Instagram Now Lets you Save Posts into a Shared Album with Friends
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Instagram Now Lets you Save Posts into a Shared Album with Friends

Instagram has released a new amazing feature, “Collaborative collection,” which lets users save posts in a shared space with friends & family.

However, Instagram executed the Collections Feature in 2017, allowing users to organize and save posts into categories. But this new feature allows you to choose members of a closed group to collaborate and add their own posts to that collection.

In a Tweet, Instagram states that you can now save content into “collaborative collections” that both your friends and you can see and contribute to. As per the Instagram CEO, “users can also save posts from Instagram’s feed, DM’s and even Explore page.

You can easily use this feature by just hitting the Bookmark icon in the bottom right of the post that you wish to save, then choose the option to generate a new collaborative collection, name it and then toggle on the option that states “Allow Friends to join this collection.” You can include up to 250 people in your collection.

Moreover, users can also make a collaborative collection from within a chat as well. Once that’s done, any person within the chat can add or delete images from the shared collection, making it seem like a cool way to present ideas to friends.

Although it’s significant if you add a post from a private account to a collaborative collection, only the users following the account will be able to see the post. And if a person or owner of the post decides to remove a post you have already put in your collection, Instagram will delete it. Also, you can’t make a collaborative collection private once it’s created, nor can you share private collections that you’ve already created with others.

Hence, it is a great feature, so users can directly add or remove posts to a collaborative collection using the bookmark icon.

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