddit
Why did omni man kill the guardians reddit

The dark past of the Omni-Man is exposed as the series moves forward. As the series begins, it is discovered that the best superhero on Earth lies about his identity. At the same time, it is revealed that Viltrumites will assist in advancing civilization. It was not valid. Moreover, they pretended to be kind people, but they were not. Thus, Nolan admits he is unbeatable.

To discover the weakness, the Viltrumite population had to fight each other at first. But unfortunately, escort to only half of them survive, only the most powerful ones. On the other hand, by the birth of Omni-Man, the Viltrumites had already added the galaxy as the most significant empire. As he grew older, he too became part of the roots.

However, they ultimately find it hard to surmount more after they end up winning thousands of planets. It became tough for them to enlarge the empire. So, they also began to initiate new policies to fight the problems.

Hence, there were various Viltrumites, where every officer was allocated a specific planet to decline. Although the existence of the Guardians of the Globe was a barrier to his plan, So, to decrease the Earth’s population, omni slaughtered them. However, he confesses that he loves his wife; she is like a pet. But when Marks comes to know that, he is stunned and devastated.

How Did Omni-Man Kill the Guardians?

The Viltrumites were supposed to be superheroes and kind until the Omni-Man killed the Guardian, which shocked everyone. The primary motive behind this is shown in the eight episodes of season 1. Though, the comic readers were already familiar with it earlier.

Omni-Man fought like a monster to save a carnival, though his action was interrupted by an immortal. Who Nolan had already murdered.

Moreover, the Mauler twins had a massive role in reviving immortals. The motive to stir him was to enslave him. Although, they become failed in doing this.

After immortality was revived, he directly went to Omni-Man to understand the main force for which he was alleged. However, Mark had assisted his father in fighting immortality.

The fight ended with Omni-Man severing the immortal in two. As Mark examines everything, while Nolan calls on him to tell him the reality, He tells Marks about his dark past and admits that he killed the guardians.

Fight Between Omni-Man & Invincible

Omni-Man vs Invincible
Omni-Man vs Invincible

When Nolan admits that the killing of the Guardians left everyone shocked, he says that anybody who hated the action would also be murdered. He also acknowledged that every individual he loved would be dead. After admitting to the things he had done, Omni-Man moved to his son, Mark, to ask him to be a part of his actions as well.

After that, he directs his son to join the evils of the planet Viltrumites. But, his son declines to do so. After that, both got into an argument that twisted into a fight. Nolan assault Mark, which ultimately directs to thousands of people being killed.

Further, he also confesses that he does not love Debbie, leaving his son enraged. He called him a pretender and said he was doing all this for nothing.

However, Omni-Man said that Mark would have no one. He disclosed that he would always have his father. As a result, Nolan was cautious of Mark and returned to space.

What Happened After Omni Man Left The Planet?

When Mark recovers from the death experience, the new Guardians of the Globe become more united after watching the battle between father and son. Now, it is more determined than ever to protect its planet.

After being recovered, Cecil discloses his agency’s secrets to Mark and asks him if he wants to be a superhero. He replied that it was too much at the moment.

However, Cecil pulls a string and pretends Nolan’s death was a gas-leak accident to ensure his identity as Omni-Man is hidden in order to protect Debbie and Mark.

Moreover, Cecil contacts Mark and tells him about an unknown figure is coming to Earth. After that, Invincible jets off into space while expecting that his father has returned.

But it is Allen the Alien who came to warn Invincible about a Viltrumite living on Earth. Hence, Mark tells him the entire story.

Allen the Alien says that a Viltrumite can’t leave his post. He warned Invincible that his planet would come for Earth, and this fight was inevitable. Invincible replies, he will be ready for it.

Therefore, there are still a lot of threats to Earth apart from the Viltrumite Empire, which is set for next season.

What Took Omni-Man So Long to Murder Guardians

As Omni-Man could have murdered the Guardians long ago, they waited for the critical moment. People who have interpreted the comic book series are already known. However, those who observe the show might have some difficulties.

There are some main reasons why Omni-Man took an extended time to slaughter the guardians, including:

  • The lifetime of the Viltrumites is much longer than that of a common human being.
  • Moreover, they wish to capture planets for fun. Hence, the longer he postpones, the more malicious pleasure he gets by murdering the Guardians.
  • Further, Nolan took so long to murder the Guardians because he wished to know the Earth’s flaws and defenses. However, he wishes to get free from everything.
  • Hence, Nolan wants his son to join his forces, but it never happens. His wicked needs led to dishonesty and major problems. While Omni-Man handles the murder of the Guardians, he futilely guards his family.

Conclusion About Why Omni Man Kill the Guardians

You can see the “Invincible” series on Amazon Prime Video. The story revolves around Mark Grayson as he struggles with his newfound powers and becomes a superhero. Marks finds out about his relationship in the first season of the series as he divorces his newborn powers and ultimately discovers his dad’s true intention. Read the article to find out how Omni-Man confesses that he kill the guardians.

Let us know in comment box, ‘‘Did Omni Man do right with his son?”

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