How to Cancel Fabletics Membership [24/7 Service Available]
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How to Cancel Fabletics Membership [24/7 Service Available]

Before going to cancel a Fabletics membership. You need to review that Fabletics is an online subscription retailer of fitness clothing and accessories. The company now has 2 million active members. You get notable discounts on each purchase along with the VIP exclusive membership.

If you are an active lifestyle-leading American and love to keep up with the latest trends, you have noticed the rise of online clothing shopping increases day by day. After the Covid-19 outbreak in 2019, clothing items sales in the US increased by 12.7% while dramatically upgrading to 62.9% in June 2021 compared to June 2020. Further, in 2022, US retail sales of fashion apparel, footwear, and accessories are set to reach 205 billion US dollars.

Indeed, online shopping offers many benefits, like the convenience and a huge selection. Therefore, we will go through what Fabletics membership gives you so that you will never regret it after cancelation, and if you are not satisfied with its quality, you can follow the below steps in order to cancel your Fabletics membership.

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What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is a global activewear lifestyle brand offering color-coordinated yoga gear, loungewear, streetwear, athletic clothes, and accessories, founded by Kate Hudson with two business partners. Their clothes are as stylish as they are functional. Further, they have a VIP membership program with big discounts on clothes and charge a monthly fee too. Moreover, members can easily skip a month or cancel their membership at any time at no cost.

What Does A Fabletics Membership Get You?

  • It is the best activewear at discount prices.
  • You may get 20-50% off everything weekly, especially new arrivals.
  • You can access free shipping on all orders up to $49.
  • Easily, you can access their sister brand, YITTY by Lizzo, with YITTY VIP perks and prices.
  • It offers free returns and an exchange policy within 90 days.
  • Even though more savings with monthly promotional member credits.
  • In addition, member credits are now redeemable for any outfit up to $80.
  • There is no limit on how many months you can skip.
  • You can access free to Fabletics FIT app: full access to trainer-led, on-demand workouts.

Fabletics Return Policy

According to Fabletics’ return policy, it accepts returns within 45 days of purchase. The company has three options for returning items, including exchanging, refunding, or trading items for store credit or Fabletics membership.

Moreover, Fabletics has mentioned in their policy that returned items must be in new, unused condition, with all original packaging intact. Failure to follow these guidelines means the company will pursue action against you for compensation.

You can return eligible Fabletics items in over 50 locations of its stores in North America or by email.

Top Links of Fabletics Login

Below are the links to the Fabletics login.

  • Opera. news

6 Methods to Cancel Fabletics Membership

Methods to Cancel Fabletics Membership

Fabletics VIP membership may be cost-effective, but the items may have poor quality. So, you can cancel the VIP membership to make room for other essentials by following mentioned methods. Fabletics cancellation is free of cost, so that you can cancel it anytime.

Method 1- Cancel Fabletics Online Using Your Account

  • First, go to the Fabletics website and sign in to your account.
  • Then, tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the page.
  • Therefore, you can cancel your Fabletics membership by choosing the ‘cancel option.’

Method 2- Remove Membership Using Live Chat

  • Visit
  • Navigate to the Help & Contact section at the top right section of your computer screen.
  • Tap Contact Us.
  • Then, choose Live Chat.
  • Fill up your information, including your name, email, and shipping address, and briefly explain why you need this chat.
  • Select Start Chat.
  • Follow the instructions given by the agents in order to cancel your Fabletics membership.

Method 3- Cancel Fabletics Membership With A Phone Call

  • Approach a Fabletics team member while dialing 1-844-322-5384 to cancel your membership; their customer service is available 24/7.
  • Before calling them, put your account number and login credentials in front of you.
  • Express your intention to cancel your fabletics membership to the agent
  • Give all your personal details and information to the agent.
  • Then, follow the agent’s instructions to cancel your membership.

Method 4- Cancel Fabletics Subscription via Facebook Messenger

  • Go to the Fabletics website.
  • Select the Help & Contact section on the upper-right side of the screen.
  • Tap on Contact Us at the lower section of the page.
  • Choose Facebook Messenger
  • After that, you will be directed to the Fabletics Facebook official page.
  • Select the Send Message button.
  • Stick to the prompts given by the digital assistant to choose the ‘’Talk to an Agent’’ option.
  • Thus, give all the required detail to the agent to cancel your VIP membership.

Method 5- Break Off Fabletics VIP Membership via Email

  • Write an email to
  • Mention that you are planning to cancel your Fabletics membership in the subject line and email text.
  • Make sure to include your subscription details and personal information.
  • Ask for a cancelation confirmationemail in order to have proof that your request was completed.

Method 6- If Not Cancel, Skip a Month asan Alternative

  • Sign in to your account and select the VIP Account button.
  • Click on Account Details on the desktop, while My Account is for the mobile version.
  • Select Skip the Month and follow their prompts.
  • You are allowed successfully avoid your monthly fee.

Note: If you don’t skip the month by the 1st – 5th, you will be charged on the 6th. Once you take a break from Fabletics, you won’t have access to the same VIP membership. This option is available every month on your account.


Q1: How much does fabletics cost per month?

Ans: For a VIP Fabletics membership, you will be charged $54.95 with a lot of benefits, including a promotional member credit, unlock their best saving when redeemed, and access to the exclusive product at a discount rate.

Q2: How to cancel a fabletics order?

Ans: You can cancel an order by calling them at 1-844-322-5384 anytime. Plus, your order will be canceled automatically if you haven’t picked it up by the end of your last day of pickup.

Q3: How to delete a fabletics account?

Ans You can simply call them and follow their instructions in order to delete your account.

Q4: Is Fabletics as good as Lululemon?

Ans: Lululemon is much better in terms of quality, breathability, and comfort. Their activewear will last longer, including leggings, tops, sweatshirts, and so on, than that of Fabletics.


After canceling your Fabletics membership, you need to say goodbye to exclusive discounts and early sales. Further, you will need to wait in line like the rest of the world to get access to the exclusive merchandise. However, before canceling your membership, think about the benefits and proceed.

Moreover, Fabletics grants you access to its Fitness App when you go premium. If you want the latest fitness app update, comment below and stay tuned.

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