How to Block Youtube Ads on iPhone
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How to Block Youtube Ads on iPhone

No matter how much we hate the ads, they are part of every Youtube video and are quite annoying. But don’t fret. There are several ways of blocking Youtube ads. This article will let you know how to block Youtube ads on iPhone and Android.

However, you can take the Youtube premium subscription to avoid ads, but it will cost you money, and every user doesn’t want to spend money on a premium Youtube account. There are other ways, like using an ad-blocking app, which also works great and blocks the ads appearing on your page. But it is necessary to know reliable ad-blocking apps. So Keep on Reading.

Use Youtube Premium to Block Ads

The first way we suggest you take a Youtube premium subscription. This gives you lots of advanced features with ad-free Youtube videos.

Once you buy the subscription plan and sign in, you can watch YT videos without Ads on any device. Youtube premium has lots of other benefits you may find worth spending money on that offers:

  • It lets you download videos for offline viewing.
  • Play videos in the background, even when you view other apps, or your iPhone is locked.
  • It offers you access to Youtube Music Premium.
  • You can watch Youtube Originals at no additional cost.

Youtube offers different premium plans depending on your needs, such as Family plans that allow up to 5 family members in the same house access premium. This will cost you around $22.99/ month.

Additionally, if you are a student, you can enjoy a premium for a 3-month trial period and a less monthly cost. But for this, you have to verify your student status to qualify for the trial.

Block Ads Using Apple Safari

Block Ads Using Apple Safari

If you don’t want to spend money by purchasing premium, you can use this method to block ads on your iPhone by using Apple Safari Browser. Follow the below steps to do it:

  • Download any of the reliable ad Blocker
  • Navigate to settings on your iPhone.
  • Choose Safari > scroll and enable “Block Pop-Ups.”
  • Next, tap “Content Blockers” and find the app that you have recently downloaded on your iPhone.
  • After that, turn on the Adblocker and restart your phone.

Use Brave Browser to Watch Ad-Free Youtube Videos

Switching to ad-free browsers will help you block ads with its built-in ad-blocker extension. Brave is also a browser like Chrome or Safari used by many users. If you don’t want to spend money on premiums. You can try this browser, as it offers a built-in ad blocker. Although, you won’t be able to use the Youtube app as Brave is an external browser, and you have to watch videos on it to block ads.

  • Open the app store or play store and enter “Brave Browser.”
  • Navigate to Brave’s Product page, and install the app.
  • View Brave and open the official website.
  • Tap the brave shield icon placed at the upper-right of your screen.
  • Turn on the shields-up option, and refresh the page.

You can also use other browsers like DuckDuckGo with an incorporated block Ads feature.

How to Block Youtube Ads in Safari via AdGuard

However, blocking ads on Youtube is quite impossible, but if you watch Youtube on Safari. You can install the AdGuard to block Ads. It also has parental control feature that restricts content. To activate the AdGuard extension, follow the below steps:

  • Go to in Safari.
  • Select the Share option.
  • Tap “block” Youtube Ads (By AdGuard).
  • Now, you can enjoy ad-free Youtube. Remember that if you reload the page, you must enable the extension again.

How to Block Youtube Ads via VPN

Block Youtube Ads via VPN

VPN is mainly used to secure networks to share & receive data, but it also comes with other features, including Adblockers. A Vpn with ad blocker abilities can block unnecessary pop-up Ads and video ads. If you want to block ads, you can use different reliable VPNs. Here are some of the best VPNs you can use to block Ads:

  • NordVPN: with this VPN, you’ll get Protection, which blocks Ads & trackers as well as malware. Additionally, NordVPN is a budget-friendly and authentic VPN with thousands of servers globally.
  • Surfshark: this VPN has amazing features such as CleanWeb, which blocks trackers, malware, Ads, and even those irritating cookie pop-up requests.
  • Atlas VPN: it is also one of the amazing VPNs that use SafeBrowse to block Ads, malware, and trackers.

List of Best Ad Blockers

AdBlockersGood ForAvailable ForPrice
AdlockBlock flash banners, pop-ups, and all kinds of AdsMac, iOS, Safari, Chrome, Android, and Windows$3.5/ month, if billed yearly, $2.23/ month.
AdGuardOffers Parental control featureiOS, Mac, Windows, and Android$2.49/ month (if billed annually)
AdBlockBlock Ads and other malware filters on different & social media sites.Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, Edge, and ChromeFree to Use
Adblocker For YoutubeBlocks every type of ad, pop-up, malware, etcChromeFree to use
TotalAdblockRemove unnecessary Ads & disturbing notificationsChrome, Windows, Mac, Edge, and SafariFree Plan, Premium Plan $29/ year.
AdBlock PlusBlock ads and filter malware for a better user experience.Android, iOS, Yandex, Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari, and Explorerfree
AdBlocker UltimateBlock all types of Ads and avoid online threatsiOS, Android, and Windows$2.49/month (if billed annually)
AdBlock StickBlock all kinds of Ads & Malware  


Q. Do Ad blockers work on Youtube iPhones?

Yes, AD blockers can work on Youtube iPhones, but their efficiency is not always guaranteed. Many Ad blockers claim to block Youtube Ads. However, these claims may not always remain valid because of YouTube’s constantly changing strategies to prevent their effectiveness.

Moreover, if an ad blocker blocks YT Ads on an iPhone, it may not be able to block all kinds of ads fully. But it’s essential to research any Ad blocker software cautiously. 

Q. how to stop Youtube ads on the iPhone app?

To prevent Ads on the iPhone app without upgrading to Youtube Premium, you can try using other browsers like DuckDuckGo, and Brave, which has built-in AD blocker. You can also use different Ad blocker extensions to block Ads on the iPhone YT app. Keep in mind the efficiency may vary as Youtube usually updates its ad algorithm.

Q. Is it secure to use Ad Blocker on iPhone?

It’s safe to use ad blockers on iPhone, but choose the ad blocker wisely. Most Ad blockers do not block Ads; some are free ones that may harm your iPhone with malware. So we advise you to choose the reliable ad blockers mentioned in the article.

Q. How to block Ads on Youtube on iphone for free?

You can use free ad-blockers, but some free providers are ineffective at blocking Youtube Ads.

Use Ad-Blockers for a Better Youtube Experience

However, Ads are part of every Youtube video, but if you want to get rid of Ads, you can follow the guide. You can use several third-party ad-blockers mentioned in the article to block ads and malware on Youtube. Hope now your queries are solved; if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

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