Discord Poll – 3 Simple Methods To Create It
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Discord Poll – 3 Simple Methods To Create It

Discord is a widespread online gaming platform with many active users who are engaging in groups and privately. Including many features in the application, polls have become more frequent. However, creating a poll in Discord is a whimsical way to achieve the channel members’ attention to get a response on a particular matter.

Moreover, they sound problematic to use if you don’t know or have ever used a poll on Discord’s server. But don’t worry. In this post, we will go through you with making dissimilar polls by applying diverse methods to make decisions from voting through a poll.

Important Opinions

  • If you want to participate with the discord audience, polls are the best feature you can apply.
  • You have three dissimilar procedures to create polls in the discord server.

Do you know About the Discord Poll Feature?

Discord Poll Feature
Discord Poll Feature

The discord server has many incredible features, and discord polls are one of them. This poll can use to make conclusions about the direction of your server, to take opinions, attitudes, and people’s interest in different topics, and correspondingly revenue feedback from your audience.

Moreover, if you are a discord streamer, polls are virtuous for you to recognize which type of content your audience wants you to share with them. That is, correspondingly, consenting people to vote can be a reasonable and self-governing way to find the audience’s opinion. Some users also make a poll for just fun or enjoyment.

How to Create Polls on Discord Server?

Suppose you want to make decisions for your server to vote for admin, to obtain people’s interest in different topics, or want feedback for a product with the participation of your discord audience. So, you have three approaches that you can apply to make an election on Discord.

1st Method: Create Channel for Poll on your Discord

Create Channel for Poll on your Discord
Create Channel for Poll on your Discord


Make a new enthusiastic channel for your server for polls, votes, and questions. When you create this channel for the determination that other members of the server can’t post their private messages in this channel. They are only able to read and react to your post. So, let’s check the steps to make the voting channel.

  • At first, open Discord on your device.
  • Tap on the + icon that you see on the left side.
  • Now type the channel name and tap on the create
  • After that, hit the gear settings icon that you see next to the channel name.
  • Then tap on the permission option from the popup settings menu.
  • Here you will see the roles/members option choose and enable the everyone, read messages and add reactions options, and disable the other option.
  • Now tap on the save changes to confirm.

2nd Method: Set Up A Poll on Discord Via Emoji Reactions

Discord Via Emoji Reactions
Discord Via Emoji Reactions


If you want to make polls for voting or any other purpose, you can use the discord reactions feature as another way to create and produce the result. However, using this method does not need any additional tools to apply. Follow these simple steps to create a discord survey using emoji reactions.

  • Navigate to the discord server on your device.
  • Now go to the server and tap on the three dots.
  • Then tap on the create channel option from the popup menu.
  • Now type name and emoji reactions that relate to your poll topic.
  • Tap on create the option to go forward. After that, modify the channel’s permission.
  • Then enter the poll message with voting commands.
  • The channel members can subsidize their answers to the poll question by reacting with emojis.

NOTE: Tag @everyone when creating this survey to notify them.

3rd Method: How to Use Discord Poll Bot?

Poll Bot is another popular option for voting or polling on this server that members can use. This tool is used 131000 times on this server. Using this tool, a user can collect real-time feedback related to the question. Here we have shared how you can use poll bots to create a poll survey.

  • First of all, open the poll bot website on your device.
  • Here tap on the invite icon on the left side of the page.
  • Now click on the Add to server option and then select Discord.
  • Sign in to your discord account and tap on the continue
  • Then tap on authorize and complete the verification procedure.
  • Now navigate to your Discord, where you install the bot.
  • After that, open the channel where you want to make the poll.
  • Then create the poll by using these three types of poll bots.
  1. Straw Poll
  2. Yes/No Poll
  3. Multiple Reaction poll

So let us see the steps on how these Discord poll bots work to create a polling survey.

1.     Make Straw Poll Using the Poll Bot

  • After selecting the straw poll, type your question Ans:1 Ans:2 Ans:3 in the text box.
  • Then tap on the enter option. Now the poll bot will produce a link to your poll.
  • The channel members can go to that link and add their votes.

2.     Create Yes/No Poll Via Poll Bot

  • Select and open the yes/no poll. Then type the poll question you want to ask in the message box.
  • Now tap on the enter. Now poll bot will robotically create answers like thumbs up and thumbs down.
  • The channel members can click on the reaction to add their votes.

3.     Set A Multiple Reaction Poll From Poll Bots

  • When you choose the multiple reaction poll, type your question and options in the text box.
  • Then tap on the enter option. Then the bot will mechanically create your question and optional emojis.

Discord Poll Bots not Working – Reasons

Are you using poll bots to get votes for your server? Suppose you encounter some glitches and issues and the bots are not working appropriately, so here we have instructed some common problems that can cause the poll bots not to work.

  • Ensure that the bot is available on the user list. If the bot is not available, so it means the bot does not have access to your channel.
  • Use bots on more than one channel, especially in your most frequent channels.
  • Check your Discord’s permissions to ensure you have not limited the bot’s capability because the bot requires all of the permissions to work efficiently.
  • Send the direct message to the bot for the poll. If the bot replies, it means that the problem is in your server’s permission.
  • Sometimes bot replies slowly because of high traffic, and it may communicate chats gradually, so try it back when the internet speed progresses.
  • If nothing solves, try to uninvite the poll bot and invite it again.

Final Thoughts

A discord poll is significant if you want to intensify engagement and communication with the server members. However, there are multiple methods that you can apply to make a poll on Discord’s server. Also, you can find out the sentiments or thoughts on a particular matter of the channel members.

This article has established the procedure for making polls from different methods. Correspondingly, we have shared some reasons why the poll bots are not working. So let us know in the comment section if you have any questions about this post.

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