Rico Nevotion Biography (A Versatile Award-Winning Artist)
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Rico Nevotion Biography (A Versatile Award-Winning Artist)

Do you know what makes a singer introduce back-to-back hit albums? We know love, trust, and appreciation are the best rewards an artist can receive, and all this has enriched Rico Nevotion from his fans. The multitalented singer/writer/actor Rico Nevotion has always been in the news for his acting skills and his taste in music. His famous music albums are the Bad Chapter in a Good Book, Through Da Storm, and Take a walk in these shoes. Over the years, these albums have been hits and stole the hearts of the fans.

Rico Nevotion has been an inspiration not just for celebrities but causal listeners also as they are very fond of him. He made his place in front of outstanding singers like Beyoncé, Celine Dion, and Anthony Hamilton could not be easy, but he did it. The singer is letting his work speak for himself as he has been an award winner for Best R&B artist a dozen times. He was also awarded for best Live Performance and Marvin Gaye award, which is also added to his list of success. The article will let you know the biography of Rico Nevotion’s Music along with other perspectives of him.

Artistic Music Albums of Rico

  • Take a walk in these shoes: 2006
  • Through da storm: 2008
  • Rico Nevotion:2016
  • Bad chapter in a good book: 2017

Who is Rico Nevotion?

Birth Place:  Memphis TN

Current: Minneapolis

Status: Married

Children: Two Daughters

Rico Nevotion is a famous singer/broadcaster/actor/director & fashion designer who is recognized for his exceptional musical skills. He had desired to come into the industry. So, he started by making videos on Tiktok in 2020, where he posted comedy skits and prank videos, and his family was involved in those videos. On the other side, Rico Nevotion has over 25.4K followers on Instagram. He traveled worldwide to open music concerts for some international musical names, including Beyonce, Celine Dion, KC & Jojo, and Anthony Hamilton. His music videos have been featured in some of the biggest media outlets like MTV, BET, VH1, E!, and Glamour Magazine.

An Outset of Getting Fame Through Tiktok: Rico 2020



The actor & singer started to get fame from his TikTok account of KEEPING UP WITH THE NEVOTION, which was started in march 2020. Rico Nevotion involved his family in his videos to get more fame worldwide, and the evergreen social platform helped him gain around 404.4k followers on Tiktok.

A key factor in Rico Nevotion’s success was his ability to pack venues, which many of his peers could not accomplish. In one of his hottest venues, the Myth Nightclub, over 3,000 fans turned out to support him. One of the most remarkable aspects of this situation is that Novation managed to pull off this deed without a recording contract at a national level.

The Evolving Musical Album of Rico Nevotion: Unforgettable Music

It is no secret that our tastes for music have changed with the times, but Rico has always been mindful of his song, as seen in the official music video for “Diamond in the Rough.” Rico is not just creating music that suits today’s radio station “Love Your Soul” (feat. Jb the Jaw Breaker), but he fills the role of an old-style R&B singer in “Tell Me What You Want” (feat. Book Money & Ihesha).

If we talk about his music list, we cannot forget “My Kind of Love” and “Only You” songs. There are not many albums you can name where the production. And performances are flawless throughout, but “Bad Chapter in A Good Book” is one of them. However, Urban radio programmers are the target audience for “How Many Times” (featuring Killa Kai), but that’s just the beginning.

The last three songs of the exceptional album are created with the unimaginable outcome “Aw Yea” (with Mista Maeham), “This Ain’t No Relationship” (featuring Selph), and “I Don’t Want to Be Here” (featuring Sippizone), are setting the records straight.  Rico Nevotion elevates the R&B genre to a completely different dimension with these songs. Moreover, Rico appears to have a great passion for music. And put everything from his heart and soul into the lyrics on this album, which gives the music a genuine emotional and sentimental quality for the listeners.

The Versatile Rico Nevotion Adopted Acting & Stole the Fan’s Heart

Motivational Speaker
Motivational Speaker

This was not an end story for Rico because the singer turned out into the acting field. And stole the heart of his fans as he starred in the television series “I am Goin to Church”. And the movie “Set In Her Ways” and “Bunny and Clyde.” But this was not just enough for him, and Nevotion not just acted but also directed in some plays like “I am a Deadbeat Who,” “This Ain’t No Relationship,” and “Riot.” Rico has an extensive audience love because of the raw and unique ways he manages to get into his listener’s heart.

His Incredible Realistic Approach to Audience: Motivational Quotation

Thousands of stars were already inspiring millions of their followers. But Rico’s realistic approach to life makes him more relatable to the audience. As he has stated, ” I am grateful for everything God has given me because I know that as gracious as He gives it to us, he can take it back.”

Rico has not become egoistic since he became successful, but his outlook on life has evolved. Nevotion always followed this quote: Always work like you are trying to get a raise. And you will never disappoint your fans.”

Another Fame Scenario of Rico’s Life

He has been handling his fame well and keeping his mind sorted about the work he wants to do. While he wants to release all his music through his Diamond Effect Publishing on Diamond Effect Records.

Rico stated that “he has chosen this route for many reasons: he keeps complete creative control of my art without interruptions. However, the process of going through a label is no different from going through a bank for a loan, except that the interest rate is higher.”

It is also true that Nevotion has faced his share of hardships. In his youth, he ran the streets and wound up a gangster behind bars. For a week, he was advised, “Sit on the side and see if this is the life you want to live.” Rico decided it wasn’t a life. They say you can’t get out once you’re in the gang, but that’s if you show fear. I just let them know Rico was making my choice, and nothing could stop me.”

Singing Opportunities Provider to Youth: Rico Future Plans

Making it clear how Rico Nevotion wants to proceed in this business, he plans to take his music to another level of success that creating a platform to find recent era artists to give them different opportunities to grow at the peak. However, he wants to do more and hopes for more, including writing and directing for his company, Diamond effect films that launch or publish his music albums.


That’s all about the remarkable singer, actor, and director (Rico Nevotion) of the 21st century, who inspires the people. The singer has published his outstanding music albums, which have a listening aura for us. Additionally, he stated mindful thoughts that give the motivation and the future plans of his business is to make a platform for the people who can’t afford to come easily into the industry. Let us know in the comment box if you ever meet him or which song of Rico is included in your playlist.

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