Who is Behind the Famed Internet Historian Face? (Find Out)

internet historian face
internet historian face

He is overall the Internet. Even broke the Internet a few years ago. You must have recognized him by his Internet Historian face on his YouTube channel.

But do you know who he is behind the face? Or his net worth?

It may surprise you, but he has searched an average of 35000 times on Google. More than any famed celebrity.

So, what is the fuss with this Internet hi, especially with his face?

Stay with the article to get further insights about him.

Who is the Internet Historian?

Since the advent of social media, one thing has mushroomed rapidly: MEMES!

That is where the Internet Historian comes in. He banked on the popularity of the memes by commenting on them. Another vital thing that excelled in his favor is that he focuses on the content’s quality instead of quantity. That is why his channel has few videos but boasted millions of views.

Who is behind the Internet Historian Face?

The identity of the Internet Historian is unknown. On the other hand, his YouTube channel has boasted nearly a million viewers, which is a big feat for any aspiring YouTube.

If you dig further, he has his own Wikipedia page (Whoa, Not Everyone Has One!). He chose 4chan to upload his first video on JAN 9, 2017, on the much-talked topic of crazy users raiding GameStop in search of Battletoads.

The video gets viral without many expectations. And the results were phenomenal. His video raked in almost 100k subscribers. This made him make YouTube his forever home.

The content he made is full of videos with numerous stock photos and movie scenes narrated in his deep baritone tone with dry humor. Shifting from running a full-fledge gag to completing a comprehensive series of characters with several arcs is no small feat. Many regard him as one of the best adverts in this genre of YouTube.

He also has a secondary channel named “Internet Historian: Incognito Mode.” In this channel, he uploads his session of Q&A where he invited “subject experts” to discuss several subjects.

Why Does Not Internet Historian Face Reveal?

internet historian face reveal
internet historian face reveal

The Internet Historian has raked around 2.5 million subscribers with almost 258 views.

What is his secret?

Created viral memes, movie scenes, and newsworthy informational events.

But what led him to hide his identity? And do not reveal it ever since?

Some contend that the Youtuber has stage anxiety that led him to hide his identity from speaking freely. Because as psychology guides us, any individual having glossophobia masks their identity to let up their views anonymously.

There are pros to masking one’s identity as they can speak from their heart without fearing consequences.

Masking Identity: An Art to Garner Views on YouTube

If you search a keyword of “Youtuber Not Showing Their Face,” you will instantly get 5 million results on Google. These vast search results highlight many people are displaying their talent amid masking their identity.

It has hit the viewership and gained traction to precisely understand the urge to be a faceless Youtuber. Take, for example, an internet Historian whose identity stays under wraps, but viewers still flocked to his videos. And not only Internet Historians, many YouTubers are faceless on their videos but still manage to gather millions of views.

Another such name is Fun Toys Collector Disney Toy Review; the surprising thing is that the YouTuber shows only his hands on the screen. Despite this, the channel boasted millions of viewers. Cooking With Dog is another channel where the chef bizarrely donned a dog mask to cook.

What Inspires Internet Historian?

internet historian real face
internet historian real face

Though the Internet historian’s identity is still behind the doors; however, his name became a brand. This gives us an overview of the pros and cons of masking one’s identity on YouTube.

Let’s see what these are!


The following are some of the examples where the pros of identity revealing on YouTube are described.

Check them out:

Appear, Professional,

Your identity build rapport with the audience. Introducing yourself with your identity is essential and impactful. This builds the cornerstone relationship with the viewership. It only highlights the professionalism of the YouTuber and inspires confidence in the viewers. These Youtuber examples are PinkieDixie, FluffyMarshmallw, or RedWarrior.

Look Trustworthy

YouTube doesn’t mandate the registration of titles, and users are free to give their own labels. So, when you put up the name, it sets the individual to know what they are dealing with. It builds rapport with the viewership to make them trust you more. Revealing one’s face is imperative to create a positive relationship with the viewership. Thus, it is essential to show one’s identity.


As we discussed the pros of revealing one’s identity. It is time to flip the argument against revealing one’s identity on YouTube videos. From privacy to security, the reasons are many.

Check them out.

Digital Footprint Cannot be removed.

The Internet recognizes you and minds you; it is forever. Anyone can instantly look you up; your record, data, and whatnot are public property. The internet memory does not forget you. Its algorithm is neutral; hence, it does not create any representation of you.

Online Detective

Privacy and safety are in question. They are two essential things that cause concerns with the users if they decide to unmask their identity online. Using your data for nefarious purposes is always on the users’ minds, giving them jittery and well-documented.


In this article you will get to know about the Internet Historian and why he masks his identity. Further, the arguments for and against of masking one’s identity on the Internet.

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