Best App Lab Games for Oculus Quest II
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Best App Lab Games for Oculus Quest II

Before the introduction of App Lab, the only means to install non-store content on Oculus Quest was sideloading. This time-consuming process requires registration as a developer and installing applications via a wired connection. But fortunately, App lab is the most convenient way to install non-store content like games, apps, software, and many more.

So, if you want to know about the app lab and the best game on it, you are at the precise place.

Do You Know About App Lab?

The developers of the Meta platform designed App Lab in 2021 as an alternative to the Quest Store. However, this site lets designers post free and paid content without having to endure the curation procedure mandatory by the official store. Furthermore, this platform holds more than 1440 applications and counting, with content fluctuating momentously in worth.

What are the Best App Lab Games for Oculus Quest 2

If you want to know the top games to play on AppLab, here we discriminate and take the 3 best Lab games available for your Quest 2.

Best Games on App Lab (Crisis Brigade II Reloaded)

Crisis Brigade II Reloaded

Title Developer Release Date Modes Category Price
Crisis Brigade II Reloaded Sumalab January 29, 2021 Single-user and Co-op Action, Arcade, shooter $14.99

If you love arcade shooting games, you must try Crisis Brigade 2 Reloaded, initially created on SideQuest and then on App Lab. Moreover, in this game, players have been exclusive as one of the top few to go on high menace tasks and save the city. At the same time, the players have to jot down the opponent by any means conceivable.

Pavlov Shack Beta

Best Free App Lab Games on Oculus: Pavlov Shack Beta

Title Developer Release Date Modes Category Price
Pavlov Shack Beta Vankrupt Games April 1, 2021 Co-op, Single and multiplayer Social, Action, Shooter Free

 Pavlov Shack is the ace of the most popular App Lab online multiplayer VR Games. This game contains an extensive assortment of weapons with 5 Vs. 5 game modes. And also have a realistic VR mechanism that a player will extremely immersive in this game.

Best Free App Lab Games on Oculus: Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag

Title Developer Launch Date Modes Category Price
Gorilla tag Another Axiom December 15, 2022 Multiplayer Social, Action, Casual Free

The VR jungle Gorilla Tag is your best preference for hanging out and playing games with friends. The gameplay is quite a simple jump run and climbs around the world with other players. However, the best thing about the Gorilla tag is parkour locomotion, which frantically swings your arms and hands to launch yourself across the ground.

Final Thoughts

When you are discerning about playing an App Lab video game, we have collected our research team’s top three preferences to play in this post. Furthermore, don’t forget to stake your favorite app lab games in the comment section.

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