Retro Bowl Tips and Tricks to Play Like A PRO
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Retro Bowl Tips and Tricks to Play Like A PRO

Are you a fan of the football game so you must play the Retro bowl game. It is an American retro-style mobile sports game developed by New Star Games. Retro Bowl game is an interesting game filled with lots of strategies. This setup will show nine incredible tips, tricks, and strategies that you can apply while playing the Retro Bowl game.

1.           Focus on Winning Game

Focus on Winning Game

A player should always focus on winning, as it is an important factor to consider within the game. Winning appeals to fans to players’ games, and much like the real life, it is such a huge factor when it comes to the achievement of a team.

2.           Use all the Coach Credits Wisely

The coach credits are an in-game currency in Retro Bowl that players will get after every game. These coaching credits can be used to upgrade facilities that can help improve a player team in different aspects. Including sign-free agents that can boost the rating and fill out an important spot on the roaster. Also, players can use the in-game currency to hire coaches for the offensive and defensive ends of the team.

3.           Manage and Improve Facilities

Manage and Improve Facilities

Maintaining and improving facilities are other interesting tips and tricks for retro bowl games. When a player just joins the team, its facilities are expected to be in dumps. It is crucial to improve these areas of your franchise but also maintain them because each can enhance the team’s ability to perform on the field. However, the facilities include;

  • Training Facilities: enhancing training facilities will help players gain experience points (XP) faster, letting players build a better team.
  • Stadium: when players upgrade their stadium, fans will love to watch the games and support them as well.
  • Rehab Facilities: Improving the rehab facilities helps a player to recover from injury.

4.           Get Directors with Traits that Support the Team

It takes a lot of time and effort to build up a line in the retro bowl football game. That is why players must hire directors to help out their team in the long run. However, these coordinators have traits that can offer boosts for the team with corresponding effects.

A player should check out which coordinator would be best for their team and use it to keep their team winning and moving forward m in the game. These traits are;

  • Talent Spotter: Increase 0.5 percent potential for all players.
  • Likable: Rise 5 percent morale for all players in the team.
  • Fan Support: Increase by one percent fan support.
  • Positive: Avoid bad conditions from negatively affecting the team.
  • Negotiator: Prevents players with toxic morale from imposing a negative impact on the rest of the team.
  • Physio: Offers a 5 percent condition boost to all players.
  • Motivator: Offers an instant boost to the morale of all players.
  • Scout: Provide extra scouting trips of three to the maximum number for the draft.

5.           Focus on Offense

The offense is the most important part of the Retro Bowl game, using the given tips and tricks to play the game. Because a player can only play this game when their team is on offense, not on defense. While if the defense point of a player is 5.0 talent, they will still struggle to stop opposing offense. The offense will consist of 5 positions:

  • QB: Quarterback
  • RB: Running back
  • WR: Wide Receiver
  • TE: Tight End
  • OL: Offensive Line

However, the QB and WR are the most important positions on offense. Players should look for one that has maximum potential in throw, Accuracy, arm strength stamina for appraising a great QB: Quarterback. On the other hand, to appraise a great RB, Running Back players should look for one that has high catching attributes and speed.

6.           Don’t Tolerate Toxic Players

When a player’s morale goes down, they become toxic, and it will negatively impact the whole team if they continue on the roaster. At the start, your options for getting new players are lean; it might be fine to tolerate toxic players on your roster to dodge exiting their roster spot from being blank.

However, during the early game seasons, it is probable that a player is toxic. As they are not very good, or your inclusive team is not very good. It means that any sufferers are likely to loosen the mood change that they paid such a heavy amount for.

These types of players will drain your coaching credits and will interrupt your skill to promote your roster. So, it is recommended to cut them off before they cause too much misfortune.

7.           Know when to Praise your Fans & Team

Whenever a player completes the game, a post screen will launch with the option to praise fans or their team. So, a player should know tips and tricks on when to praise their fans and teams in the retro bowl.

Both of these options would affect their consistent recipient. Praising fans would usually grow their fans’ support, and praising the team adds a boost to their morale, which is best for winning games. It would be a player’s optimal to build on what the team requires or prioritizes.

8.           Improve your Roaster to Win the Game

Suppose you want to keep winning the game, so you must have the players for it. You can use some of the best team members to ensure to get some good experience for them to progress during the game course and go for a win.

To know which players are the best would be specified by a shining star on top of their heads. With that, players can know which direction to take or which player would be the best to turn up with a victory.

9.           Gratify Fans when you have Sufficient Coaching Credits


Increasing the fans’ approval meter will let players earn more Coaching credits in every game. So, when you have a good amount of Coaching credits, you must pay attention to the fan’s approval meter.

The tips and tricks to gratify fans with coaching credits in Retro Bowl is by winning the games. Moreover, if you are close to reaching another tier, you will also see fan approval; feed that bar to fill up coaching credits.


Why do fans matter in Retro Bowl?

Fans matter in retro bowl games because they decide how many coaching credits a player can get after winning a game.

What defense should a player have in a Retro Bowl?

In Retro Bowl, players should have defense like:
4-star defensive backs with great speed, tackling ability, decent and stamina.
A 3.5-star defensive lineman with great tackling and strength with decent stamina.
3.5+ star linebackers with great speed, good tackling, good stamina, and good strength.

How do you prevent injuries in the Retro Bowl?

Players can prevent injuries in retro bowl games by upgrading rehab facilities in the Front Office. It will let the players get injured less.


Retro Bowl game is one of the best single-player football video games available to play on iOS, android browsers, and Nintendo Switch. The game is easy to play but hides many strategies. So, you can follow these tips, tricks, and strategies mentioned above to play the Retro Bowl game like a pro.

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