How to Get into Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring
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How to Get into Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring

Are you looking for a way to get into Carian study hall? Carian study is a main point of interest in the elden ring found in the lakes of the Liurnia. This blog will let you know everything in detail.

After defeating Rennala of the full moon at the Raya Lucraria academy, you may have been thinking about unlocking the Great rune elden ring at the divine tower of Liuria. Although, this tower actually serves a different goal than the others.

The Carian hall is risky to get into the elden ring, mainly when you invert, the tower. You will come directly to the study hall when you roam up the Hill east of the eastern Liurnia Lake Shore site of Grace.

However, the land between is an open world full of vagueness and usually explores its many dungeons and locations. So let’s learn how you can go to the hall (even after flipping it to its inverted state), find the different valuables hidden halls, and get to the divine tower of Liurnia.

Carian Study Hall Location Map

The carian hall is an elective area needed for a secret ending and a few other things. There are lots of useful items that you can here with some challenging enemies and a complex puzzle. To enter the hall, you must progress via Stromveil and Liurnia.

Hence, you can spot the Academy of Raya Lucaria by opening the map and seeing the huge building and bridge in Liurnia. You can also activate the Grace site inside the hall entrance to make traveling easier.

Carian Study Hall Walkthrough in Elden Ring

Carian Study Hall Walkthrough in Elden Ring

Users are curious to know How to get into the carian study hall? However, the Carian Hall is on Liurnia’s eastern landmass; you can enter thereby starting exploring from the Eastern Liurnia Lakeshore site of Grace, easily accessed by going through the northeast from Academy Gate town.

After that, you can take the eastern lake shore, the road, and its southern path. It will directly guide you to the doorway of the Carian study.

The carian hall has two types: regular layout and inverted one. There are some items you can pick up when the area is in its regular form and some that are only obtainable when the carian study hall inverted.

Tip: you may be enticed to jump into the archway you see pass by as you rise on the elevator, But don’t. It only leads to a bottomless pit and will end your game.

How to Unlock Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring

To open Carian Hall in elden ring, you must first strike Rennala of the Full Moon at the Raya Lucaria Academy. When you reach here, you must go inside and past the sorcerer. Here, you will come across a space for an item on the altar. Now place the Carian inverted statue here.

To get the inverted statue, finish Rannis’s Quest. While completing the quest completely is not compulsory. If you can’t complete it, you may have to get to the city of Nokron and get the finger slayer Blade item. After getting this, return to Ranni will see you get your hands on the statue as a reward.

When you get the statue, place it in any empty place on the altar. By doing this will result in the inverting of the Carian study. This is all you have to do to unlock and invert the carian study hall.

Inverted Carian Study Hall Guide

Inverted Carian Study Hall Guide

Go back to the Carian hall, where you can place the statue in its accurate setting. This flips the building upside down, meaning you must walk across and navigate around for tight spaces. You also have to conquer Preceptor Miriam again, though she doesn’t have many places to go for. Miriam is the most annoying boss and gathers some spirit soldiers to help her in battle.

After defeating the enemies in the area, you will have to start going on your way back down. Then jump to the chandeliers and onto some carian study hall rafters beams. At the bottom, you will get an elevator.

The elevator gets you to the Divine tower of Liurnia, where you need to fight the Godskin Noble. It drops the full Godskin Noble armor set, which is quite ugly-looking but has solid stats. Move forward towards the tower, where you will also have to obtain the Stargazer’s Heirloom and the cursemark of Death.

The Death of cursemark is critical to carry on with Ranni’s side quest, while the Stargazer’s Heirloom is a solid Talisman for magic users.

Final Words

Now you know how to enter the carian study hall in the elden ring. You can follow this guide to unlock the carian hall and defeat the bosses like Miriam. If you have any queries regarding the game, feel free to comment to us. Don’t forget to share your experience of getting into the carian hall and whether you managed to get all the needed items to solve the puzzle.  

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