Proximity Chat Among Us: Connect Your Game Fellows
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Proximity Chat Among Us: Connect Your Game Fellows

Among Us is one of the prominent games that accelerated its success among its ardent fans. Day by day, it’s getting bigger even after the pandemic is over. Here is how you can get the most out of what Proximity Chat Among Us has to offer while going through the comprehensive steps of its installation process.

Among Us and Its Proximity Chat Mod

As we all know, Among Us has the tendency to attract its crewmates. Meanwhile, you can identify your imposters. The more you are able to communicate with your crewmates, the better you will win over your competitors. However, you will have limited access to how you can communicate without any emergency correspondence. Therefore, the Proximity Chat mod “CrewLink” brings some amazing twists to the traditional voice chat feature.

Among Us is a noticeable game for multiplayer where each one gets the chance to gather and search for their enemies. These are called “imposters” in the game, with the objective of killing other crewmates. In contrast, crewmates have the power to vote out imposters among them. It brings out an adventurous chain of events with a suspicious amalgamation of proximity chat features for its enthusiasts.

What Signifies Proximity Chat “CrewLink” For Its Players

The CrewLink Mod is the verbal communication medium with your fellow players. In the Among Us game, you will hear the audible voices of those closest to you. So, you get a better opportunity to hear the voices of everyone around you, even while waiting in the lobby. Furthermore, the closer they get to you, the more audible they will become, even across the wall, thanks to the incredible CrewLink Mod.

You will definitely feel excited with the immense drama and suspense bringing twists and turns to implement your well-planned tactics. If you are able to read what your fellow mates are thinking, then it can work in your favor if utilized efficiently. Moreover, the voices of your friends get silent if they die in the game. Getting into a suspicious emergency meeting, you will find your enemies rushing towards you, creating an intense, chaotic, and dreadful situation around you.

How To Download Your Proximity Chat Mod

Now, let’s learn how you can install your Proximity Chat Mod. Specifically, it is designed for Windows software. You won’t be able to run it on any other incompatible device. Try to easily download it from the “” official website. Whenever Ottomated launches its updates, you can get it updated.

It follows a convenient process where you can initiate it by downloading it to your system.

  • You can search and download your “CrewLink Setup 2.0.1.exe”.
  • Follow the instructions to run the setup installer.
  • It will take some time to download and install on your system.
  • As soon as you finish your installation, it will be integrated into your Among Us

Install Your Among Us Crewlink Proximity Chat

It is time to use your Proximity Chat Mod once you have installed it on your system. You will experience it as the most satisfying tool to communicate with your neighboring players in your game. Because it does not necessitate any arduous effort. Let’s learn how to do it.

  1. Launch your CrewLink Then open up Among Us.
  2. As soon as you open your Among Us game, it leads to an instructions tab on how to play it for beginners.
  3. In the succeeding step, you will find the option of the opening the game. Click on “Open Game”. You can then start your game.

Proximity Chat features in Among Us

Thanks to the Proximity Chat Mod, you can now use the feature of chatting with your crewmates or even imposters. You can even configure your Proximity Chat Settings. It involves the distance proximity adjustment to clearly activate the proximity chat. Furthermore, it can make the imposter audible within the gaming channels. Moreover, mic and speaker settings with push-to-talk notification will ensure a clear and crisp voice from crewmates around you.

It is noteworthy that, as far as Crewlink is concerned, high traffic on its servers will restrict your service for the time being. Therefore, it will then induce the error messages to try again later. Keep trying if you want to get connected after some time.

It runs properly if you get a perfect connection with your server. It will open up the window that enlists all available players. Meanwhile, in your game, the green circle indication will notify you of the presence of any player around you. On the contrary, a red circle will indicate unavailability for the time being due to no installed software on the other player’s desktop.

Connect Your Voice Chat Via Discord During Meeting

If you are willing to get connected to your game fellows during the meeting then it is quite beneficial how to do it during “Among Us” voice chat via Discord.

We all find Discord quite an efficient communication tool, facilitating voice chat during your gaming experience. Moreover, it helps in uninterrupted connection via its efficient server. Now, you no longer need to depend on a built-in game chatting platform that slugs your gaming experience.

Additionally, Discord has a well-organized mechanism to arrange Among us Lobbies where sending your account link invitation seems possibly comfortable. So, get connected with your steam account via discord exhibiting game playing status while playing it.

Steps to set up your Discord meeting

Now, how to set up your desktop app using discord to others will be available below.

  1. First, you need to register your discord account if you are a new user.
  2. Then download discord software if you don’t have it in your system using the official website.
  3. You can easily locate your software compatible with Windows.
  4. Next, you can locate a valid link for the Among Us server that is available in the invitation link.
  5. Now, you need to accept the invitation link to connect to the server.
  6. Open Discord server as having been compiled by the connection configuration like getting roles.
  7. Eventually, you can connect in the Voice chat group via a voice channel.

That’s how you can now communicate with other players while exhibiting your expertise in the Among Us game. Furthermore, you can silence your voice during your gameplay. In the event of any emergency meeting, you can unmute your voice to have a chat with anyone called for it. In the absence of Discord on the public network, you will still have the facility of typing chats and emergency talk.

Final Thought!

Wrapping up on a concise discussion on how you use your Proximity Chat in Among Us game will be an exhilarating experience. Feel free to connect for further assistance by noting your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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