How to Give People Robux (3 simple ways to send Robux)
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How to Give People Robux (3 simple ways to send Robux)

When I started playing Roblox games, the first query that appeared in my mind was How To Get Free Robux and how to give people Robux to those friends who do not have enough money. When you want to give money to players, you may have to go through numerous hoops.

As we know that Roblox is a massive gaming platform that allows users to create and play with other individuals. The game contains the Robux currency (a virtual currency) to purchase and trade in a game. However, Earning the Robux From Microsoft Rewards is quite superficial. The game also allowed you to make shirts and other stuff to sell and donate to Robux. Moreover, if you want to give a Robux to your friend who is out of money, you can follow these methods. In this blog, you will learn how to donate Robux to people as a gift in Roblox games that will create a user’s interest in sending the money to their friends.

Introduction of the Roblox Games

The Roblox Corporation created an immense online gaming platform with an inbuilt game system. The Roblox platform allows its users to create their games, enjoy playing them with other users, and invite others to discover the imaginary world. The game is so prevalent. The primary purpose of the game is to interact with other people and make friends.

how to give people robux in a group
how to give people robux in a group

It is a multiplayer online game that is popular among children. Online gaming platform where your children can interact and create an immersive 3D world. Players can make their favourite characters and play in a game with that character. After that, they need a Robux to spend on the houses, clothes, and decoration. To make their character look more incredible than others. Players who don’t spend on things are mocked by the players and are pressured to spend money.

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How to Give People Robux (In Roblox Games)

When you join the gaming platform Roblox, and in a multiplayer, your friend is out of Robux, and he needs money, so how can you give him the Robux. So here we will explain some methods to help you donate the Robux to your friends. Choose the way which is easiest for you.

how to give people Robux
how to give people Robux

Solution 1:  To Give players Robux by Selling a Game Pass

To give people Robux, selling a game pass is a good option already available in your account. You will need two accounts, apparently of a friend and your own, to donate. Follow the steps.

  • Sign in to “Roblox.”Choose to “create.”
  • You already have the existing games in the creating tab, as every individual gets automatic games on every Roblox account.
  • From the right side of the screen, select the “Gear.”
  • Next, from the options in the drop-down menu, select “create Game Pass.”
  • Then, select the file from your computer and upload it with the “Choose File.”
  • Next, you can name the game pass or write “Description” in the text.
  • Next, select “preview.” And then click on “Verify Upload.”
  • Then it will show you a message like “Game Pass successfully created.” Then again, go to the “gear” option for the new game.
  • Next, click on “configuration.” Next, choose “sales” from the left menu. And then pin the “item for sale” element to “on.”
  • The next step is to type in the “price” (which means how many Robux you want to give). Keep in mind that if you’re going to donate 100 Robux, you should write 143 because your friend will receive only 70%. Then click on the “save” option. So it will allow your pass to go live.
  • Then, send the link to your friend and guide him to search for the “game pass,” then click on the “game pass.” It will show you that the donation of Robux is completed.

Solution 2:  To Give People Robux in a Group

When you’re ready to donate your Robux, You can do it by using the phone application. Of course, you must have the group with Robux in your account to donate. Let’s see how effective this method will be.

  • Just get on the “horizontal dots” when you already have a group in the corner of the screen. If not, then make a group by following the steps.
  • Next, scroll down and choose “Groups.” Then click on the “Create Group” option.
  • Then you’ll see the several options in which you have to fill in the necessary fields. Now, you have to pay 100 Robux for a group.
  • The next step after making a group is that you have to create a game pass. If you have funds already available in your account, then select the “Create” tab from the ” group page.”
  • Next, click on the “group creation” tab. Then, you’ll see “Create a New Game.” Next, choose the “Baseplate” or any game name.
  • Choose the “gear.” And click on “Create Pass.” You have to upload any file just for the dummy pass.
  • Give the pass a name. next, you have to select the preview option and click on “verify upload.” When you are done creating a pass, go to the right side of the screen to select the “gear.” Next, choose “configure.” And also have to choose “sales” from the left menu.
  • Then select the “item for sale” and put the “price” in the field. Then press “save.” After that, make sure that your Robux goes to the fund’s group. Next, choose the “configure.”
  • Next, choose “Revenue” and “summary” from the left side. It will show you the “pending.” after that, add the player’s name for whom you want to donate funds. Then select “payout.”

Solution 3:  To Give Robux to the Non-Builder Member

The other method used to give people Robux is that players are using tricks to receive money, and the most prominent method is to trade items such as shirts for cash. Follow these steps if you want to give money.

  • First, you have to inquire if someone is willing to maintain some items for sale to send money. The user must have access to the account of the builders’ club. If you have them, create an item of clothing and tag it with a price and upload it.
  • Next, inform your friend to list their names and seek them out in the Roblox catalogue. It becomes simple to donate money when it is done, and you can also purchase the donated shirt.
  • Moreover, open your Roblox account and select the “catalogue” or “avatar shop.”
  • In this step, you have to type the product’s name in the catalogue’s option and then pick the product that your friend has shaped.
  • Then, you’ll see the green “buy” button and click on it. It will show you how to complete the purchase by using Robux.

This process is quite lengthy, and if you face any difficulty while finishing your purchase, you will have to contact the Roblox Support team or wait for the servers to contact you online.


Roblox is simply a gaming platform that allows you to interact with other players and trade your stuff to earn Robux. If you want to purchase anything within the game, you should have loaded the game’s money on the account with the original money. The three different methods are described above to explain how to give people Robux. It will help you to send money to your friends. Inform us which method is most suitable for you and which way is most helpful.

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