Challenge Required Instagram Error: How To Fix it?
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Challenge Required Instagram Error: How To Fix it?

Challenge Required Instagram error? Have you, recently, seen this bug flashing onto your screen as soon as you open your Instagram account?

Well, if your answer is Yes!

Then do not fret. You are not ALONE!

Instagram is home to 1 billion users. Let that sink in…

That’s a huge number, by any comparison. However, lately, many of the frequent users of Instagram are complaining about this specific issue of the “challenge required Instagram or Instagram Challenge Required’ error.

However, it is normal for bugs or errors, to find their way into the social media platform. This error, however, persists unevenly longer.

So, today in this article we will be going to tell you the ways how you will get rid of this error for good. Also, keep reading till the end to get a bonus tip.

What is This Challenge Required Instagram Error?

instagram challenge required
instagram challenge required

The error message—goes as Instagram API/Response/LoginResponse: Challenge required. Though, this error is, more common than you think on Instagram. It deals, primarily, with your security.


Instagram used this error to save you from the various outside interferences which came in the face of “bots and spam accounts.”Usually, this error reaches you due to your unusual activities on your account or in English, someone trying to peek into your account for all the wrong reasons. The algorithm ofInstagram instantly launches its defense mechanism which, in this case, came in the shape of a “challenge required Instagram’ error.

But on some occasions, this error ends up in your account, when you tried to login from your other device, say a laptop. This way, the Instagram algorithm is often confused some intruders. In return, spoiling your overall Instagram experience.

How to Fix Challenge Required Instagram Error?

There are various ways to fix the bugging issue of “challenge required Instagram.” Some of them are as listed below:

Look For Server issues

There are several times when the servers of Instagram undergomaintenance or outages which leads to this issue. To know if the website is going through any issues, simply visit the website of Instagram. Or go to the Down Detector website for any related problem.

Check Your Internet Connection

Sometimes unstable internet connection is behind several bugs or errors. So, to be certain, first, check your internet connection for any problems. If there is, indeed, a problem with it. Try toggle off/on to remove any Internet-related problem.

Try Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is one of the easiest ways to do away with your problem. The hack is useful when you recently change something in your account which later, gives birth to any issue in your account. There, Troubleshooting comes to help to sort out the nagging issue. So, troubleshoot your account to resolve the problem. But if still the issue persists—then keep reading on.

Re-Open the App

What does that mean?

Sometimes a glitch invites older bugs to spoil the flawless interface of Instagram. So, simply close your Instagram appon iOS or Android. Now, re-open the Instagram app to check ‘if the issue is gone. If not, then we have more solutions for you.

Clear the Unwanted Cache

Most of the time, the cache is useless junk piling up your storage and thus, affecting your operating system performance and giving space to errors and bugs.

To clean your system with the cache. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings in Phone
  2. Choose Instagram there
  3. Clear Cache’

To Resolve Challenge Required Instagram Offload Your Insta App

Apple users, cannot just simply clear the cache to solve this error. For them, they can instead offload the existing data from the setting of the phone.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to the General
  3. Press iPhone Storage
  4. Choose offload App
  5. Double-tapto confirm your action
  6. Tap Reinstall App

Update Your Instagram App

Older versions of Instagram are open to many irritating bugs and errors like ‘challenge required Instagram.’ To free yourself from this headache, simply update the Instagram app. The social network regularly releases updates to solve these sorts of errors. So, check for updates in your App Store or Google Play Store. Set update option to AUTO to free yourself of any issue.

Fixing Your Challenge Required Instagram; Last Ditch Attempt

You can guess it by now. It is the UNINSTALL step. Do this step when the above-mentioned solutions failed to resolve your issue. So, then uninstall the app on Instagram to end your issue. And don’t worry your data will not be removed or moved anywhere else.

The steps of uninstalling your Instagram app are piece of cake. Press the app a bit long to view options. Press uninstalls to approve the process of uninstallation.

Then re-install the app from App or Play Store depending on whatever operating system you are using. Remember, it is the last resort to solve the “challenge required Instagram.”

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