How To Delete Cash App History To Remove My Transactions
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How To Delete Cash App History To Remove My Transactions

When you make an account on the cash app, they can hastily start sending and receiving the transactions. However, you may discover that you must keep your personal buying and outgoings private. Or want to delete your Cash App transaction history.

For that, the answer is somewhat shocking.

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If you want to know, keep reading the below guide to know the details about removing the cash app history from your account.

Can Cash App Allow to Delete History?

As soon as you select a payment, it demonstrates whether it is incomplete or completed in the payment information. But what do you do when you want to remove this transaction antiquity?

Suppose you want to delete the Cash App transaction antiquity; it is important to know that, unfortunately, you would not be able to do so. The account settings of this application don’t offer an option to remove your history because the cash app is governed by federal law or the laws of the California Consumer Privacy Act to keep records of user transactions.

In addition, the transactions accompanying a user’s account will constantly be visible on the transaction page of the user’s cash app account. The transaction will contain the total amount sent or received, the date the contract happened, and the individual to whom it was sent or received.

So up till now, there has been no option to erase transactions. As per the Terms of Service, due to security concerns, once a transaction has been made, it cannot be deleted.

However, this application has never had a social feed where information on payment activity can be found. As a substitute, all transactions are kept private and only visible to the sender and the receiver.

How to Delete Cash App History?

Unlike Venmo financial app, users don’t entail to choose any precise settings to make their transactions private. They are always private by default. Accordingly, getting rid of history in the cash app is not obligatory to keep your ongoing transaction activity isolated from others who use this financial firm.

But anyways, if you still want to do it, the only method available to you is to erase your Cash app account. Your complete material will also be removed as soon as your account is deleted.

However, instantly transmit money to the associated bank before preparing the account history deletion procedure if you have money in your cash app account.

Below we have described the step-by-step guide if you will delete your cash app history.

NOTE: Before starting the below-mentioned steps, keep in mind that check your account if there is no money in your account and make sure your account is empty.

1st Step: Open your Cash App Account

First, you must hover over your cash app account on your device. Open Cash App account to delete history

2nd Step: Tap on the Profile Sign

When you open your account, the homepage will appear on your screen. Here find the account icon analogous to a person’s head. Click on that to delete the cash app history.

Tap on Profile icon on your cash app account

3rd Step: Click on the Support Option

After that, a pop-up menu list will appear on your device screen. Here at this step, tap on the support option.

Click on support option to delete cash app history

4th Step: Choose Something Else

Then from the support option list, choose the Something Else option to go ahead.

Select something else option

5th Step: Tap on Account Settings Option

Now locate and tap on the account settings option from the pop-up list of options to delete the transaction antiquity on the cash app account. 

Tap on Account settings option to delete cash app history

6th Step: Click on Close my Cash App Account

When you tap on the account settings option, a menu bar will appear on your device screen. Here find the Close my cash app account option and click on that. 

Hit the close my cash app account to delete history

7th Step: Tap on the Confirm Tab to Delete the Cash App History & Account

To continue the account removal, tap on the confirm tab and sign out from your cash app account. Then you will get the deletion approval of your account. 

Click on Confirm closing account option to delete cash app history

Restrictions of Removing Cash App Transaction Antiquity

It is not probable to completely delete the transaction history on the cash app. The law of the cash app platform entails the company saving the record of its transactions. Moreover, when users delete their information, it does not erase the transactions like local history.

While any payments and withdrawals completed via the cash app will still be imitated in the user’s bank account as they are detached from the cash app. However, keep in mind that banking history is not straightforwardly deleted either, so any transactions involving the Cash app will still display on a balance sheet or bank report.

Nobody can access the transaction history of any user via the cash app company. It will necessitate a license or an authorized document if anybody wants to see a user’s financial history.

For now, that’s all.

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