Premium Snapchat: Everything You Need to Know
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Premium Snapchat: Everything You Need to Know

Snapchat has many unanswered questions, but none more so than premium Snapchat. Don’t search for “premium Snapchat” on the App Store, as it is unavailable there.

Over 319 million daily users use Snapchat to find entertainment and share content with friends and family.

Unfortunately, it is not some shiny new Snapchat app that will give you extra access to filters and a higher chance of nabbing screenshots.

This blog post will detail everything you need to know about the Snapchat + subscription.

What is Snapchat +?

Snapchat+ is a Snapchat premium subscription that provides users access to a collection of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features in the messaging app.

It has many perks, including pinning a friend as a BFF, an exclusive badge, a story rewatch count, and more.

However, it is a big letdown that a Snapchat + subscription doesn’t remove ads on the platform.

It is not the only messaging app; other popular messaging services, including WhatsApp and Telegram, have announced WhatsApp Premium and Telegram Premium over the past few months.

You can check out its latest features here:

Top Exclusive Features Of Snapchat Premium

Features Of Snapchat Premium

1. Custom Notification Sounds

Premium subscribers can also set custom notifications for different contacts. This will let you know who sent a Snap or a chat without having to check your phone for the name.

Furthermore, you will turn on custom notification tones for specific contacts within the Snapchat settings.

You can even choose as per your preference out of seven sounds.

2. Custom Story Expiration

Custom Story Expiration

If you can see a Snapchat story, that would expire after 24 hours. But Snapchat + subscribers will now set custom timers on their stories.

Moreover, subscribers will set up a timer ranging from 1 hour to as long as 1 week. Users can post a story on Snapchat and live it for a week.

3. Camera Color Borders

Another amazing feature of Snapchat+ is the capability to set custom-colored borders around the Snapchat camera view.

Camera Color Borders

You can select from a variety of colors that will appear around your camera as you record videos or take pictures with the Snapchat camera.

4. Pin Friend as 1#BFF

It will also offer you the option to pin a friend to the top of the chat window as your #1 BFF.

However, it doesn’t appear that you have to be best friends with the person to pin them.

It has been observed that those who remain on top for two weeks in a row will automatically receive a red heart with their name and be referred to as BFFs.

5. Snapchat + Bandage

You will offer an exclusive star icon next to your Snapchat profile name to specify that you are a Snapchat + subscriber.

Therefore, when others visit your profile, they will most likely notice your Snapchat+ badge.

6. Story Rewatch Count

Additionally, it will let you see the number of times your friends have rewatched your story.

However, this feature is experimental and possible to expand to other users in the future.

7. Ghost Trails

With the help of Snap Maps, it is possible to check the location history of friends for the past 24 hours.

Therefore, Ghost Trails will be displayed only if your friend shares their location.

8. Exclusive Snapchat Icons

There are amazing custom icons in Snapchat + subscription. According to Alessandro Paluzzi’s tweet on June 17, 2022, you can get over 30 icons to choose from.

Exclusive Snapchat Icons

Hence, more icons for Snapchat Plus users may be added in the future.

9. Priority Story Replies

Another benefit is that your responses to Snapchat Stars’ (Snap Stars’) stories will be prioritized and more visible to them.

10. Post View Emoji

Subscribers can choose an emoji that will appear when their friends view the snap.

Post View Emoji

This means you can now have a sign-off after each snap you send.

11. New Bitmoji Background

If you are bored with the Bitmoji backgrounds Snapchat offers, you must subscribe to Snapchat +. It will offer you access to new Bitmoji backgrounds that you can begin using right away.

New Bitmoji Background

Moreover, it has added new Halloween-themed Bitmoji backgrounds exclusively for premium users.

12. Snapchat Web

You can also use Snapchat on the web. Therefore, you can send messages and snaps directly from your laptop or PC.

If you wish to learn how to install and use Snapchat Web, let us know in the comment section below.

How to Create a Premium Snapchat Account On iOS/iPhone

How to Create a Premium Snapchat Account On iOS/iPhone

Here’s how to subscribe+ to get exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features:

  • Go and open your profile.
  • Select the Snapchat+ banner card at the top.
  • Choose a subscription to start your 7-day free trial.
  • After subscription, you must restart the Snapchat app to display the Snapchat+ feature options.

Note: If you don’t see the Snapchat+ card, try dismissing other banner ads in your Profile first.

Price & Availability Of Premium Snapchat Account

Snapchat Plus provides a monthly, six-month, and yearly subscription.

You can, however, cancel this subscription at any time.

The Subscription Cost Of Snapchat+  
Name Amount
Monthly Subscription $3.99
Six Month Subscription $21.99
Yearly Subscription $39.99


Look at the outlined steps to cancel the subscription.

  • Click on your Snapchat Profile Icon on the main page.
  • Now select the Gear Icon on the top right corner of the profile page.
  • Then click on Snapchat+ and tap the Manager your Subscription
  • Cancel your membership on the pop-up page.

In contrast, Premium Snapchat is unavailable in many regions. So check out the list of all countries where you can access it easily:

Snapchat Plus is Available in 25 Countries:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • the Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Austria

Other Snapchat Changes

  • Ghost Phone.
  • Shared stories.
  • Share eBay listings
  • Director mode
  • Minis private component system
  • 3D asset manager.


Q1: Does Snapchat+ remove ads in the app?

Ans: No, Snapchat + subscription doesn’t provide an ad-free experience. It looks like an ad-free tier isn’t coming anytime soon, either.

Q2: Is Snapchat Premium the same as Snapchat+?

Ans: No, Snapchat Premium is a method used by many users who create private Snapchat stories and charge people to view them. On the other hand, Snapchat+ is the company’s official subscription service, which includes additional features.

Q:3 Is Snapchat+ available in India?

Ans: Yes, Snapchat Plus is available in India and priced cheaper at just Rs 49/month. Furthermore, the Snapchat Plus subscription is currently available in 25 countries.


However, Snapchat+ appears to be a lackluster value proposition that most users will likely dismiss. Removing the ads would have made the subscription more appealing, but it seems like that’s not what’s happening here.

We must be patient and wait if Snap decides to add more tiers to its subscription offering to let users remove ads from the app.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see how the premium offering impacts the company’s revenue in the next earnings call.

Until then, you can check our other articles on How To Change Cameo Selfie [Snapchat Updated Guide] and What is Quick Add on Snapchat

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