How to Go Viral on Tiktok: 10 Tips To Get Success
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How to Go Viral on Tiktok: 10 Tips To Get Success

Want to know the secret to going viral on Tiktok? If so, then we have got you covered. Tiktok is one of the rapidly growing social media platforms where people of all age groups share lots of content of every genre. But not all videos get hit on Tiktok. What’s the mystery behind it? We will let you know how the Tiktok algorithm works and how you can get your videos on the ForYouPage of Tiktok.

However, Tiktok has become the largest entertainment platform, but if you are new to the platform & want to get famous. So before using any social media platform, you should learn new and interactive ways to promote your content. By using different tactics and following the algorithm, you can maximize the reach of your content. However, the tik tok algorithm does not let the content go viral based on the number of followers. You can still get your content on the explore page with 0 followers because of the creative content. Let’s move further to find out how to place your content in the spotlight.

10 Useful Tactics to Get Your Content Viral on Tiktok

10 Useful Tactics
10 Useful Tactics

As Tiktok didn’t explain any proper way to get famous, But according to the algorithm, certain tips enhance your chances of getting popular on the platform. So let’s move on to discuss the useful tactics.

1.      Go with the Newest Trends

The significant way to gain attention on the platform is to keep up with the latest trends. Search for what’s going on among users, whether it’s a short video clip, topic, or anything else. As you scroll through the Explore page, see what’s trending and participate in the challenges by creating your own video. You can check out the trending things on Tiktok on ForYouPage, which is the customized feed of the curated content, and you will come up with an infinite number of videos and ideas.

2.      Take Part in Hashtag Contests

The quick way to get your content on the explore page is to make videos people love at the moment. You can use the right popular hashtags in your content or join a specific hashtag challenge. It will help people explore your videos instantly. But, if you use too many hashtags, it will give you a tough time optimizing audience engagement.

Hence, hashtags are the most significant way to get viral and make it easy for an algorithm to place your content in front of the people who respond to it. If you are concerned about the quantity of hashtags in a video, you can use 4 to 5 relevant hashtags per post to get the best results.

3.      Make Short Videos: To Get Viral on Tiktok

Short videos are the best to hook the viewer to the end of the video. It does give them more time to watch it again when that autoplay feature lashes out. Hence, short videos have a higher chance of getting the number of views and engagement. So, always start your video with a pleasing beginning that allures viewers to watch the video until the end. It will also enhance the completion rate of your video, which directly increases the chance of getting on the ForYouPage.

4.      Post Consistently To Engage Audience

Posting content regularly on Tiktok is also the key way to get popular on the platform. Successful content creators use this technique to make and share quality video content to engage an audience. That’s why the tiktok algorithm favors the account that can bring the most engagement to the site. For this, you just have to set a schedule for your content so users can access it. If you follow this tactic, you will soon get your content viral on the platform.

5.      Collaborate with Other Influencers

The other effective way to spread your base & audience is by collaborating with other famous influencers. You can start by sharing their content that is making content on the same niche. Hence, engaging with popular profiles and discovering chances to collaborate with them will help you boost your profile reach.

6.      Schedule Your Post at the Right Time

This is another useful tactic to post videos at the right time to make sure your content gets more exposure. But here the question arises: when’s the right time to post? It depends on your target audience and the time they are most active. For instance, if you have a huge following that uses TikTok at night, you have to schedule your post at night to get the most views. However, there are various social media tools that will help you schedule your post in advance.

7.      Use Trending Music: To Get Viral on Tiktok

Always try to include the trending sounds or audio in your video. This tactic will help you in reaching the mass audience. However, Tiktok has a vast library of sound clips and music so you can choose directly from the Tiktok library.

Moreover, when you go through ForYouPage to see what’s trending, you may have to pay attention to the music and sound used in the videos. Then, you can put that sound in your content. It will help your video appear on the explore page, where it gets more views. Hence, the Tiktok algorithm favors content that uses trending challenges or videos.

8.      Use the Duet Feature

Duets are an amazing way to attract an audience. The duet feature allows you to make videos that respond to other people’s content. By making duets, you can also make your video and encourage users to reply to the video by allowing the duet feature. Creating duets with others is another way to increase your profile visibility. To make the Duet, first, you have to find the trending song and tap the arrow option to open the sharing menu. Now, tap on Duet to create your video. Once you are done, select the Next option to post it. But always remember to give credit to the actual creator.

9.      Communicate With Your Followers: To get Viral on TikTok

The other way to get famous on Tiktok is by interacting with the followers in the comment section or asking different questions. It will help you get more visibility for your account and boost the chances of getting viral on the platform. Moreover, you can also increase your profile engagement by including a call to action within your content. For instance, you post the content by asking your followers to share their ideas in the comment section or respond with a video of their own using the Duet option.

10. Share Your Content on Other Social Media Platforms

As we see lots of short and cute videos across social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it is all because of Tiktok. However, sharing Tiktok videos on different platforms will enhance your reach and will allow you to appear in front of more people. Cross-sharing content on other social media platforms can actually boost your probability of going viral.


TikTok Is a family of millions of active users and is continuously growing. That’s the reason more brands are paying attention to Tiktok to endorse their business. So it’s significant to know the right way to get prominence on the platform. So, you can use the above-mentioned tips to get popular on Tiktok. You can see a significant increase in the number of views by using the above tactics in your content. Now, you know how the Tiktok algorithm works and how these tactics will make you go viral on the platform.

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