How to Unblur Chegg Answers For Free
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How to Unblur Chegg Answers For Free

Do you want to unblur Chegg answers without the premium version? So, no worries, here you may know the methods to find answers on Chegg. Especially for school students, it is the best innovation that makes life simpler, specifically during exam seasons and boring assignments or exercises. Moreover, you may use Chegg services free for four weeks only as it is a paying platform, but it is relatively difficult to pay if you are a student or teacher.

Although, you can unlock the answers through the discord service and inspect the element tool. Although there are multiple sites to find your answers, not all are authentic and free. There are few conditions to enjoy Chegg services but not impossible to get benefits from it.

In this article, you will learn the method of unblurring Chegg answers and alternate websites of Chegg to get help in your studies. Let’s move to the next section.

Introduction to Chegg

Basically, it is an educational technology company in America founded in 2005 to help students in their homework assignments through the online tutoring of experts. Millions of people subscribe to Chegg’s website, including America.  Chegg is being used as an online platform throughout the world, especially for students and teachers. Where students can complete their assignments easily and quickly, even students or teachers may ask their query on Chegg related to your assignment’s problem, and its instructor will guide you on how to solve it.

Unblur Chegg Answers via Discord & Inspect Tool Method

Unblur Chegg Answers
Unblur Chegg Answers

Here is a step-by-step explanation of the two methods related to unblurring the answers on Chegg through the following methods where online expert tutors will answer your questions.

  1. Discord Service
  2. Inspect Element Tool

Use Discord Service to Unlock Blurred Answers

how to unblur chegg inspect
how to unblur chegg inspect

Using Discord service is better; you just have to access Chegg’s website and use the question link on the discord server. So, follow the steps to unblur the answers:

1.      Copy the Question’s Link

  • Firstly, copy the question’s link on Chegg.
  • Access the Chegg account and search for the question of which you want to answer.
  • Once you get the question, you need to copy the question’s URL.
  • For that purpose, highlight the URL, right-click on it, and tap on Copy to copy it.
  • Remember that you can only unblur an answer if somebody has already answered it.
  • If no answer is available, you need to wait until someone answers your question on chegg.
  • If there are answers, you will get a pop-up message saying that the problem has been solved.

2.      Join Study Space on Discord

  • After copying the link, joined the study space Discord server through a link.
  • At the starting of 2022, the above link has been working and never expires. But if the web link is invalid, it means that the server is banned by Discord.
  • The study space Discord server has a 24/7 Chegg bot where you may unblur Chegg answers.
  • Now just provide the question’s link, and the bot will process your request.
  • Just remember you have only two free unlocks in the beginning to open the bot channel. It means you can unblur only two questions.

3.      Paste the question’s link in the “unlock-bot” channel

  • After copying the link, joined the study space Discord server through a link.
  • You need to move to one of the unlock-bot channels.
  • Initially, to open the channel, click on unlock-bot-1.
  • Now you are on the channel, just paste the questions link and tap on Enter button on your keyboard.
  • The bot will process your request, which takes a few seconds.

4.      Download the Answer

  • You will get messages after a few seconds.
  • Those messages also include the Unlock successfully message, and then you can easily download the file.
  • It shows that the bot has successfully unblurred the answer.
  • The download file consists of an HTML file that contains the Chegg question and its answer from a paid Chegg account. Thus, you don’t need to pay an extra single cent.
  • Finally, you may download the answer file through the download icon.

5.      Open the File & View the Chegg Unblur Answer

  • Now your browser will open after clicking the download icon.
  • The file started to download on your browser.
  • Double-click on the file to open it when it is downloaded.
  • A downloaded file contains the answers to your question.
  • You can see the question at the top of the page; you may view the answer at the bottom half of the page.
  • Last but not least, place the invite link never to expire Chegg study program and copy it.
  • You have productively learned about unblurred Chegg answers.

Note: You have to wait for a week to increase your unlocks to get 1 free unlock bot. Otherwise, you can also invite people to join this server by right-clicking the option how-it-works channel and tapping on Invite People.

Unblur Chegg Answers with Inspect Element Tool

how to unblur answers on chegg
how to unblur answers on chegg

Uses inspect element option to unblur Chegg’s answers. The quick method is given below:

  • Firstly,right-click on the page and choose Inspect Element option from the menu.
  • Secondly, hit on the blurred answer to select it.
  • When the list appears, you are able to float over each item until the section of the site that you would like to get clear of is highlighted.
  • Set the cursor over the box that pops up. You can delete that particular tag, and you’ll see your site is free from pop-ups.
  • Finally, remove the <div> tag to unblur Chegg’s answer.

Note: This method is no longer works from the beginning of 2022. So, it would be suggested to join a Chegg bot through the Discord server as an alternative.

Free Alternates to Unblur Chegg Answers

how to unblur chegg answers
how to unblur chegg answers

There are few free officially authorized strategies to find answers to Chegg. You may use it as Chegg alternatives. So, go through some of them:

1.      Chegg Free Trial Service

Chegg study pack offers a free trial for four weeks, where students can get the answer for their homework or also post a question if you are an expert teacher. Online tutors solve your query step by step. Even though, to gain the benefit from Chegg’s trial period, you need to lease or purchase textbooks or other types of books like electronics or research.

2.      Use Other Websites

If you use Google to search for your question, you get various websites to answer your question. Mostly those websites are free to use; you just need to spend a few minutes surfing them to get the answer. In place of Chegg, you can visit the following free websites as well:

  • PaperHelp
  • CourseEagle
  • Sparknotes
  • StudyLib
  • Slader
  • Coursehero
  • Quizlet
  • Quizplus
  • Crazy for Study
  • SolutionInn
  • Transtutors
  • Litanswers

3.      Social Media Platforms

There are multiple Chegg-related forums across social media platforms—for example, Quora, Reddit, and Facebook. You can simply join these communities where you get an answer by posting the question. Mostly, communities charge a fee for this service except for a few forums.

4.       Use Reddit or Quora to unblur Chegg Answers

If you find an answer to a specific subject or problem and can’t access the premium subscription of Chegg. So you can check Reddit or Quora. Both are free question-answering sites; you do not even pay a penny to allow their services. Make your free account now and use it.

Both platforms have a massive range of groups covering multiple topics. Post your question and get your answer within 3 hours. However, the advantage of using either Quora or Reddit is that there is a chance of getting more advanced information and tutorials.

5.       Use Free Chegg Accounts

Some competent individuals have premium accounts if you don’t have money to spend on a premium subscription. You will locate free Chegg accounts with usernames and passwords posted across multiple websites. Get your hunt parameters right and refresh your options to get an updated list now and then.

6.       Free Chegg Discord Bots

If you can’t find any answers on Reddit, don’t worry. Chegg discord bots offer various servers that let you check Chegg answers entirely free. Discord is popular for gaming services, but these servers come useful to help you find free answers.

Although, discord comes with multiple advantages on top of looking for free Chegg answers. It has more than 4,000 members who are usually active in giving informative answers to your questions. The amazing thing is that you can join several servers concurrently and post multiple questions on each server. This comes with the benefit of having a variety of answers, so you have options to choose from.

Chegg Plans & Pricing of Premium Subscription

Here I will let you know the pricing of the premium subscription to Chegg.

Premium Plan


Cheggy Study


Chegg Math Solver


Chegg writing


Chegg Study Pack


In Conclusion

A Chegg study membership is worthwhile if you face complex assignments and don’t know how to solve them. So, you may easily unlock answers on Chegg with the help of this guide. Teachers also share answers and questions on the Chegg platform to guide others. Hopefully, the above knowledge will help you find Chegg’s solutions. Do let us know your views about the article in the comment box.

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