7 Exciting Trixie Tongue Tricks: The Frisky Tongue Magics
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7 Exciting Trixie Tongue Tricks: The Frisky Tongue Magics

Do you love to entertain people by doing Trixie tongue tricks?

Basically, the Trixie tongue trick or twister was used by magicians to make illusions and astonish their audience. However, now, these gymnastics tricks are still used for performing and standing out in gatherings and parties.

The Trixie tongue twisters can expose the secreted talents of our tongue using the techniques tips with some practice and patience. In this entertaining post, we have shared the most astonishing Trixie tongue twisters and tips to do these twisters.

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7 Most Exciting Trixie Tongue Tricks

1.     Rolling Tongue

Rolling Tongue

The rolling tongue trick is most popular and easy to do for people who have longer and wider tongues. You can do this trick by twisting the left and right ends of your tongue upward and squeezing the lip inside by pushing the upper lip on the tongue.

2.     The Cloverleaf


It is the god-gifted Trixie trick that looks like a four-leaf clover. To do this trick, you have to make three separate loops by folding the sides of your tongue up. Then, take the tip of your tongue to the center to make the final shape of the leaf.

3.     Tongue Twist

Tongue Twist

This is a complex Trixie trick that shows your tongue movements that require flexibility and coordination. You can do it by putting the tip of your tongue on the top of your mouth. Then, gradually move the back of your tongue in one direction while keeping the front of your tongue skill.

4.     The Tongue Waves

Tongue Waves

Trixie Wavy Tongue is a simple tongue twister that people love to do at parties. Put the tip of your tongue to the back of your mouth. After that, gradually move your tongue forward in a wave-like gesture.

5.     Tongue Flip

Tongue Flip

Flipping the tongue is a bit challenging. Trixie tongue tricks that smash like magic. To do that, put the tip of your tongue at the top of your mouth. Now flick your tongue clockwise or anti-clockwise direction in a quick coordination to stun people.

6.     Popping Tongue

Popping Tongue

It is the most amusing tongue twister that creates a loud popping sound. To make a tongue-popping sound, create pressure by pressing the tip of your tongue against the top of your mouth and suddenly release the pressure. Once you release the pressure, it will produce an unexpected popping sound effect.

7.     Snake Tongue

Snake Tongue

This tongue trick has a shivering effect on your tongue and looks like a moving snake. To do that, pull out your tongue from your mouth as far as you can and start waving the tip of your tongue to make a wavy look as snakes do. However, if you have a long and thin tongue, you can do this trick better.

Tips for Doing Trixie Tongue Tricks

The Trixie tongue twisters are not simple to do, which is why you have to consider the below-mentioned tips to perform perfectly.

  1. Continuously Practice: To perform a certain Trixie tongue trick, you have to practice the move continuously to achieve perfection. You can also watch online tutorials and videos to perform the tongue tricks well.
  2. Muscles Warm-Up: The warm-up of muscles plays a vital role in the movement. So you should warm up by moving your tongue from side to side, circular, and speaking. Furthermore, warming up your tongue will also avoid tongue pain.
  3. Avoid the Dryness of your Mouth: Always try to avoid the dryness of your mouth and tongue because it leads to inflammation. As the dryness of your mouth and tongue will make it difficult to do the specific movement. To avoid the dryness of your mouth and tongue, drink plenty of water every day, take a balanced diet, and avoid carbonated drinks.
  4. Control the Muscles: To do a Trixie tongue trick, you also need to control your tongue and mouth muscles. So always start a trick with a relaxing tongue, then position your tongue to the right spot.
  5. Practice in different Spots: Exercise the tricks in different locations and situations, like in front of the mirror, recording a video, teaching others, and challenging yourself. When you do the Trixie tongue tricks in these situations, it will improve your skill.

15 Other Tongue Tricks

  1. Taco Tongue
  2. Tongue touch Nose
  3. Tongue toch Chin
  4. Reverse Coleverleaf
  5. Tongue tying
  6. Tongue splitting
  7. U-turn tongue
  8. Tongue flapping
  9. Butterfly tongue
  10. Tongue Folding
  11. Tongue Curling
  12. Tongue Telescoping
  13. The split illusion of tongue
  14. Tongue vibration
  15. Tongue tunnel


Q: How long does it take to train your tongue for the Trixie tricks?

People can train their tongue for a Trixie tongue trick for at least 12 weeks.

Q: How to do Taco Tongue?

To do the taco tongue trick, roll your tongue sides upwards that look like a taco.

Q: What is the rarest tongue trick?

The cloverleaf is the most rarest tongue trick.

Q: How rare is clover leaf tongue?

The clover leaf tongue is a Mendelian trait and is inherited as a dominant. However, 90% population of the world cannot roll their tongue into a clover leaf.

Wrapping Up

These are all the Trixie tongue tricks. Keep in mind that If you want to master these tricks, it will take time, so don’t be afraid to try these tricks. However, with practice, experiments, and willingness, you can become a master of a specific Trixie tongue trick.

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