Stolen Airpods Pro or Lost It?Recover it via Find My app
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Stolen Airpods Pro or Lost It?Recover it via Find My app

Are you concerned about the theft of your AirPods Pro? Do you need to locate your misplaced or stolen AirPods Pro? If their Airpods are lost, users who value great design and high-quality Apple products may feel dissatisfied. It appeals to people who cannot afford it. As a result, they are more prone to theft than other Apple gadgets. It allows you to easily link the stolen AirPods to another iPhone. Since connecting your Airpods to Bluetooth always necessitates iCloud Website activation

Let’s learn to locate your lost Airpods thanks to the “Find My” App and get them back as soon as possible.

Can You Connect Easily to Your Lost Airpods?

can stolen airpods pro be used
can stolen airpods pro be used

Is it possible that someone can easily connect your stolen Airpods Pro to a different iOS device? If you are concerned about its synchronization, anyone can easily reset your Airpods. He needs to place AirPods in the charging case and then press the setup button for a few seconds to fix the software sync issue. Once reset, your Airpods stop synchronizing to any of your Apple devices. Although it is visible in your Settings options, it’s inaccessible to you; therefore, you can’t anyhow prevent anyone from using them.

Is Your Misplaced Airpods Still Functional Without their Charging Case?

Despite losing your AirpodsPro, you might have a charging case. It is not always true if you think your Airpods are not useable without the charging case. The thief needs to place Airpods into the charging case to pair it to a newer iPhone device. However, it can be useable via any other Airpod charging case. Simply illustrating, any Airpods charging case can smoothly adjust to Airpods earbuds. So, if anyone picks up your Airpods, it’s painfully straightforward to any Airpods charging case.

Have You Lost One of your Airpods

What if someone’s stolen one of the Airpods? If he already has another Airpod with him, then linking up both AirPods together can make up a complete set using a charging case. Then stealing only a single Airpod might not be a good deal than getting the pair of Airpods. Still, listening to music with one Airpod in one ear is functional.

Use the “Find My” App to Locate Your Airpods

how to reset stolen airpods pro
how to reset stolen airpods pro

“Find My” App can be the fab cracking tool to locate and track down your missing iPhone devices using the compatible app, including Airpods. You can easily do so using the “Find My” app after connecting it via iCloud Website synchronization. Once you connect your iOS device with the “Find My” app, you can find them in the synchronized devices list. Tracking your Airpods can be possible when connected to one of the iOS devices. Whenever one or pair of AirPods is within its Bluetooth range and lying out of the charging case, tracking using the “FindMy” app is possible. You have to keep the remaining battery power intact.

How Can You Setup the “Find My” app?

You can easily enable your “Find My” app on your iPhone Mobile before connecting your AirpodsPro because it’s pretty helpful when your Airpods go missing or stolen. Otherwise, the “FindMy” app can’t find your AirPods location. In case you can trace where they were most recently, locating the charging case is impossible due to a lack of Bluetooth connectivity or speakers.

Let’s start with the steps to activate the “Find My” app on your iPhone. If you have enabled it once, it will be available for all connected devices.

  1. Open up your iPhone Settings, then click on the name visible at the top.
  2. You can tap the “Find My” app and verify to turn on the “FindMy
  3. You can search for additional settings to enable the “FindMy” network, then let you know all the detectable locations before battery consumption.

iPhone 12 or the latest version has the advanced feature to notify when left behind. Thanks to your smartphone’s vigilant alert, you can set up a notification for Airpods, Airpods Pro, or AirpodMax quite comfortably.

How Can You Enable Alert For Your Airpods via Find My app?

You can use the “Find My” app using your device menu for its successful activation.

  1. Open the “FindMy” app, then look for the devices available in the Devices tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Search your Airpods from the list, then tap to open it.
  3. Select: “Notify when left behind,” then turn it on and set up any of the exceptions like your home location.
  4. Finally, it enables frequent alert as your Airpods surprisingly loses Bluetooth connection due to distance.

Locate Your Lost or Stolen Airpods Pro via the “Find My” app

Now, the question arises how you can do it? In simple terms, the “Find My” app helps you locate and search for it using an Apple map. The moment your AirPods are visible within the range, the notification sound comes to find them. It is helpful when it is near the Airpods connective range or someone has stolen it. You can even search for a thief in a commotion.

In case your Airpods get offline, the Find My app merely displays the last known location without any tracking option.

What If You Can’t Track Your Airpods When They’re in Charging Case?

Airpods don’t maintain an active connection to your Apple device to preserve or retain battery life. What if the “Find My” app cannot track your Airpods while they are lying inside the charging case? Then it is advisable to trace using third-party accessories.

So, if you still have your Airpods in your hand, then protect them by attaching a third-party tracking device to an Apple device. These tracking devices can easily enable locating your valuables using specialized apps. You can try “Tile” if you want any tremendous tracking devices. A varied number of options are available for tracking your device.

How to Locate Your Stolen Airpods??

FindMy app can help you find your lost Apple devices, Airtags, or 3rd party accessories thanks to the effort of “FindMy Network.” Each Apple device like iPhone, iPad, or Macbook has a well-integration for constant alert for lost or stolen devices.

If you are amongst those lost or suspect of being stolen, follow the given step-by-step guide to alert for on-time Airpods visibility.

  1. Navigate the “Find My” app, then go through the list of all integrated devices at the bottom screen.
  2. Then search your Airpods Pro from the devices list, then select it.
  3. Navigate the given menu to either locate your Airpods or activate Lost Mode.
  4. Once you enable your Airpods location, it will display the recently seen location for your Airpods connection to your Apple device within the “Find My Network” range. If Airpods are lying in a charging case without wireless connectivity, it will fail to update the recent Airpods location on the map.
  5. You can connect your Airpods when out of the charging case or inside its case when its lid is open. It can easily enable the nearby locations with updated ones on the map.

You can use “Find” or “Alert Sound” if it gauges your Airpods are in a close location when they get well connected via Bluetooth. It is useful whenever you want to locate your earbuds slipping inside some couch cushion, but it can help you find any stolen device.

If Your Airpods are Stolen or Misplaced, Enable Lost Mode.

Can you lock your stolen Airpods when the “FindMy” app locates it in almost every Apple device? Unfortunately, you can’t shut it when you lose your Airpods. However, integrating the “Find My” app with an activation lock is an efficient tool to prevent and safeguard against potential thieves. It turns pretty challenging to use stolen Apple devices as its high prices and portability make it a temptation for likely steals

The Activation lock feature is available on all Apple devices like iPhones, iPad, or Macbooks. It can restrict when anyone else tries to connect smoothly using Apple Settings. As Airpods have no such activation lock feature, locking your stolen Airpods Pro is impossible.

On the contrary, the Lost Mode in the “FindMy” app lets you update on your missing Airpods when it’s connected to locate where they are lately.

How you can activate it is what is mentioned for your convenience here.

  1. Go to the “Find My” App menu from the AirPods
  2. Next, click “activate” at the bottom of the “Mark As Lost”
  3. Finally, it will enable the Lost Mode for mislaid or stolen Airpods Pro.

It is painfully easy to connect them to any iOS device. Lost Mode can’t work quickly until your Airpods connect to another device because Airpods have no option for automatic wireless connectivity. When your lost or stolen AirPods get synced with any Apple device, it quickly sends an updated location notice to the owner.

Trace Out Your Stolen Via Notification Alert

You can create and leave a message with your correspondence detail while setting up the device in Lost Mode. You can highlight the notification for the doubt of lost or stolen Airpods like we have your location and police will be there shortly.

Lost Mode cannot prevent your AirPods from getting used once it gets paired via Bluetooth. But iCloud data will be synced to the Airpods and display the device name like “Not Your Airpods.”

Since you are sure your Airpods got stolen, try to locate your AirPods to inform the police searching for them, and if their negligible chances for recovery, you can buy a new pair of AirPodsPro.

How Do You Go About Ordering a stolen Airpods Pro Replacement?

As a replacement for a lost or stolen pair, Apple offers newer AirPods or charging cases at a reduced price. You can provide the serial number of your AirPods to the Apple support center for a replacement arrangement. You can find your Airpods’ serial number stored on your iOS device.

  1. To locate, navigate the iPhone Settings, then go to the “Bluetooth.”
  2. Next, search your AirPods in the list and tap the “i” icon.
  3. It will display the serial number of your Airpods.

It is worth noting that Apple offers the insurance for lost Airpods under the umbrella of AppleCare like the iPhone. Therefore, if you have misplaced your entire AirPods set, it is advisable to purchase a newer set at retail price.

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