How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost
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How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost

Are you looking for a blockbuster musical platform? Spotify is one of those worthwhile premium-cost apps. Anyone can download it to their android/iPhone or desktop versions to listen to the music.

If you buy Spotify premium subscription, users can take advantages such as downloading old music to the current era, listening offline, skipping undesirable music lines, and more… It varies in a value package, including different Spotify interfaces with other social podiums like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

Now let’s discuss the Spotify premium subscription for students and how you can differentiate it from the free Spotify version. So close to near start with pre-learning criteria and then dive into the Caribbean musical world.

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify premium is a paid music streaming service that offers amuse monthly listener playlist access to a massive catalogue of million songs. It also provides free access but changes a lot when it comes to different tracks, singers, or albums.

The biggest advantage of having a premium subscription is that they’ll never show you advertise, but it shows in the free tier subs. However, you can also download Spotify music and vary your playlist with blockbuster singers.

Every singer wants to be playing on Spotify, like Beyonce, Salena Gomez, Shakira, Justin Bieber, and more to come and the trending singer are available on it. Hence, if you see top music albums and want to shuffle on your android & Apple Phone, the free version doesn’t provide this feature, but the premium one provides you with enjoyment. So, grab your premium subs and put your song list in the correct order to stable & grab the moment on different plays.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost for Students

Spotify Premium Cost for Students
Spotify Premium Cost for Students

Spotify Account Student Subscription: $4.99

When I was in college, I had to choose between an expensive car and a subscription to Spotify. It was a tough decision because I loved my car, which was a good investment. I also wanted to listen to music wherever I went without carrying around a bunch of CDs or USB sticks. So, I chose the subscription. After my college days were over, I decided to continue using Spotify as an audio player.

Here’s how you can get Spotify premium cost subs for students that you can enjoy during and after college.

  • Go to the official Spotify website.
  • Click on get premium bundle.
  • Create an account or login with your account at Spotify and click the icon at the top right corner of the mobile’s screen.
  • Now, it will drop a menu list where click on upgrade to premium.

Now you have upgraded the Spotify plan.

  • Getting a student premium account is an easy go. So, scroll down until you see pick your premium and choose a student to show the eligibility.
  • Then, verify yourself as a qualifying student via a third-party service known as Sheer ID (It is a digital credential verification platform)
  • Complete the form and upload your required college or university documents as given instructions.

Last! Log into your university campus through the WIFI network to get quick verification.

Your Sheer ID has gone through your document verification as a qualified student. You can check out for more cost details collection to upgrade your account to a Spotify premium student account.


  1. How many people can use Spotify Premium plan?

Ans: There are multiple subscriptions that Spotify exists, such as:

  • Individual Premium – $9.99/month (1 Account)
  • DuoPlans– $12.99/month (2 Account)
  • Premium Spotify Family Plan – $15.99 (6 Accounts)
  • Student – $4.99/month (1 Account)

These are the available account access subs, and according to the plan, all the family members, friends and loved ones can access them.

If a person uses your account, the genuine person playing songs will stop automatically, and it is a great feature of Spotify that every streaming platform must adapt.

  1. What happens with your Spotify premium if you cancel it?

Ans: The users can cancel their Spotify premium subscription cost if they want to save on monthly expenses. It’s easy to cancel the premium account, but if the account cancels. All the playlists you have created will be the same, and no offline play music, won’t able to play on-demand feature and no unlimited skips. However, you’ll have a cue playlist, but if you go on the free tier, you are no longer to access premium music albums.

  1. How does Spotify premium differ from Spotify free?

Ans: Spotify is one of the top streaming platforms that lets you listen to music in normal to the high-quality range when using Spotify for free. Other than that, Spotify premium also adds high-quality streaming where anyone can listen to the podcast. However, the premium comes with a lot of features that are not available in the free version. Both of these versions have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on your particular preference.

  1. How many countries allow the discount on Spotify premium service?

Ans: There are 36 countries that allow Spotify music all around the globe, including:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Poland
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Japan and many more!

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