How to Make Smooth Stone Minecraft (With Bonus Tips)
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How to Make Smooth Stone Minecraft (With Bonus Tips)

Minecraft is loved, adored, and played by millions of players around the world. And to them, smooth stone in Minecraft is something akin to a gem.

In Minecraft, stones are vital for anything to build. But those stones can be smelt into a smoother, cleaner texture, most preferred for decorative purposes.

In this article, you will get to know about smooth stones and their variants blocks, bricks, and slabs. While it will also shine a light on how the smooth stone in Minecraft was created and their purpose.

Smooth Stones in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about having the right stones. In the game, you can have several kinds of stone building blocks, meanwhile, smelt them into smooth stone.

Cobblestone, for one, is the stone you can get your hands on early in the game. Crafting smooth stones in Minecraft requires three ingredients:

  • Stone
  • Coal
  • Furnace

Together with all these elements, a smooth stone came into place. Which will help you build impressive designs in the game. Plus, from this stone, the Blast furnace and Armor stand can also be crafted.

As we told you before, In the game, players can get Cobblestone in the early stages of the game. And you have to collect it abundantly.


It is the primary source of smooth stones in Minecraft. Cobblestone is mainly in the form of stone blocks. So, to mine it, you need a Minecraft pickaxe. Coupled with coal and cobblestone, you can easily make smooth stones in Minecraft.

First Mine Furnace for Smooth Stones

To make the smooth stone in Minecraft, you have to first require Cobblestone, gather these stones to construct a Furnace. The cobblestone is the key here, so gather as much as you can. Because it will use in the Furnace and, later in Smooth stones too. Apart from harvesting Cobblestone, you must get coal too. Together these materials smelt in the Furnace.

How to make Smooth stones in Minecraft

how to get smooth stone in minecraft
how to get smooth stone in minecraft

Now the process is really easy and simple, after all the necessary materials you have acquired to create a smooth stone.

Put the coal onto the bottom of the Furnace while Cobblestone on the top of the Furnace. This will in return, melt the Cobblestone into the smooth stone. The stone will be ready with the burning of the Cobblestone. But to make a proper smooth stone, you have to put the stone back into the Furnace and let it melt again. Hence your Smooth Stone in Minecraft will be hot and ready to use in the Minecraft building projects.

Smooth Stone Slab: How to Make one

The smaller version of Smooth stone or you can cut-down version, is known as the Smooth Stone slab. These stones are used for roofing and various smaller location.

Smooth stone slabs need some smooth stone to create. To create smooth stone slabs, open the crafting menu, now put the smooth stone in a row horizontally on all the squares in it. So, each square will make six smooth stone slabs by one smooth stone.

Now Time to Make Smooth Stone Bricks

The smooth stone bricks work hand-in-hand with the Smooth stone. The procedure of making smooth stone bricks is pretty simple. You have to follow the same process of Smooth stone to make stone bricks. Except for one, step. Which is not to burn the stone the second time, just as we did in the Smooth stone. As your stone blocks are ready to use. You need to put them in a pattern of squares to create stone bricks from it.

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