Snapchat Keeps Crashing iPhone (Here Are the Easy 4 Fixes)
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Snapchat Keeps Crashing iPhone (Here Are the Easy 4 Fixes)

Why Snapchat Keeps Crashing iPhone? This is the main problem of every iPhone user that is never solved without applying the following fixes. Snapchat is one of the most popular messenger apps that allow Android and iOS users to snap, chat and send photos and videos with their friends.

Other than that, the main purpose of this article is that Snapchat crashes automatically after sending a video or cannot snap photos. And Snap-chat keeps crashing on iPhone 6s/6 after the iOS update too.

But some people have been experiencing problems with Snapchat on their iPhones 7/6s/6/SE. These problems can be incredibly frustrating, whether crashing, freezing, or just not loading.

Here are some ways to fix your Snapchat so that you don’t have to worry about these pesky issues anymore!

Introduction Of Snapchat

snapchat app keeps crashing iphone
snapchat app keeps crashing iphone

Snapchat is a wonderful messaging app that people use to snap photos and videos for the memories, and you can make streaks with everyone, but it disappears after viewing it. It has a new camera function founded in 2011 with beautiful camera lenses (Filters) that make your picture graceful.

Nowadays, everyone can learn all tactics about Snapchat. This app is based on the shareable design principle, which holds that an app is best understood when it is explained to you by a friend. According to the survey, 2.5 billion snaps are posted on Snapchat every day.

How to Troubleshoot iPhone – Snapchat App Keeps Crashing iPhone Fixes

To overcome the troubleshooting problem, first, check your internet connection. Snapchat and other online apps require a stable internet connection to function properly. If the internet connection is not working properly on your phone, that’s the main cause of many apps failures.

snapchat keeps crashing 2022 iphone
snapchat keeps crashing 2022 iphone

Besides, fixing these issues is necessary; otherwise, it will not work properly. On the other hand, if the Internet is fine and Snapchat is still unresponsive, then you can begin troubleshooting your iPhone 7/6/6s by using the following solutions.

  1. Up to date your iPhone to Save Snapchat Crashing – Fix No 1

In order to fix the Snap-chat Crashing problem, make sure that your iPhone software or Snap-chat app is running updated with the latest software available. This is the most recent iOS version on my iPhone.

iphone x snapchat keeps crashing
iphone x snapchat keeps crashing

To see if your iPhone has received an update, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If your solution is not covered in this article, please fill out this form, and we would be pleased to assist you.

  • Open the Setting App
  • Select General
  • After that, you have to click on a software update to make your software flawless.
  • The most recent public OTA (Over-The-Air) firmware is iOS 15, which you may download and install over Wi-Fi – That’s it.
  1. Update Snapchat App to Latest Version – Fix No 2

If you are using an old version of Snapchat on your iPhone, it may be possible that Snapchat would continuously be crashing your iPhone. So first, make sure that you are using the most recent version of Snapchat. If you are using the old version, follow the steps to upgrade it and use it for iPhone 13 or later.

  • Make sure you have logged in with your Apple ID & password to the App store.
  • Then open the App Store and tap on the profile icon that appears on the screen’s right upper side.
  • Scroll down the screen until you see the Snapchat icon in the Update section.
  • Before running the app, click the Update option and wait for the Update to complete.
  • By pressing the open button on the App Store, you can start using Snapchat right away.
  1. Uninstall &Reinstall the Snapchat in Your iPhone – Fix No 3

One reason why third-party apps crash more frequently after an update could be that their old versions are not compatible with the new iOS. In addition, app developers address issues frequently with their apps. As a result, updating an app may be able to resolve the issue.

snapchat keeps crashing my iphone
snapchat keeps crashing my iphone

However, the best approach is that direct download this app from your phone App store other than another app like firmware, etc. After that, make sure you use the latest version and authentic, fresh copy from the iPhone. Here’s how you go about doing it.

  • Go to the Snapchat icon on your phone
  • Keep holding the Snapchat icon until the icon starts jiggling, and don’t release it.
  • Click on the X on the Snapchat icon.
  • Tap Confirm to delete the app completely
  • After the app is successfully uninstalled, tap Done.

Again, Install the Snapchat App for flawless working, and it will reduce the crashing of your iPhone.

  • Return to the home screen and go to the app store.
  • Then search Snapchat and once you find it, install the app.
  • Wait for the app to be installed successfully on your iPhone.
  • When the installation is complete, tap Open to begin using the app.
  1. Update the Other Install Apps in iPhone – Fix No 4

Apps must meet certain system requirements in order to function properly. As a result, app developers must likewise provide updates for their apps to remain compatible with the latest system version when new software versions are launched.

snapchat keeps crashing iphone 4s
snapchat keeps crashing iphone 4s

If you have not set your iPhone to install updates automatically, it is conceivable that some of your apps, including Snapchat, are not up to date and hence will not work with the latest iOS version. In that situation, you will have to install any outstanding app updates, including Snapchat, manually. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the App Store icon
  • Tap the Updates icon in the bottom right corner of the App Store main screen. The screen then displays a list of apps that have outstanding updates.
  • Search out Snapchat from the list and press the update icon next. This action will install the pending updates for Snapchat.
  • If you see many app updates, you can update all of them simultaneously. For example, press the Update All button in the top right corner of the screen to reduce the Snapchat that keeps crashing iPhone.

Once all apps are updated, reboot your iPhone to refresh the system, clear its internal memory, and apply new software changes properly. Then, relaunch Snapchat to test if it is working properly and consistently. If you have not already, you might want to consider it.

Using Snapchat Camera on an iPhone Can Drain Its Battery

snapchat keeps crashing my iphone 6
snapchat keeps crashing my iphone 6

The Snapchat camera drains the battery of the iPhone within half an hour. So if I use a Snapchat camera with around a 50% charging rate, then in the next moment – after 1 hour, the battery will drain out quickly, and it spoils my mood and ruins my day.

I cannot guarantee that Snapchat will not drain your battery. But if you want to stop this issue, follow our guide to resolve it quickly. Then, go to the Snapchat setting menu. Finally, click on manage under additional service & enable travel mode. Hopefully, this reduces and saves your precious iPhone’s battery life, which makes your day worthwhile.


The problem with Snapchat crashing on your iPhone could be due to one of many factors. Luckily, a few quick fixes can help you avoid encountering the dreaded “Unable to Load” message.

If you are having trouble with your Snap-chat app not loading or crashing on your iPhone, try restarting your phone, updating the other user apps, uninstall and reinstalling the app, or updating the latest version of iOS.


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