How to Upload Youtube Shorts
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How to Upload Youtube Shorts

Youtube introduced shorts as a way to compete with other social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. But what if you don’t know how to upload Youtube shorts? This blog will walk you through the steps to upload shorts.

However, Shorts have become an integral part of Youtube and are becoming increasingly popular as they capture more views & help gain more subscribers. Shorts let users make & share 60-second video clips with effects, sound, and other creative tools.

Generally, users upload the shorts using the app, but if you want to know how to upload shorts from a PC. Keep on reading.

Youtube Shorts Requirements

Before uploading any short, it’s essential to consider the requirements:

  • Youtube short must be of 60 seconds in length.
  •  Videos have to be short in a vertical orientation with a 9:16 aspect ratio and 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels resolution.
  • You can add music from the Youtube library or other videos for up to 60 seconds.
  • If you have 1k subscribers and get, 10M vies on shorts within 90 days span.
  • Shorts titles and descriptions must add #shorts to recognize it as shorts.

How to Upload Youtube Shorts via PC

Shorts are usually intended for use on the phone using the Youtube app; you can also upload videos saved on your PC. Apply the below steps to upload shorts from a PC:

  • Navigate to your Youtube Studio account.
  • Select the “Create” button at the top-right corner.
  • Choose “upload videos” from the dropdown menu.
upload videos
  • Tap the “select files” option.
select files
  • Go to the location on your PC where the video is located. For shorts, videos must be under 60 sec and have an aspect ratio of vertical or square. Tap “open.”
Tap “open''
  • Once your video uploads, name your video and add a description.
  • Move down and choose other options like if it’s exclusive for children etc.
choose other options
  • Tap the “Next” option on the following three screens.
  • Under the “visibility” settings, tap “public.”
tap “public”
  • Hit the “publish” option.
Hit the “publish” option

Note: The Youtube shorts option is only available for mobile apps. So include “#shorts” in the title and description to make sure the video is uploaded as a short. This will indicate the Youtube algorithm to put a video in the shorts feed.

How to Upload a Youtube Short on Mobile

The process of uploading shorts from the mobile app is quite simple as compared to the PC. While using the app, you can either upload the recorded video or shoot a new one. Follow the steps:

  • Log in to your account via Youtube App.
  • Tap the + button and choose Create a Short.
  • For a video longer than 15 seconds, tap the 15s button in the upper right to toggle to 60s.
  • Record a video by either pressing the record button or tapping it to begin recording and again to stop.
Upload a Youtube Short on Mobile
  • Select the Tick option to preview and improve your video.
  • Once done with editing, tap Next to add a thumbnail and select the settings for your short.
  • Tap “Audience” to select whether the video is made for kids or not.
  • Go ahead and select Upload Short to share the video.

Follow the steps to upload the pre-recorded videos:

  • Navigate to Youtube & tap on the + (create) icon.
  • Choose to create a short option to go to the Shorts editor.
  • After that, upload the clip by tapping on the video gallery and editing it.
  • Now, you can add text, filters, and add sounds to the short to make it unique.
  • Tap “Next,” adds a Title and caption, and tap “Upload short” to finish the process.

Improve Youtube Video Quality

If you have lowered the quality of Youtube streaming, it may be possible that the algorithm may restrict you from uploading high-quality short videos. You can adjust the quality of a video by following the steps:

  • Select the Profile icon in the upper-right corner of the Youtube app to access its settings.
  • Then, choose the Video Quality Preferences option to manage it.
  • Next, set the quality to higher-picture quality and save the changes.

How to Monetize Youtube Shorts

You can earn money in 2 ways from yt studio,  getting 1k subscribers and 10 million public shorts views in the last 90 days or gaining 1k subscribers and 4k public watch hours on long videos.

Moreover, you can begin monetizing shorts through the Youtube Partner program and earn money from advertisements. It should be simpler than competing with the top short’s creators for a small monthly bonus.

When you join the program, only eligible shorts will earn advertising revenue. Shorts creators must get at least 10M views over the previous 90 days to join the partner program. When they are in the Youtube program, creators will earn almost 45% of ad revenue from their videos.

Final Words

We have mentioned your queries on uploading short YouTube videos using a PC or mobile app. The platform has made it quite simple for creators to record & share shorts. So if you want to increase your channel engagement, try to upload shorts every day.

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