How To Delete Tinder Account on Android and iOS
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How To Delete Tinder Account on Android and iOS

Are you tired of using Tinder and want to delete the app from your phone? Don’t worry. The blog will guide you on how to delete Tinder. We all know that Tinder is one of the trending applications for dating and is used to interact with people to find a loved one. The app that famous the idea of swiping by liking or disliking to mention whether you are interested in that person or not. Nowadays, Millions of people use Tinder when you become tired of the app. It provides you with the hiding feature. You can get a break from your Tinder, but still, you can chat with the only people you like. If you think that the time has already come to leave the app, We will explain the methods for deactivating or deleting your account on Tinder

Overview of the Tinder Application

Tinder has become the largest dating app globally that matches couples based on their choices and interaction. It matches the person according to their age, distance, and location and informs you about your mutual friends. When it finds a match, the picture will appear on your screen. If you like it, then press okay or swipe it right. If not, then reject it or swipe left.

Further, it offers you a private chat with a person you like, and better knows each other with Tinder. It is free to download from the play store for Android and iOS. You have to fill in your education and further information or write a bio of yourself.

How to Delete A Tinder Account from the App (iOS and Android)

When you’re done with your tinder account and stop visiting it, the profile will cause unnecessary problems for you. So please, delete the account properly when you are not using it. These steps will help you to remove the account.

how to delete tinder account
how to delete tinder account
  • Go to the Application of Tinder in android or iphone.
  • You’ll see the profile icon tap on it to access the tinder account in the left corner.
  • Then go to the settings, scroll the options, and click on the delete account option.
  • Choose “delete” to complete the procedure. It will show you the reason to delete.
  • Click on any reason from the given options to get the account deleted.
  • It will then show you that the tinder account has been deleted.

Delete your Tinder Account from Your Web Browser

When you want to uninstall the Application of Tin-der, you can also delete your account from the web browser. Here are the steps to delete the account from the browser.

  • Go to the website of Tinder and sign in to your account.
  • After signing, tap on your profile to access the settings of your account.
  • Next, scroll down until you see the delete account option.
  • Then, please tap on the delete account. It will ask you a reason so, fill it within options.

Delete Tinder Account and Want to Cancel Tinder Subscription

When you get the subscription to tin-der plus or gold, ensure that you cancel your subscription if you want to delete the app. If you haven’t done this, your subscription will not withdraw. Follow the steps to cancel your subscription on Android.

  • Go to the google play store.
  • Then, see the left sidebar menu and then tap on the subscription.
  • Choose Tinder in the subscriptions list. And then choose cancel subscription.

On iOS, you have to follow these steps to cancel the subscription on iPhones.

  • Open the iPhone settings, then the user profile name, and after that iTunes App store.
  • Click on the Apple id and view the apple id from the top of the screen.
  • Go through the page and select the subscriptions.
  • Then go to the subscription of Tinder. And choose the “cancel subscription.”

How to Hide your Profile in Tinder

how to delete tinder profile
how to delete tinder profile

If you guys don’t want to remove your Tinder account permanently, it will remove your messages, matches, and profile when you delete the account. For a break, Tinder provides an option to hide your profile from the “card stack.”

You have to hide the profile by going to  Tinder, clicking on the shape, and then settings. Then tap on the “Show me on Tinder” option. If you turn it off, it will not show your profile by swiping. But Tinder allows the people who like you to chat with you even if you hide your account. You can still chat with people or find your match.

How to Download the Data from Tinder

When you delete your account from Tinder, it will save your data for three months and sometimes be used for advertising motives or shared with a third party. So, you have to check and download the data tinder has collected from you. So, ensure your account data before deleting it. Follow these steps to download the data from Tinder.

  • Open the Tinder app and go to the “Download My Data” tool from the web.
  • Then, sign in to the Tinder account. Give the email address link where you want to send your data.
  • Tinder will take time to accept the link, like 2 to 4 days. Thus check your account regularly as it will expire within a day. So tap the link to download the data—another way to open your data is by using a JSON editor or by opening a file of Html.


Tinder is the biggest dating app for finding the love of your life. And when you’re done with your Tinder subscription and want to leave it, the blog will help you and give you a complete guide about removing your account from Tinder. It will also give you the whole direction about your Tinder subscription if you want to withdraw.

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