The Legendary Superman of Havana Cuba
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The Legendary Superman of Havana Cuba

Are you a cinemagoer? Who is into crime fiction? Then it is highly unlikely you did not watch Ford Coppola’s Magnus opus, The Godfather. The movie has its legacy in the world of crime fiction. Each part is opened with rave reviews, especially the second part. Did you notice the Superman of Cuba there?

It started in the movie (read Godfather II) when the protagonist’s brother, Fredo, led a group of people into a great club, including the protagonist (Michael). In the club, a mysterious man appeared wearing a cape with many ladies. It left the fans with bemusement at the origin of the man.

He was subjected to hundreds of theories of long threads on Reddit to explain his role in the universe of Godfather. But none answers it satisfactorily, doesn’t it?

This article will set the story straight of the mysterious Superman of Cuba for the Godfather’s fans.

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Who is this Superman of Cuba?

Superman of Cuba 18 inch
Superman of Cuba 18 inch


Unraveling the Extraordinary Story of the Superman of Cuba

He was a popular celebrity in the olden days of Cuba. Before the revolution, he was a renowned ‘entertainer’ who performed in nightclubs and casinos. He was a hedonistic performer who was a notorious live sex performer.

In one scene of Godfather 2 in Cuba, Fred and Michael saw a man performing on stage called “Superman of Cuba.” In the words of Fred, he described the reasons behind his name due to “his stunning endowments.”

In reality, he is not imaginary but a real person. The famous podcaster Joe Rogan recently did a podcast on him. The podcaster went on to the details related to the Superman of Cuba. There is also a book known as Havana Doctrine, where he was discussed greatly.

Famous Entertainer in Cuba Before Castro’s Rule

Superman of Cuba was an entertainer who performed the play of an uncontrollable hero in Cuba before Castro’s rule. Further, the country was a U.S. colony before the Castro era, where U.S. corporations and gangsters exploited the country.

However, many scenes in The Godfather II were shot in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and seeing Superman.

Moreover, he was a fictional character who was a highly endowed man and wore a red cape. The film depicted the hedonistic lifestyle of Havana before the Castro regime. You can be found the biography of ‘Superman of Cuautla’ in Forbes.

Superman of Cuba in Godfather 2

Superman of Cuba in Godfather 2
Superman of Cuba in Godfather 2

Al Pacino as Michael was irresistibly good in The Godfather. In one scene, when he gets to know his brother betrayed him led, his eyes fill with shock and grief.

The scene was stunningly shot and acted. The scene is based on Michael and Fredo’s trip to Havana, Cuba, for business dealings. In the background, Michael is fervently seeking the traitor who led the attack on his house at the film’s start. Fred led his brother Michael and his group to a club where Superman of Cuba was performing in downtown Havana. Fred was inebriated.

In his drunken state, he blurted out that Johnny Ola had taken him to this club earlier. Johnny Ola was the man who was involved in the shootings at Michael’s house. And in the previous scene, Fredo feigned ignorance when Michael introduced him to Johnny Ola.

Moreover, Fredo was grossly involved in enjoying the show while unintentionally spilling the beans on his betrayal in the scene. Meanwhile, Michael stood aghast at his revelation. Knowingly his kin betrayed him, and he stood with unbelief.

Superman of Cuba in Godfather II: Was it Based on a Real Show?

Superman of Cuba in Godfather II

The scene of The Godfather II where the Superman of Havana was introduced was based in pre-revolution hedonistic Cuba. The scene began when he was seen to appear on stage, wearing a full-red cape to reveal his member to the people standing in front of him. Soon, the camera pans toward the audience, whose jaw-dropping expressions are pretty visible. On these gaping reactions, Fredo quipped, “That ain’t no fake. That’s real. That’s why they call him Superman.”

Superman of Havana was a Cuban entertainer depicted in the critically acclaimed The Godfather series.

Superman of Cuba was one of the many things that attracted affluent tourists to flock to Havana. He was an exceptional stage performer who appeared in the hedonistic club nights of Cuba in the pre-revolution era.

Castro Came into Power via Revolution

The performer also performed in private orgies where he was highly demanding among the Cubans socialite. The comments of Fredo’s underlined the sheer size of the Superman of Cuba member. But the decline of these rapidly increasing hedonistic nightclubs and casinos came to a grinding halt when Fidel Castro came to power via revolution.

Where is Superman of Cuba now?

The Superman of Havana
The Superman of Havana


The whereabouts of this mysterious man are not known. His name, identity, and photos are all under wraps. He was not spotted for many years. Many believed he died. But these are just speculations. Since the Cuban revolution, he was not spotted in public. This was thought to be the policy of erasing the past of Cuba by the post-revolution regime. He likely fled the country due to restrictions and crackdown on the artists.

The Godfather 2 has resurrected the image of Superman by depicting him in the film to showcase the hedonistic Havana before the fall of the Republic of Cuba. The memories of Superman are still due to this movie.


Below are the most asked questions, which answers are as under:

Q.1 How massive was the size of Superman of Cuba?

Ans. He is said to be massive in size. He is approximately 6ft tall, which is not the only thing tall in him. If legends believed, he was rumored to have endowed sized a ridiculous massive 18 inches.

Q.2 Was Superman of Havana appear or fictionalized in any other film?

Ans. He is portrayed in the film Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana, besides featuring in The Godfather 2.

Q.3 What is the other name of Superman?

Ans. The other name is Superman of Havana. Some of them are famous such as The Man with Sleepy Eyes, El Toro, and El Reina.

Q.4 How did Michael learn about Fredo Corleone’s betrayal in Godfather 2?

Ans. Michael came to know the treachery of Fredo when the latter was drunk and blurted out his acquaintance with Johnny Ola, who was the person who led the attack on Michael’s house. Fredo earlier feigned ignorance when he met Johnny Ola via Michael. Although, Fredo pleaded in defense when Michael told him that he didn’t think Johnny Ola would attack the house.

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