Omni-Man: 6 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Him
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Omni-Man: 6 Things Only Comic Book Fans Know About Him

Although Omni-Man is not the main character in Invincible, he is the most important character as fans truly understand it.

Invincible tells the basic concept of Superman (an alien from another world who comes to Earth to protect it). It switches it upside down in the form of Omni-Man, aka Nolan Grayson – the most important character of the animated series Invincible.

Going deeper into the comic books totaling 144 issues from 2003 to 2018 at Image Comics will give fans a better understanding of Nolan.

A Superman Analog

Omni Man is essentially an analog for Superman. Both men come from alien worlds, adopt human identities, and present as a protector of humanity. He is very similar to Superman in terms of powers.

Both have superhuman speed, strength, and stamina. Both can fly too.

Father of the Hero

Another way Nolan is different than Kal-El is that he is a father. Omni-Man is not the hero of the comics, but his son is Mark Grayson, Invincible. Mark wants to be a famous and powerful superhero like his father.

Their relationship is portrayed as a typical father-son relationship. In this context, Nolan is consumed by his work, and Mark wants to be like him.

Not a Hero at All

Comic book fans can recognize the changes in the story from the long-running Invincible comic book series by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

Omni-man is an alien warrior sent to Earth to conquer it by the Viltrumites- the alien race he is part of. The Viltrumites send warriors such as Nolan to planets to attack and invade them.

The Creation of Omni-Man

As Kal-El won’t come to Earth as Superman, Nolan Grayson won’t arrive as Omni-Man. His superhero identity resulted from his relationship with Cecil Steadman, -a government agent and the first person whom Nolan met on Earth.

Moreover, Steadman helped Nolan to craft the identity of Omni-Man so he would fit in better on Earth. However, the Guardians of the Globe already existed on Earth.

Halso takes on the human name Nolan Grayson to better assimilate into the culture, marrying and becoming a father.

Omni-man Abduction by the Flaxans
Omni-man Abduction by the Flaxans

Omni-man Abduction by the Flaxans

One of the biggest changes between the comics and the show’s first season is Omni-Man’s experience with the Flaxans. These alien invaders attack the Earth, and Flaxans capture Nolan back to their homeland.

This is different in the show, where Omni-Man has been disabled by his fight with the Guardians of the Globe. On the other hand, in the comics, he is a prisoner in the Flaxan native dimension, leading to a fight back home.

The Heir of Argall

It is revealed that Nolan Grayson is the Heir of Argall, the son of the great leader of the Viltrumite Empire and the next heir to the throne. The Grand Regent, Thragg, is the only problem who doesn’t want to give it up.

Thragg was the steward of the throne since the murder of Argall at the hands of Thaedus – a Viltrumite who wanted to end his people’s war-like ways. However, Thragg is a militant monster who wants to expand the empire and keep its power.

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